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This picture was taken at my cousin's wedding a few years ago. We had a great time too.

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Okay. Did it work? Welcome to your second page on your new page (now I'm confused about your pages!).
29/Mar/07 6:22 AM
Hey Mama,Gath should be able to help you ,I can't for the life of me figure out any other thing you can do,I'm not to good and these kind of things tho.
Mama,I couldn't help but notice how good you are at keeping up with the post,thats great,I miss so much because I only scan most.
Remember More...
30/Mar/07 2:22 PM
I didn't realise that your flash player didn't activate in sudoko pages, probably because of security settings,
It will definitely play in Firefox. Much better and safer browser(viruses etc.) than Outlook Express
Free download at

hope this helps.
30/Mar/07 11:26 PM
Mamacita, it sounds like you can now enjoy Youtube. Good for you. I like to listen to the piano too, as well as many other instruments, but having played the guitar makes my listening enjoyment of it more special.
02/Apr/07 1:31 PM
Hi Mamacita! Took me awhile to find your new page instead of your old page! Guess I'm a little rusty on the ins & outs of the site. Thanks for welcoming us home. We had such a grand adventure, but are glad to be back. I think you head for FL tomorrow? Will you have access to a computer at More...
03/Apr/07 3:23 AM
Mamacita - thanks for visiting! I have updated Gus for Easter.
You are right, the Aggies did have a good run. Too bad they are pricing themselves right out of the market for the run-of-the-mill fans like me. All I can do is read about them and watch on tv.
03/Apr/07 11:43 AM
Thank you very much for the Passover greeting . We had the big , festive dinner yesterday evening. I worked very hard for 2 weeks to clean the house and cook , but the result was GREAT ! We all ( 15 people only this year :)))) had a great Passover . Have a great time in FL.
03/Apr/07 5:53 PM
I hope you have a great trip to Florida.
04/Apr/07 3:19 AM
Mamacita, I enjoyed viewing your photos. I love glimpses into others lives! Some day I will join and put together a page! I'm curious have you gone to the new walkway at the Grand Canyon? If so, how was it? I haven't been since I was a teen, but hope to go back some day.

04/Apr/07 5:30 AM
Love your baby picture. Will return and post some comeents! Have fun in Florida!
04/Apr/07 5:34 AM
Hi Mamacita! Just wanted to stop by and wish you, Sully and your whole gang a Happy Easter! Hope all goes well for everyone!
07/Apr/07 9:36 AM
Hello Mamacita,

Just dropping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter
07/Apr/07 9:14 PM
Happy Easter, in Florida? Well, I am wishing I could do the same. Hope you have a wonderful, restful, relaxing time, and a safe trip home.
07/Apr/07 9:39 PM
here's easter bunny hopping on by with easter eggs for the kids ...... oh ok the big kids too!
07/Apr/07 10:15 PM
Thanks for your good wishes for our Passover. I hope you are having a wonderful time in FL . Ervin & I want to wish you and your family
07/Apr/07 11:56 PM
Hello, Mamacita! Left you a message on your old site and then read that you had a new one... derrrgggh!! Happy Easter, anyway, to you and Sully.
09/Apr/07 7:57 AM
Hello and HAppY Easter...!!! Well, Almost!

I actually have free time right now/ I'm working and the lines are slow, so I can take some time to catch up with my friends. Maybe I'll finally play a puzzle! Hope all is well, Take care

Hello Girl, what happened to all your posts! Well I sure do miss you, hope all is well, I'll catch up with you one of these days
09/Apr/07 4:21 PM
Mama - thanks so much for dropping in and giving the page a few pushes!!! The page has so far given Rose and anne a workout with the previous songs I've had...It'll be a quiet w/end 'number' I think!
13/Apr/07 9:13 AM
Its been great having all of you folks visiting. You are always welcome and I hope you come by often. Thanks for the memories!
13/Apr/07 12:23 PM
Hi Mamacita,

Just checking out a problem posting to your page.

13/Apr/07 12:55 PM
And it seems to be working

13/Apr/07 12:55 PM
Testing again.
14/Apr/07 1:50 AM
mamacita 2 thank you for dropping by my site. the cheese, grapes and bubbly are fantastic!!
thank you so very much. i am glad that i could inspire some others to start their own page. this is the best thing thats happened to me in such a very long time. i feel that now i have so many friends More...
14/Apr/07 11:39 AM
Mama, thank you for the Welcome. I am so glad you liked my pictures, all the aimals / birds and flowers are from my yard. The unusual Orchid I have pictured came from Parkside Orchid Nursery, Ottsville PA. On our way home from Europe in January we were at friends in Landsdale, went for a drive one More...
14/Apr/07 3:33 PM
Hi Mamacita. Saw your messages to Gath. I guess you have more problems then just loading a YouTube on your page. Sounds like you need spmeone to come in and clean up your PC and maybe check the various settings as it may be something as simple as having something turned off in your control panel More...
14/Apr/07 10:19 PM
Happy Anniversary Mamacita and Sully! What a wonderful day for you both!
Hope you celebrate lots and lots more together!
15/Apr/07 2:04 AM
Happy 51st Wedding Anniversary Mamacita and Sully.
Have a great day
15/Apr/07 2:11 AM
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Sully ! Enjoy the day ! Love, Ervin & Noemi
I cant send Smilies for some reason , so I am sending you a huge bunch of pink roses from my garden and an excellent Israeli red wine !
LEHAYIM ! In hebrew we use this word for ' Cheers ' and it literary means TO LIFE - meaning - we wish you A LONG, HAPPY LIFE together!
15/Apr/07 2:23 AM
Hi Mamacita2 - Did you have a nice trip to Florida? Happy Anniversary to you and Sully. 51 years is a long time to stay together! I wish the best for both of you!
15/Apr/07 2:33 AM
Happy 51st Anniversary, wonderful to be together to share it xx
15/Apr/07 2:58 AM
Oh, a very, very happy anniversary!!! , Here's flowers to congratulate the both of you. Wow! 51 years, My husband and I have only 36 years to celebrate. You're my heroes!
15/Apr/07 12:25 PM
Life has presented me with many blessings, health, long life, two wonderful children and three super grandchildren, a great childhood with loving parents and siblings as well as an extended family that was/is loving and supportive...but my greatest gift by far has been Sully. A friend, lover, More...
15/Apr/07 1:26 PM
Mama - warmest wishes to you and Sully on your anniversary. May your life continue to filled with everything that happiness and love can offer...
15/Apr/07 5:02 PM
there is meant to be a 'be' in there...x
15/Apr/07 5:04 PM
Mama and Sully,
There are few who are so lucky
To have the things you do,
Companionship and friendship,
And loving feelings, too.
Congratulations and Happy 51st Anniversary.
15/Apr/07 8:55 PM
Just read yesterday's post, and realised it was your 51st. So sorry to have missed it. 51 years together - I cannot begin to imagine that! Mama - you are, as you say, some lucky woman. Sully - you are some lucky man! And may it continue. Wonderful people deserve wonderful things. QED. XX
16/Apr/07 8:49 AM
Happy Anniversary Mama! what a milestone to achieve,you truly are so blessed and I'm so happy for you Mama!

Sully---> <---Mama =
16/Apr/07 11:53 AM
MAMACITA - in case you missed my note on the 'regular' page - very belated congratulations on the anniversary. What a special couple you two must be!! Obviously, Sully knows what a gem he has had all these years.
Good luck on the hopeful end of your search at church. They told me this More...
16/Apr/07 12:16 PM
way to go MAMA
to the Youtube Club!

Bruce said, Glad he can help, apparently it happened to him also, hence why he understoond your problem.
16/Apr/07 5:29 PM
Mamacita 2 - I am glad you had a nice trip. I am sorry to hear about your water leak, though. That doesn't make a very good homecoming. My husband worked with a fellow who had the same thing happen to him one time while he was on vacation. Now we try to remember to turn the water off when we More...
17/Apr/07 3:15 AM
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