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This picture was taken at my cousin's wedding a few years ago. We had a great time too.

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Well. It seems as if Gath knew that I am a Gemini, under the sign of the twins....accordingly, I now have two pages. That being said: Wecome to my second page, It will be brightened up and made more welcoming shortly. Meanwhile pull up the floor and sit some more. There is wine in the cooler, along More...
Since my smilies have been gone for awhile, now is my chance to go wild!!!!!
May I be the first to present you with a Redwood Burl ... so I don't catch flack for giving them to everyone else first. OK. I'm settling into a deck chair now for some rays.
Oh Mamacita how wonderful, You have a winter and a summer Page! Now we can visit you no matter what time of the year.
Heres some to brighten up the room. I've brought along plenty of Tim Tams for all to enjoy. And of course there is Hot Chocolate in which to Slurp away with.
Oh Mamacita 2 Thank you so much for the yummy wine. I have brought you a beautiful red rose to cheer up your day! Please come and visit me when you can. By the way, I would love to sit by the pool and chat with you on such a sunny day! I really like your picture with the palm tree.
To all who have found their way...please make yourself comfty. Angie and Debby, the flowers really look so nice on the table don't you think? Thanks so much. Keith I have planted the Redwood Burl here in Florida because of the weather, do you think it will be ok? Wine, or bubbly are More...
Heck Mamacita. I didn't know you had a new page. This deserves some more beavertail pastries (double chocolate fudge, apple cinammon and raspberry glaze). Why the new page? At any rate, welcome to it!
Why thank you CG for the goodies. They are most welcomed as are you, anytime! I'll visit your page and tell you how you too can be a duel page
Today, 2/27/07 was weigh in day and i came out of a great week with a 2 and1/2 lb loss for a total of 9and1/2 lbs since the beginning of the year and 3and1/2 inches from my waist. I am very near the halfway point towards my goal of 15 to 20 lbs by my May birthday. I'm going to try very hard to make it happen.
Ello Mama
Just popping in to see if you have settled in the new place and if you got my goodies. LOL I see you have them hidden.
Well done on the weight loss.
BTW, need to catch up again, still have quiet a few emoticons to pass on. rofl
Feb. 28 - Hi Mamacita! Just got an e-mail telling me there was a new message on my page. Didn't even have to go to the page to read it! Boy, that Gath, he's something! Very happy to know that you're coming to FL! The timing will be good, for us anyway. Rob & I will be More...
I am probably not going to be in South Florida the first week of April 2007; it is Spring Break for my son... and we will go NORTH and visit family. How Ironic that while the rest of USA is coming to Florida for spring break, I will go to Missouri.
Mar.1 Glad you have your page back ! Congrats on your progress - I am sure you will reach your goal! After Budapest I've been real sick , high fever, coughing , etc....but now I am better. I am leaving for Budapest now to be with my niece and rest This is for your new page
Mamacita - I just sent you an e-mail via OAT Travel that will tell you a little about our upcoming trip. Should be quite an adventure!
(OAT stands for Overseas Adventure Travel!)
Hi Mama! How goes it in the Florida digs? Enjoying your break from winter? Cheers!
Hi I'm a 2 page girl too.
Congratulations on your continued weight and inches lost whilst I have been on holiday. Now I believe you are sunning yourself. Have a wonderful time.
Love the avatar
Hi Mamacita2 - Thanks for your visit and for the beautiful flowers. All is well with me and I wish the same for you. Did you get the snow last night? I am sooooo looking forward to Spring. Here is wishing you a wonderful day!
Hi Mamacita. Sounds like its warmimg up in your winter location. How long are you there for?
Sun 11 Mar:
Hello Mamacita - thanks for the visit. I thought I would pop in while my family are out visiting as they will be arriving home soon.
I hope you're keeping well and enjoying your double life!! with your twin pages.
We've had some hot weather here but it's been cool and More...
Well done Mamacita. Isn't it a lovely feeling wearing clothes that you've had a while and been unable to wear. I also put on some big ones that are now like kaftans but used to be snug.
Don't know about you but people are starting to notice and the compliments a great to receive and spur me on.
16/Mar/07 11:08 AM
Mama - pssssssssst I've got in 'interesting' picture on my page!
17/Mar/07 2:24 PM
that should have read 'AN interesting....etc' ...... NOT 'IN'
17/Mar/07 2:25 PM
Hi Mama!Happy St. Patricks Day !Thanks for the vist and I'm glad you liked Teddy.
I hope you to have a wonderful day,so nice to see your posts and changing avatars
17/Mar/07 3:04 PM
yep - lots of little sausages covered in some substance.........yep.......that's what I thought when I saw it! ....................................... well - what ELSE could I possibly think?

17/Mar/07 3:38 PM
Hi Mamacita ! I am finally back home ! I've been busy making the new presentations of the Venetia carnival . I still dont have your e-mail , neither you have mine I guess . Kathy told me she forwarded to you one of my messages , so you should be able to see my e-mail . I would gladly go on with our More...
17/Mar/07 9:32 PM
Hi Mamacita, and Top O' the Mornin' to you on this green (but snowy here) St. Patrick's Day. I see your jumpimg and clicking your heels! Be careful, but enjoy being Irish today!
18/Mar/07 2:45 AM
Thanks for the visit - I also enjoy your presence and our dialogues. Want to wish you pleasant trips , enjoy your Florida trip , hope you meet Kathy. Maybe one day I will join such a meeting . Take care and have a safe journey there and back home.
18/Mar/07 7:12 PM
Mamacita - thanks for visiting my page! Gus is getting ready to get all dressed up for Easter. Look for an e-mail soon for some updated family info! I DID enjoy Spring Break - until the end!
19/Mar/07 8:25 AM
WooHoo well done. Have a good trip. Enjoy yourself(though not too much in the restaurant)I'm dreading my weigh in, I have felt bloated all week and with the return of the rain the walking has been less.
19/Mar/07 9:53 AM
I put this on the Easy board after you left on your trip but thought you'd like it, so here goes-

Obituary of the late Mr. Common Sense
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense,who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was,since his More...
20/Mar/07 4:02 AM
Mamacita: Florida is waiting for you!!! - Nice warm weather too! (Could you bring us some rain? Our grass is not looking too hot....wait....perhaps it is looking hot, just not green.
20/Mar/07 10:16 AM
Oh Oh....I better check my e-mails! When in April? Are you spending the whole month here?
Have got to go read my messages.

20/Mar/07 10:19 AM
Mamacita, thank you very much for your kind words, they were much appreciated.
24/Mar/07 3:54 PM
Hi Mamacita! I appreciated your stopping by with birthday greetings. Thank you. Are you settled in now that you're back in your regular digs? And how is Sully? Hope this message finds all well with you and yours! Cheers my friend, and always look forward to reading your wonderful comments to everyone on the the site. You are such a caring person!
25/Mar/07 5:01 AM
Hi Mamacita 2 - Are you in Florida now and if you are, are you enjoying the weather? My dad tells me it has been in the middle 80's F. Sounds great. We had 62 F today. Spring is in the air.
25/Mar/07 9:21 AM
Hi Mamacita 2 - I hope you have a safe and relaxing trip to Florida.
28/Mar/07 2:15 AM
Hi Mamacita: Was reading yesterday's posts. If you are still having problems with the videos/songs, go to this link and download (free) the Adobe Flash Player 9. That might solve your problem.

29/Mar/07 6:19 AM
And look at this.... just a few pushes.... push, push, push....
29/Mar/07 6:20 AM
A couple more I guess.....PUSH....PUSH...last one....PUSH.....
29/Mar/07 6:21 AM
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