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Kay, I've been visiting all the new members, and came across your name.
to your page.
Hope you have as much fun as the rest of us here. Please drop by my place anytime and I look forward to getting to know you better.
Can I ask, where in Melbourne are you from?
Have a great day Kay.
29/May/07 12:01 AM
Gday Kay, glad to see you've made it. The more, the merrier. Help yourself to the nibbles plate and a glass of bubbly and lets say a toast. Here's to your room. Long may she PARTY.
10/Jun/07 4:53 PM
Kate, Wishing you and your family, health, peace, love, and happiness during this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year! Merry Christmas! Stella & family
24/Dec/07 11:50 PM
Stopped by to wish you good cheer
Brought a little bubblie here
May your toast be great
For two thousand eight
May you have a very

Hope your Christmas was blest.
No resolutions to obsess
It is not too late
For to celebrate
Our Lord Saviour’s Righteousness
31/Dec/07 4:01 PM
Gday Kate, my how you've changed! Great to see you again.

03/Jan/08 11:12 PM
Kate, thank you for being my #700!
Congratulations big time for your Mum on reaching that magnificent milestone. for the 29th.
I look forward to seeing you around the place more often and hopefully we will meet in person one day at one of the many Melbourne meets. Enjoy your stay here in Sudokuland.
04/Jan/08 11:46 AM
Kate, I noticed your pleas on the forum page. Apparently Gath's host provider accidentally erased all of Gath's sites but they are madly in the processes of restoring everything. In the meantime, many people have found their way to the SA3 page, which is up and running, so at least we can still More...
07/Jan/08 4:07 AM
Kate, for the Welcome! What a party joining the sudoku site has been! Get your glass ready! Cheers!
13/Jan/08 7:25 AM
Kate, thank you for the birthday greetings. It made the day special reeading all the messages. We are flying to Melbourne tomorrow for a few days so I hope it will not be too hot.
16/Jan/08 9:10 AM
Hi Kate, Thanks for the welcome. I've been a member for a few days and feel I need more time to get back to everyone. Some people must spend hours on the computer. Hope you enjoy the sudoku and have a great Australia Day.
22/Jan/08 1:01 PM
Hi Kate, just got my computer working again, my harddrive got wiped lost everthing, from a virus on this site. Hope the site has been cleaned. I had no idea I was or maybe still am in naughty room, don't know what I did. Anyway have a wonderful Australia Day,
26/Jan/08 2:06 AM
Thank you so much for your kind words, glad I could be of some help.
There is no stopping you now. LOL

26/Jan/08 2:51 PM
Gday Kate, I hope you had a great day yesterday, any plans for the holiday Monday?
I am feeling the need for some retail therapy I think, I love living in Melbourne and knowing the shops are open on a public holiday.
Well, next week is back to school week and I realise I haven't done a jolly More...
27/Jan/08 8:09 AM
Kate, I am hearing you about those Sydney roads! They just don't know how to give way. At least here, if you put your indicator on, most people will let you merge. I am originally from Adelaide, where they don't have as much traffic, so there, if you indicate that you want to change lanes, everybody speeds up to avoid letting you in! That would create absolute chaos here!
27/Jan/08 9:20 AM
Kate, While this is my first visit to your page, it will not be my last. Your pictures were wonderful, and its good to be able to put a face and name together. Loved the photo of your mom and daughter. Your mom is a very spry looking 90 years young. Leaving you a welcome basket of goods that made More...
29/Jan/08 9:41 AM
Kate for thinking of me and my friend, Ecie. She is improving slowly.
02/Feb/08 9:29 PM
Hi, Kate. Thanks for visiting me. Glad you like my pictures. Your Indian pictures are thought provoking. Full of happiness & sadness. My son went to Killara High! (he's 26 now). We were living in Willoughby when he started there & were there for 18 yrs. Moved here in 1996 so he only had the More...
04/Feb/08 11:45 AM
I didn't actually say where I lived!!!! It's Lindfield!
05/Feb/08 4:08 PM
Hi Kate, thank you for commenting my art and yes I am lucky to have 5 sisters each one of them have a strong personality and it makes it interesting. Love your pictures from India, they do present happiness and sadness...very revealing. Since it is my first visit, I brought you a wool pullover that may be worn on a cold night. Hope to see you soon.
09/Feb/08 1:06 AM
Thank you Kate. Thank you very much.... ♥
11/Feb/08 10:27 AM
I've left a message for Ian on his page, and I'll keep you informed on what we come up with. Would love to meet you also!
14/Feb/08 12:03 PM
Hi Kate. We were near neighbours once & didn't know it & here we are neighbours again - got my page open on half the screen & on the other half I'm going to the members list to get everyone's pages for the thankyous that way I hope I won't leave anyone out. You're my upstairs neighbour More...
14/Feb/08 12:44 PM
Kate, I have left the organising to Angie.
14/Feb/08 3:02 PM
Hi Kate, sorry for not visiting sooner. Nice to met you, your Mother looks great for 90. Enjoyed looking at your gallery the pictures of India are a mix of happy & sad. Stop by for a visit when you get the chance.
17/Feb/08 4:47 PM
Sorry Kate about the sarcastic comment. You are more than welcome to remove it!
Any time you need to borrow a knowledgable 13yo, give me a yell. Happy to lend!!!
21/Feb/08 8:48 PM
Hi Kate! The pictures from India made me feel sad, but I liked the ones of you, your mom, & your daughter. She was a beautiful bride & the orchids seemed perfect for her & her pretty dress! Too bad she's already married - Jano from Lebanon's handsome single son just moved to Dubai. Does Caroline like it there?
22/Feb/08 2:37 AM
Hello Kate haven't visited before so a very belated welcome to your page. You have some wonderful photographs of your time in India, and it is lovely to put a face to the name. Take care x
23/Feb/08 8:30 AM
I trained at SVH in Sydney...it would be too big a coincidence if you were at SVH in Melbourne!
23/Feb/08 11:34 AM
Sorry - I trained at the Alfred Hosp. but my ex husband has been Director of Microbiology at SVH Sydney since about 1975!
23/Feb/08 11:36 AM
How silly of me I replied on my own page!!!!
23/Feb/08 11:37 AM
Hello Kate - I must apologise for not having welcomed you sooner. I think I may have overlooked you with all the Kates on the site and you've been here since May last year!

I just noticed you commenting on the site and thought I didn't recognise your name so came to More...
24/Feb/08 12:13 PM
So sorry to hear about Meg, you have lost a valuable friend, take care xx
28/Feb/08 9:43 AM
Kate, I was so sorry to hear that you have lost your wonderful Meg. It is so hard to say goodbye to our beloved pets. You have my sympathy. Take care
28/Feb/08 9:46 AM
Kate. I know how hard it is. So sorry to hear about Meg, but she had your and your family's love for years, so I'm sure she had a great life. My thoughts are with you.
28/Feb/08 10:42 AM
Kate, I am so very sorry about Meg. It is a hard decision to make but leaving our darling pets to suffer is unthinkable. Try to move on knowing you have done the right thing.
You are in my thoughts.
28/Feb/08 10:43 AM
Kate my thought are with you, take care.
28/Feb/08 2:16 PM
Kate, sorry to hear about Meg. All who have, or have had, pets know just how you feel. They are just so much part of your life and give so much undemanding love.
28/Feb/08 4:23 PM
Kate, I just read your comment about Meg. I am so sorry. I, too, had to say goodbye to a dear friend a few years ago. I still miss her company and her joy. I am sending you all my thoughts and zen hugs. Rose.
28/Feb/08 10:57 PM
Hi Kate - sorry to hear about Meg.
Have just realised that I haven't visited before and so HELLO....
Never say never when it comes to pets...[yeah I know - just what you need ...comments from some one you don't even know..]

Your suffering and loss is but a reflection of the More...
29/Feb/08 12:36 AM
G'day Kate! I just noticed the photo of Meg in your avatar when you left your note on my page. Wow, she was a beautiful dog! Maybe you have more photos you could post in your Gallery?
29/Feb/08 12:37 AM
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