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Feeding birds

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Hi June, I was just at Kevin's page and noticed your comment about the pollution in Xi'an and on the Yangzi River. I had heard that the pollution was bad in Beijing, that was the only place I had heard about. We had planned going to China & Tibet the end of May but with the problems decided not to go. Will plan again for next year. Any pointers you can give us would be great.
20/Apr/08 1:21 PM
Hi June! Thanks for your welcome, sorry it's taken so long to reply, I'm still sorting out how this site works. I'm very used to journal sites, so this is a little different! Hope things in Epping are going well, brings back memories as I was born in Mosman and grew up in North Ryde!
21/Apr/08 9:38 AM
Thanks very much for thinking of my niece, Beth.
She is doing better although is still in serious condition. She had two units of blood and that helped quite a bit. The infection has settled into her hip and she has no use of that leg at present. She is on a morphine pump so it must be More...
22/Apr/08 12:04 AM
June, that sound you hear is a huge sigh of relief! Thanks for your good wishes, and I'm dropping off a bottle of Niagara ice wine for you to share with others for dessert. Let's hope that others will experience miracles in their lives, too!
26/Apr/08 11:34 PM
for helping brighten my birthday.
28/Apr/08 9:53 AM
Thanks June! And thank you for your birtdhay greetings to Leia.!
29/Apr/08 8:18 AM
for your prayers. My niece has been released from the hospital after 10 days. She will be on IV antibiotics for 5 more weeks at home. We are very thankful for all of the good wishes and prayers during this time.
to my sudoku family!
29/Apr/08 11:21 AM
for the b'day wishes
03/May/08 10:33 PM
Hi June,
for dropping by on my birthday. As you know it was my first birthday since joining sudokuland and all my visitors made it so much more special.
I spent a big chunk of my birthday here on the site and it was wonderful to do so without a guilty conscience about all the More...
05/May/08 3:52 PM
June, I wanted to thank you for your warm birthday wishes and for taking the time to think of me. I did have a wonderful day with my family and appreciated being in your thoughts!

Take care and have a wonderful day yourself!
Aimee :-)
07/May/08 1:05 AM
June - sorry i left you alone in chat - got stuck on phone call and couldn't get away. By the time I got back I was timed off and you'd gone. Going to watch TV now.
08/May/08 7:32 PM
Hi June,
Thanks for drawing my attention to the message on Easy today from Win, which confirmed she is OK in relation to the Myanmar tornado.
I a very relieved about that.
08/May/08 9:18 PM
Dear JUNE.
Many Many thanks for your lovely wishes for my Sister's recovery.
She is well now and just returned back home from the hospital Today-Thanks GOD-.
Many thanks and wish you a very nice time.
10/May/08 2:48 AM
June, thank you, thank you for your wonderful b'day wish! I told my friends at work that I was on Australian time today and will be on American time tomorrow for a 2 day celebration! With friends like you, I am having a great b'day!!!
13/May/08 12:10 PM
Dear June,
Thank you for your support while I have been ill. I never expected such a response from this site, everyone’s concern and caring has overwhelmed me. I can only say that it is the genuine people here who make this a very unique place to share our hopes, dreams, ups and downs. So thank you for being there.
14/May/08 3:46 PM
Sorry to do this to you but you have been TAGGED for Angies game on easy
21/May/08 6:10 PM
Thanks, June, I think it is too late to join in the game today. (Anyway I can't remember most of the answers. Too long ago!!) I would love to meet you sometime when I go to Sydney. I will be in Sydney for a few days with my son and daughter-in-law plus two granddaughters in June but it will be More...
21/May/08 10:29 PM
Thank you June for making my birthday a special one.
Many sudoku friends from around the world coming to visit me and wishing me a Happy Birthday have overwhelmed me.
My Husband and sons took me out to dinner to a Chinese Restaurant, and on the Sunday, we had a delicious Roast Dinner at MIL’s.
22/May/08 1:02 PM
Hi June. Just dropped in to say hello!
27/May/08 9:40 PM
Dear June,
Thank you so much for your very caring message after Mum's death. The love and support from everyone on this wonderful site has been amazing and very much appreciated, it really did help me to get through a rough patch.
27/May/08 10:49 PM
for the birthday wishes! A first time sudoku birthday is overwhelming! Made having a "biggie" birthday much more tolerable!
I had a wongerful birthday celebrating at the Indy 500 and will still have more to come this weekend with my family.
28/May/08 4:46 AM
June, I have been traveling around to all of you wonderful people who took time to remember my birthday. We all like to be remebered, and Sudokuland remembered me well...a special thanks for taking part in the shower of birthday wishes....
30/May/08 5:14 AM
Hi June... .. Yep, that's an interesting photo all right. I'm jealous. I love snakes. But what I REALLY love is that photo of "feeding birds". WOW!!! 3 Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and a Kukkaburra. (I can't spell it) Was that real or posed?????

I'm new here... only joined a couple of weeks ago and already shooting off my big mouth.
03/Jun/08 5:32 AM
Fabulous, June! Snakes are fun!!!!Welcome home! We'll have to get together again!
03/Jun/08 9:47 PM
Taking the time to say thank you for your message of love and support through the tough times with my mum, and her death. My heart has been lifted by the warmth and love shown to me here.
05/Jun/08 12:11 AM
Thank you, June for the birthday wishes today. I hope to visit Kate soon and so I would love to meet you then.
16/Jun/08 1:05 PM
Hi June, I'm following my sister around saying thanks for her birthday wishes as well, because if she hadn't told me about this place I wouldn't be here; so this is me saying thanks to her as well. Because without her I would not have known about any one of you! And as she said she wants to meet you, so with a bit of luck she might stay with me & we'll get together!
16/Jun/08 9:28 PM
Hello June - a big for your lovely comments on my newest grandson, Bailey.
17/Jun/08 4:01 PM
Hi June, thanks for the Anniversary wishes for last week. We hand a nice 'short break' at Port M, a lovely anniversary dinner and an enjoyable meeting with Elise. Cheers.
18/Jun/08 8:46 AM

Hi June, thanks very much for your welcome - I used to live in Sydney so know Epping well - your blossom tree looks beautiful!
20/Jun/08 9:10 AM
June, the celebrations were absolutely wonderful! it is friends like you who have helped me extend it for 3 days! for visiting my page to wish me a Happy Birthday. All the wishes from all over the world sure did add to my wonderful 3 day More...
21/Jun/08 3:43 PM
thank you, June, for the kind birthday wishes. HOpe the weather is nice where you are, and have a happy day! hugs,
23/Jun/08 12:16 AM
You are amazing, June! Yes, we do head off for Fiji on Saturday. I am picking up all the dresses today. And then the only thing left is to pack and get waxed... Of the two, I think the waxing is probably less painful!

Thank you for your well-wishes.
24/Jun/08 8:30 AM
Hi June! Glad you enjoyed my YouTube about good sportsmanship. I thought it was a wonderful story & something different from the music that most people have on their YouTubes. I didn't know there were baseball fans in Australia! Are there professional teams like in the U.S.? What are some More...
25/Jun/08 5:07 AM
June, blue = /me
25/Jun/08 9:40 PM
just popping in to say thank you for your kind birthday wishes to me the other day. You have a lovely garden, super photo of it!
28/Jun/08 11:43 PM
Thank you for the welcome. Your pictures are absolutely wonderful. Are those your animals? Have a great day.
30/Jun/08 12:11 AM
June, I meant to pop in this morning with the wish that you and the lovely Kates have a wongerful lunch meeting but unfortunately got so sadly distracted.
I hope it didn't put too much of a dampener on the proceedings and you all had a great time.
03/Jul/08 6:00 PM
Hi June
Wonderful photo of you and the Kates. How many sudoku people have you met now?
03/Jul/08 7:35 PM
Looks like you had a good lunch. I love the photos
03/Jul/08 7:40 PM
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