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Feeding birds

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Thanks for putting the photo up. I asked a silly question about which photo was it. As soon as I'd hit the submit button I realised it wasn't the auto one because we were looking straight at the camera! I'm sorry my photo is blurred.
04/Jul/08 3:20 PM
Hi June, thank yo very much for the birthday wishes. I had a great day, two of my three children came out for dinner (the third is in Germany) and Anne cooked a superb butterfly lamb. The kids stayed overnight.
I gather that your Kate/Kate meeting went well. Kate's sister Maureen looked after More...
04/Jul/08 4:27 PM
June, and hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I spotted one of your photo's in the Medium Jigsaw today, the one from Fjaerland, Norway and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind letting me try and animate that photo. If you go over to my page More...
09/Jul/08 11:09 PM
Hewwo June, I am sorry it has taken so long to do this but, Thank you for the birthday wishes last week
10/Jul/08 10:34 AM
Hi, dear June, and what a lovely page. Will definitely have to return for a longer visit. I just stopped by to thank you for the birthday goodies and kind wishes. We are definitely kindred spirits -- let's go somewhere right now!
13/Jul/08 3:17 PM
Hello June, what a terrific photo gallery I have just been all the way through it, fantastic. I am a newbie on here and am trying to see a lot, but will have to do it in small doses I think !! I gather from some of your photos that some of you sudokuites get together sometimes, thats lovely. Please visit my page I have a few photos up will add some more eventually.
13/Jul/08 7:49 PM
Hello June,
Sorry I didn't get to post that I had your pic up and going, have had a really busy weekend, and if you hadn't made a comment, lol I probably would have forgotten again. DOH, I'll blame it on me being Blonde LOL.
I couldn't use the other one, the angle was all wrong, but I must More...
13/Jul/08 9:04 PM
Hi June. I'm so glad you stopped by my page. Thank you for the anniversary good wishes. Right now the grandbabies are napping, so I have the opportunity to visit Sudoku. We're having a fine time with them. Today we went to the farmers market that is nearby and got all sorts of fresh fruit for More...
14/Jul/08 6:43 AM
Hi June
Laura looks gorgeous on stage! All the kids are little cuties. Not sure about the multicoloured wig though.... Is he a reputable character?
15/Jul/08 8:00 AM
Thank you, June, for the lovely welcome and birthday wishes - it is so fun to get so many greetings from around the world! Here's a piece of b'day cake for you! Enjoy...there are no calories! I really enjoyed visiting your More...
15/Jul/08 8:35 AM
Hello June
Thank you for your kind birthday wishes :))
All the best
Julie in Melb
15/Jul/08 12:51 PM
Thank You June, for making my birthday special. With so many sudoku friends around the world it made the day truly wonderful.
24/Jul/08 12:07 AM
June, for the Happy Birthday Wishes for my #2 son Stephen last Saturday.
We had a family dinner, birthday boy chose the Menu.
Dutch Soup, Garlic Bread, Lasange and Salad, Apple and Rhurbarb Crumble with Custard and Cream.
25/Jul/08 12:39 PM
Thank you, June, for stopping by. I will be sure to pass your message on to Billy.
26/Jul/08 9:22 AM
June, you have a very beautiful back yard!
26/Jul/08 9:25 AM
Hi June,
Thank you for the congratulations on Natalie. Since this is my first grand, and we only had her 4 days, I'm still learning about being a grandma. But so far its been wonderful!
Take care,
31/Jul/08 8:00 AM
Dear June

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I am sorry I am so slow getting back to you, but I haven't been on sudoku for a very long time. from Ally
01/Aug/08 1:01 PM
Hi june,
Thanks for the welcome and the flowers. So many people have welcomed me it has taken me forever to reply to them all!
I have a Red Camellia pic on my page, they are beautiful flowers.
04/Aug/08 5:53 PM
Enjoy your holiday to Malaysia.

Safe travels

05/Aug/08 12:19 PM

June, have a fantabulous time in Malaysia. I wish I could be with you both...maybe next time!
Hurry home, I already miss you.
05/Aug/08 9:28 PM
I know I'm a bit late but.............
06/Aug/08 12:22 AM
Have a wonderful trip June, and enjoy yourselves. How nice for you. Stay safe!
06/Aug/08 9:24 AM
Hi June -- I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your trip. Safe journey.
10/Aug/08 3:40 AM
Hi June - I know you're off travelling in Malaysia but I thought I'd post my birthday wishes to Laura here.

A great big Happy 3rd Birthday to Laura - I hope you have a wonderful day and don't miss Grandma/Nanna too much. Enjoy!
13/Aug/08 10:35 AM
June, so glad to hear you're having a wonderful time!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see the piccies when you get back...
18/Aug/08 6:33 AM
Glad your home safe and sound! back!
25/Aug/08 6:03 AM
Hi June! Stopped by to see if you had any of your pictures from your trip posted...bet your still feeling the affects of the long trip. Anyhow, I spent quite awhile in your gallery and really enjoyed your pictures.
Welcome home!
25/Aug/08 8:01 AM
Hi June. Welcome home! Off to the City today - Mum & Dad are flying in from Dubbo (my brother's picking them up from the airport). Dad's going into St Vincent's Hosp this pm for insertion of a pace maker tomorrow, his 84th birthday! catch you later - we'll have to get together soon!
25/Aug/08 9:56 AM
Hi June, I am back on site today after 4 weeks away from it and I find you are just back from somewhere - where have you been and was it good?
Welcome home!
25/Aug/08 2:28 PM
Welcome home June from your holiday..
Did you have a great time?

Thanks for the birthday wishes for my mum yesterday
26/Aug/08 12:08 PM
Thanks june for the birthday & operation wishes for my Dad. Looks like it might be put off again - wont know til I ring him tonight. The Cardiac Surgeon wants to talk with all his Drs! All of his specialists are Sydney based, but he sees them in Dubbo & of course they're all there on different days at different times of the month, but they are all at St Vincents!
26/Aug/08 4:20 PM
Sorry June, lifted the shift key finger too fast!
26/Aug/08 4:21 PM
June, loved the photos. I didn't put comments on all of them because they will all go if you edit the photos and add commentary, so I will wait till you have redone them.
26/Aug/08 10:12 PM
June - just stopped in to see your Malaysia pictures...BEAUTIFUL! I was also glad to hear you were able to meet up with your son.
Thanks for getting those posted. I look forward to more when you find the time!
27/Aug/08 1:46 PM
June, Welcome home. Loved your photos of Malaysia, I lived there in the late 70s until 1984 & saw quite a lot of the country - we lived in Penang, but also spent time in KL, Malacca and Kota Bharu - so "Thanks for the memories"
27/Aug/08 2:28 PM
lovely photos June of your holiday to Malaysia
28/Aug/08 6:55 PM
June, for the thoughts and prayers. I agree with you wholeheartedly about God. Buddhists don't have a single God as in Christianity and other religions. But we do believe that the completely pure mind has the qualities of omniscient wisdom and More...
28/Aug/08 9:52 PM
June - just caught the latest photos downloaded from your trip. I tell you, if you keep traveling, I'm not going to have to go anywhere. Your photos are stunning! Everything looks so clean there...is that the case?
Catch you on the pages, girlfriend!
30/Aug/08 5:50 AM
June, what wonderful pictures of your trip. Makes me want to go now. Thanks for sharing.
30/Aug/08 3:29 PM
Hello June - it's a long time since I visited your page. Thank you for your lovely comment about my grandson.
I have just been browsing through your photos as I read you had been on holiday and you have some absolutely splendid photos in Your Gallery. It must have been a great holiday to go on.
Anne x
31/Aug/08 12:04 AM
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