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Hello Elise - to our crazy, wongerful world of sudoku. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Here's some and some to get you started with your decorations on your page.
11/May/08 7:22 PM
Gday and Elise. Great to have you here with us.
I look forward to meeting you around the pages. Feel free to drop into mine anytime by clicking on the blue 'Check out my page' link, I love having visitors.
Have fun here in Sudokuland, we all do!
11/May/08 7:40 PM
Hi Anne

I have submitted a pic for an avatar.
Now I am trying to put a photo I have put into a flickr account at the top of my page.
It is not working for some reason.
Any help would be appreciated.
I go into flickr where it has my pic showing under the heading your More...
12/May/08 2:14 PM
Elise and welcome to the wonderful world of Sudokuland.
I hope you have as much fun in here as we all do, and look forward to seeing you around.
Have an amazing day.

for you to enjoy, while you settle in.
12/May/08 3:08 PM
Elise just spotted your post on site, sorry to hear your not feeling well
13/May/08 12:13 PM
Elise, not sure if the avatar will appear automatically, however, if you go to your update details, page, and check where you submitted the avatar, it should say if you have an avatar pending, if it doesn't then your avatar has been approved, just click on Manage Avatars and select the one you wish More...
13/May/08 12:28 PM

to you to Sudokuland, along with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner, stop in anytime for more pie, a video and a tour of Historic Jacksonville, OR.

13/May/08 2:45 PM
Thank you so much for the birthday greeting. It was so thoughtful of you and I appreciate it very much! And may I to the site. We're a wild loony bunch but we enjoy the company. I leave behind some More...
14/May/08 12:26 PM
Hi Elise to Sudokuland. Everyione here is very friendly and helpful, I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as we all do. I'm leaving you some pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast as a little welcome gift. Drop over any time for a visit, I'd love that.
16/May/08 11:56 AM
Hi Elise..I missed your arrival so a belated coming your way.
Noticed your comment about needing an atlas.... try googling instead. Each time I visit someone I don't know I copy and paste 'where they are from' into google and it is amazing what comes up.
Love the look of the More...
16/May/08 12:31 PM
Elise, it looks as if I have never visited your page before!
Glad to see you here in this wide wonderful world of Sudokuland!
for the get well wishes!
So sorry to hear that all the way around the world there is someone with a cold just like mine! "The More...
16/May/08 1:01 PM
The cough is hanging on a bit, but NOTHING like it was! My voice is back to normal. I hope yours is getting better by now! Colds are NOT fun! (I was busy on the weekend and didn't get to my messages right away!) Enjoyed your Flickr photos. Is Tea Treasures yours? Looked VERRRRY yummy!
19/May/08 11:03 PM
Elise, I dropped by to let you in on my little secret....I NEVER use the timer! Waaay too stressful! I just slog along at my own pace and relax. I've been known to practically slide out of my chair!
It seems I haven't been here before, I More...
20/May/08 10:48 AM
No one is ever too old! (I keep telling myself that...I'm hitting a major one VERY soon!...less than a week!) I am definitely not an expert at sudoku. I enjoy doing all the levels of puzzles and on the harder puzzles I will use the check answers as an aid. (Is that cheating?) More...
20/May/08 12:01 PM
You are a just young punk!

(Try the next one up!)

20/May/08 10:51 PM
YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! (See first page on "Easy" for Angie's TAG GAME post!)
21/May/08 6:53 AM
Hi Elise,
As a nurse/midwife I am not averse to rude jokes, and indulge in them regularly - but I was not happy to see the 2 you posted on Easy today, because I just think of this as a family site, and don't like to think the young folk here are exposed to such. Yes, I'm a realist, and know that More...
21/May/08 10:58 PM
Hi Elise, I fell asleep in front of the fire last night so I didn't get round to answering your question... which sort of gives you the answer...Gippsland is cold!
22/May/08 1:51 PM
Thank you Elise for making my birthday a special one.
Many sudoku friends from around the world coming to visit me and wishing me a Happy Birthday have overwhelmed me.
My Husband and sons took me out to dinner to a Chinese Restaurant, and on the Sunday, we had a delicious Roast Dinner at MIL’s.
22/May/08 3:30 PM
Oh my gosh!!!! I had about 22 messages in my inbox today just from Sudoku friends wishing me a 'Happy Birthday'! Thank you so much for all of your kind thoughts and wishes especially when I haven't been around for so long. It has been a wonderful day and a lovely weekend. Rick and I went away to a More...
27/May/08 8:10 PM
Oh, Elise! I am so sorry to hear that your cold is hanging on like a burr! It sounds like you may have a "cold from hel..."! I had one of those once and pulled a muscle in my back coughing! So... Lots of fluids, rest , chicken soup, etc... and it looks like... More...
29/May/08 12:41 AM
Hello Elise. Thank you for the warm welcome.In answer to your question about my photo of the twins.They are my very special daughters twins now 9 mths and it took her 7 yrs to get them.My son also has 1 boy 6 yrs and twin sons who are 5 yrs.I am sooo blessed to have 5 grandchildren with 2 sets of identical twins. have fun on this site
29/May/08 7:22 AM
Hi Elise, a warm for my birthday wishes....and A big welcome to the site. Since this is my first visit, I will leave you a basket of Philadelphia Cheese steak sandwiches, and a great bottle of red to wash them down. Hope you enjoy both the site and the goodies.
30/May/08 6:32 AM
Elsie, I see I have never been to your page to you. Love your back yard, mine would look like that if I did not live on a hill. Leaving a bouquet of lilys on your table. Come visit my page when you can.
03/Jun/08 2:14 PM
Hi Elsie, hope you have a pair of gumboots!
03/Jun/08 2:26 PM
Whole lot of water out there....You can start an ice rink with winter coming...
03/Jun/08 2:40 PM
Hi Elise. You have just little?? bit of rain haven't you?!!!!Like Sue I live on a hill or mine'd be like your's too! You have some beautiful photos on Flickr.
03/Jun/08 2:51 PM
Hi Elise, sorry about spelling you name wrong, CRAFT disease and dyslexic hehe! Live in the Redland bay area, Thorneside. CynB is down the road a bit and Mary from Manly is a couple of suburbs up. Took me two hours to get home last night, one of the dams flooded and closed the road, traffic was gridlock. eeek!
03/Jun/08 3:45 PM
Elise, hope your cold is better, because you CERTAINLY don't need a cold along with all that rain! Yikes!
03/Jun/08 10:28 PM
Hi Elise,Email the photos to yourself [press the make smaller box]outbox, save the attachments and then delete. [dont send]
05/Jun/08 9:04 AM
Hia Elise how did you go with putting pics on your page, hope your working it out, have checked your page a few times but still nothing, Good luck with it, have a great day.
05/Jun/08 10:37 AM
Hia Elise
Wow congratulations you did it, was it my instructions or did you work it out by yourself,
I'm hoping that I had something to do with it.
hahahaha catch you in the chatroom sometime
05/Jun/08 8:07 PM
Elise, hope your headache is gone quickly! ...Did your cold ever leave? Maybe it's sinus related.
06/Jun/08 11:22 AM
Hey Elise - a belated welcome to Sudoku$land
I've been away and didn't see the initial announcement of your presence! Am bringing a platter of yummy Maryland (blue) crabcakes for your page warming! PS - my middle name is Elise - I don't run into it very often so I'm More...
07/Jun/08 5:10 PM
Hi Elsie. All this time and I've never visited your page before. I'll leave my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa, but by the looks of your baked goods and don't really need it. Is Tea and Treasures your business establishment? Cheers!
07/Jun/08 9:45 PM
Perfect new avatar for you!
('cause I'm on the top end!)
08/Jun/08 2:01 PM
Your date scones look scrumptious! I'll be right over! Wow! Hot out of the oven, too! (Was that a propane /gas outdoor oven you cooked them in?... Or just cooling there?)
08/Jun/08 2:07 PM
Hi Elise
Thank you for the message you sent me on my birthday. Have a nice day.
08/Jun/08 11:16 PM
Hi Elise
Been reading on easy some of the posts re avatars, as you seem to know a bit more than me, can I please ask you, can I have more than one avatar, I am not a supporting member, and I thought I could have more than one, but if i switch between avatars all my posts change,
for this reason I havent put any new ones on

catch you later Liz
09/Jun/08 10:52 PM
Hi Liz

I am not a supporting member either.
So far I have two avatars I can use.
As you know you can select which one to use by
going to your UPDATE DETAILS page and then click on MANAGE AVATARS.
I only recently found this out from Gath myself. lol
Not sure what you meant More...
10/Jun/08 9:13 AM
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