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(Photobucket deleted my lovely flashing Welcome sign!!)







About me: Real name Cynthia, married to Colin,

2 grown-up children and 5 grandchildren. 


 I live  near Brisbane. 

My YouTube



Because I love  the nostalgia of this song so much:


The Late Billy Thorpe




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to you out of the bushes, here is a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner, stop in anytime for more pie and a video.

23/Oct/07 10:56 AM
to Sudokuland CybB.
23/Oct/07 11:01 AM
sorry CynB = who put the b where the n should be ..
23/Oct/07 11:03 AM
Hello CynB - to your own special page which we hope to see decorated soon. Here's some and to help get you started.
Also a bottle of our local Wignall's Late Harvest for you to enjoy and share with your visitors.
23/Oct/07 1:33 PM
Gday CynB and to the madness that is Sudokuland. Loved your first post, I was exactly the same.
I've brought along a bottle of bubble, a plate of nibblies and a bunch of native from my page. Drop in sometime, the garden's looking particularly lovely at this time of the year, although we are dreading summer. The emergency bags are packed by the door!
23/Oct/07 1:44 PM
Hello CynB. So nice to see you on the site, and with your own special page as well! I'll leave you my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa, Canada, so I hope you enjoy sweet pastry! Cheers, and come visit my page some day!
24/Oct/07 9:56 AM
Hello, CynB. Please excuse my tired mistake last night when I spelled your name as mine is spelled instead of correctly. Nonetheless, a big to you on the site.
I have brought you some key lime pies from SC and some single malt Scotch in case you have none.
24/Oct/07 12:39 PM
Hello CynB - I hope you enjoy your time with your Mum on her 85th birthday. A very to her from me.
26/Oct/07 9:40 AM
Hope today went well with your Mum.
26/Oct/07 8:42 PM
Hi CynB - it's nice to see another Brisbanite on the pages. I live at Ferny Hills (actually part of Pine Shire) but close enough is good enough.
I've been away to the coast for a week and haven't caught up on the archives yet.
29/Oct/07 11:54 AM
CynB, a very to Lachlan. I hope he had a great day ay Sea World and plenty of !
02/Nov/07 8:46 PM
Hi. In regards to your need of help on cryptic crosswords. Have you checked out the site ? Here are some possibilities to your puzzle. sacrificed, hairyfaced :) Good luck to you. I also am a crossword fan, but try to stay clear of the cryptic ones.
03/Nov/07 1:49 PM
Yeah, I didn't think it was hairyfaced, lol!! Glad I could help. Might want to bookmark that site. I use it when I'm completely stuck.
03/Nov/07 3:27 PM
So you got it then! Was going to say 'sacrificed' just on the letters you had. I love crosswords but only do cryptics if they have normal clues too!
03/Nov/07 4:25 PM
I love cryptics...its an anagram of 'cars if' and then 'iced' for glazed. At least with cryptics you KNOW if you are right because of the double clue. I loved Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon in the Atlantic until they stopped the free down-loads.Still looking for a free replacement.
03/Nov/07 7:15 PM
hey CynB, I'll see if I can find the one you recommended. So many newspapers don't include the crosswords in their on-line if we wanted to read the news!!!
Bibra Lake is a suburb of Perth, just east of Freo. Rolanda and Billy are a stone's throw is Dave from Yangebup. Emels lives 'north of the river' but we love her anyway!
04/Nov/07 11:37 AM
for your Grandaughter Emily.
15/Nov/07 11:30 AM
CynB, sorry for being late in welcoming you to your page. I've brought a platter of Baby Swiss cheese and trail bologna from my home town for your visitors.
Please wish your granddaughter Emily a very from me.
15/Nov/07 3:21 PM
CynB, please pass on my wishes for your granddaughter, Emily. Did she go to Australia Zoo? Hope she had a great day with plenty of , whatever she did.
15/Nov/07 4:40 PM
Hi CynB, I am also from the Redlands. Thanks for the drink and BBQ. Looks like I need more help that you!
16/Nov/07 5:51 PM
Thanks for dropping by. All my messages appeared again. There must be a ghost lurking around. But you got me to my second page. There is something better than a friend with chocolate, a friend with chocolate that goes and get more chocolate when you have finished the first lot.
17/Nov/07 1:44 PM
Hi CynB, and thanks for dropping by the party! I hope your visit with your mom went smoothly. My mother-in-law (our only parent left) has Alzheimer's and is also in a nursing home a half hour away. We learned very quickly that loving her now means not asking anything more of her, but rather, More...
23/Nov/07 3:16 AM
Yes, Cyn, life hands us these challenges and we keep rising to them somehow. My mother-in-law was the most social busy bee alive and now that Alzheimer's has possessed her, she refuses to sit in the common room with the others. She's begun to lose a lot of weight and is starting to require some More...
24/Nov/07 2:55 AM
Hi SynB
Thanks for welcome. Still finding my way around site.
25/Nov/07 11:28 AM
Hi Cynthia,
It wasn't the foreshore today, Bella decides which way we go! Think I'm being hounded..oh dear!
What's with the "deltz"? Delete last ????
And what's with off the rum, thought you were a red girl?
Take care, Broni & Bella
01/Dec/07 3:20 PM
If you want i can help. I use the site photobucket. Download items off this then you can cut and past onto your page.
I am going out to our doggie party soon but will be home in a couple of hours and can go thru it with you - no probs.
02/Dec/07 2:31 PM
Hi CynB! I stopped in to meet your beautiful grandchildren! Your Mom looks lovely and very happy with her birthday celebration.
I cannot believe I haven't been here before to offer a a belated !
I'm leaving a pot of Maryland Cream of Crab Soup
along with wishes for a Happy Holiday Season to you and yours
03/Dec/07 9:56 AM
You need to use your photoshop package and downsize them.
This is not one of my strong points but most people have a photoshop package of one kind or another on their computer.
If not thenn perhaps you could ask everyone else which is the easiest, free, and safe package to download.
You would have to then download the smaller photos again.
03/Dec/07 11:24 AM is a great one to download to get all the fun stuff like my christmas tree, flashing merry christmas, Happy birthdays in sparkle and such. They make your home page look lovely.
03/Dec/07 11:25 AM
Cyn, I highly recommend you trying for a Brissie get-together. They are the best fun ever! Everybody, except for our long suffering spouses and kids, are there for the same reason. It is incredible, as soon as you see someone who's photo you have seen, it is like meeting up with an old friend. An More...
03/Dec/07 5:06 PM
Welcome to the SM club. Nice to not have all those ads distracting you isn't it? You can see your personal statistics on the Members Page. Click on Members in the top tool bar and you'll find the link. Cheers!
07/Dec/07 9:29 AM
CynB - way to go getting your own membership!! Gotta head to eat and then back to school, but I wanted to welcome you to the "inside" group.
07/Dec/07 12:30 PM
You are soooo welcome. Isn't it a great site! Congrats on the SM. Stop in anytime, you have now seen what my humor is like and you haven't run away yet :)
08/Dec/07 1:53 PM
Hi Cynthia, thanks for stopping by my place. Yum, love your wine, cheese, and Greek olives! (My hubby is Greek so we eat Greek stuff occasionally.) That's funny about you'd "rather be 40 than pregnant" - when I was 40 I was pregnant also! Now that I'm 50 I can't imagine ever being preggers again - no energy!! Speaking of energy, way past bedtime. G'nite!
09/Dec/07 4:37 PM
Hello CynB

Just dropping in to say I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year.

Mickey and family.
09/Dec/07 6:29 PM
Cynthia, please accept my most humble appolgies for not dropping in sooner to welcome you to your page and your SM status.
Wow your grandies are just adorable, I can totally understand why you are so proud of your beautiful family. I can just More...
09/Dec/07 11:42 PM
Hi Cynthia, this is the first time I have visited too. So welcome! Your photos are great. I have one granddaughter. She is two years old next Monday.
10/Dec/07 12:53 PM
Thanks for the compliment. I didnt want the same as everyone else - a part of me is quite traditional and the other is individual. I always meant to have an ivory dress but when the time came I decided on this dress. It was much cheaper than a wedding dress too. I think I made it look classy with the white gloves and veil.
I also heard that the chinese believe that marrying in red is lucky.
11/Dec/07 9:40 AM
Chloe. Have a great day. Here's a Choc Mud for you.
11/Dec/07 4:24 PM
Thanks for visiting my page. I wondered about the Oasis, whether it was still operating. It was a great place to visit when we came to Brisbane from Toowoomba in the sixties.
12/Dec/07 5:08 PM
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