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Hi, JulieK! to your new page! I think you will really like the people here! Here are some freshly cut lilacs and a big box of Frango Mints for you to enjoy as you get settled in.
11/May/07 2:30 PM
Welcome to your own page.
I have left you a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Come visit my page anytime.
11/May/07 2:38 PM
Hi JulieK, and welcome to your own page! You have a lot of other players in Perth and the surrounding area. Leaving you a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa as a page warming gift. Hope you like sweets! Enjoy!
16/May/07 5:47 AM
Welcome fellow Perthite, you seem to already have lots to eat so here is a gife of to brighten up your page.
31/May/07 6:07 PM
Well there Julie and to your new page.
Hope you have as much fun on your page as we all do.
01/Jun/07 11:29 AM
forgot to leave my page warming gifts.

01/Jun/07 11:30 AM
Hello Julie - to your own page. Sorry it's taken me so long to visit you but there's been so many new members these days it's hard to keep up with them.
Here's some and a bottle of Goundry Unwooded Chardonnay for you to enjoy.
06/Jun/07 12:16 PM
Julie, lol you should have seen me last night, I felt like I was 13 years old again, sitting on the floor, listening to my vynal records and over Woody!!
Believe it or not I still have my records and all the posters etc., that came with them
Go the Bay City Rollers!!
08/Jun/07 1:50 PM
Yoohoo! Anyone home?
Julie, pop in to the easy puzzle page sometime and say gday.
30/Oct/07 9:09 PM

To all Perth Sudokites,
Hi diddly ho ho ho,
A xmas brekky is coming
Would you like to go?
Saturday 8th December
Is the date
Rsvp on my page
Go on take the bait!
More details to follow…….
22/Nov/07 10:34 PM

Wishing you and your loved ones a
wonderful, safe and relaxing time
17/Dec/07 12:39 AM
No longer in Perth, have moved east back to Melbourne. Thank you all for your Christmas messages and may I wish one and all a peaceful, happy and safe Christmas
23/Dec/07 12:36 PM
Cool Julie, maybe we'll get to meet up some day. I look forward to that.
(back?) to Melbourne.
12/Jan/08 3:03 AM
Gday Julie, I used to live in the west, we only moved up here 6 years ago. Mainly because we were so totally over the 'burbs. I had young teens and I felt the environment wasn't the best at the time, just a vibe I had, but of course, trouble is everywhere! We were in Newport, is that anywhere near you?
13/Jan/08 6:26 PM
Hey Julie, just dropped by to let you know, I put up another BCR favourite on my youtube.
Hope all is well, and have a great day.
21/Mar/08 2:10 AM
An invitation to celebrate the visit to Melbourne of
Broni from Brissie

WHO: Any Sudokuists and their family who happen to be in Melbourne at the time!

WHEN: Saturday 31st May 2008 12pm

WHAT: A Buffet lunch
(BYO a fav soup, casserole or curry etc. More...
04/May/08 8:33 PM
Julie, a very to you.
I have brought along a bottle of bubbly, a Choc Mud and a bouquet of roses to help with the celebrations.
Have a truly wongerful day.
14/Jul/08 12:07 AM
to you, It's a nice cool summer Sunday morning here near Chicago - fine arts faire going on downtown should be a nice outing today - enjoy your special day, Mary
14/Jul/08 12:40 AM
Hope you have a fantastic day.
14/Jul/08 2:32 AM
Happy Birthday, Julie! I hope you have a great birthday down under. Greetings and warm wishes from the other hemisphere!
14/Jul/08 4:41 AM
Happy birthday Julie! I hope you enjoy your special day and fill it with fun, family and friends! Cheers!
14/Jul/08 5:54 AM

to you
to you
dear Julie
to you

14/Jul/08 6:44 AM
14/Jul/08 6:50 AM
Julie! Have a fantastic day!!!
14/Jul/08 8:05 AM
Julie, !!! (Mine was yesterday.) I hope you have a lovely birthday and are off to another grand and glorious trip around the sun!
14/Jul/08 10:02 AM
Julie, hope you day is filled with family and friends and the coming year is all you want.
14/Jul/08 12:24 PM
Hi Julie
Hope it is a good one.
14/Jul/08 1:16 PM

14/Jul/08 1:32 PM

Birthday Wishes coming your way Julie.
Have a great day.
14/Jul/08 7:52 PM
Happy Birthday Julie.
14/Jul/08 9:32 PM
Julie, Hope you have had a wongerful day.
14/Jul/08 10:54 PM
Hi Julie

23/Dec/08 1:46 PM
Hi Julie
Are you feeling up to coming and meeting some of the regulars?
There is to be another Sudoku meet.
This time it is to welcome Keith and Lynne on their trip to the great land down under.
Check out the details on the link below to a new forum page
24/Mar/09 1:20 AM
Julie! Hope you have a wonderful celebration! Blessings to you!
14/Jul/09 12:17 AM
Hello JulieK! to you! I hope you have a wonderful day!
14/Jul/09 3:27 AM
Happy birthday Julie, have a wonderful day celebrating. Cheers.
14/Jul/09 3:42 AM
Enjoy your day!
14/Jul/09 3:53 AM
I hope you are enjoying your speical day -- take care, Mary
14/Jul/09 6:30 AM
and Julie, have a great day!
14/Jul/09 8:48 AM

Happy Birthday Julie, Hope your day was wonderful and filled with all good things.
14/Jul/09 10:13 PM
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