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Hi! Don't worry we'll drive you crazy instead. Brought the wine to soothe the nerves and chocolate to calm down the soul. Hope you like your new home! And here's some posies to decorate the place.
09/May/07 1:00 PM
Hi Deb, welcome back. You've moved a long way but I suppose you are closer to Nicole and Kiarah. Did you change jobs as well or are you travelling across town every day?
Best wishes to you.
09/May/07 2:00 PM
Hi Deb I see you moved not very far from me Am close to Garden City shopping center. if you ever want to chat or go for coffee,justlet me know through easy or your page. All the best
09/May/07 6:01 PM
HI DEB, nice to see your smiling face on EASY again. I had been wondering where you were, so know that you were missed.


28/May/07 11:05 AM
A Bit Late: May you have many
28/May/07 12:03 PM
Hi Deb, and thanks for dropping in to my page. I know you have had some major changes in your life, so I hope all is going well for you. How is the new lifestyle treating you? Take care and stay smiling!
04/Jun/07 8:14 AM
Deb - hope your tea goes well.
11/Jun/07 11:44 AM
Hi Deb - I am just popping in to say, 'HI.' I hope you have a great day.
13/Jun/07 7:57 AM
Hi Deb, popped in to say Hi, I haven't been very regular on the site for a while now and I do seem to miss most things, When I saw your post today (13/06/07) I realized I had not seen you post for ages. When reading your comments I realized a lot has changed for you recently, Kiarah's More...
13/Jun/07 9:28 AM
Hi again Deb, so great to hear things are o.k. I flit in some days but not as often as before, I will be more regular again now though. I was a lurker for about 18 months before joining up, and have a very soft spot for the old regulars, especially you, Baz, Anne and Susan. You guys, and especially More...
13/Jun/07 12:10 PM
Good Morning Deb - I hope today finds you feeling better.
14/Jun/07 12:35 AM
Who is Rick? How is Mark doing? Just curious since this is an open forum and I am concerned about that.
14/Jun/07 7:33 AM
Hi Deb - I hope by now, you are feeling better. Has your friend come home yet? We had a beautiful day here with an evening that is cooling down. I hope your day goes well for you.
14/Jun/07 11:26 AM
Oh Deb! That is a long time! I will try to visit each day! Do you live near friends and relatives? Thank you for your visit. I will look forward to hearing from you again!
14/Jun/07 11:35 AM
Hey Deb, is your friends name Rick? My husband's name is Rick. How about that? Deb and Rick. We were born in the 50's and both names were popular then.
14/Jun/07 11:38 AM
yes, I remember that bad time for you because it was on this forum. I just remember Mark sounding like he was really suffering, too. That is why I asked about him.
I'm glad you are feeling better.
14/Jun/07 11:42 AM
Hi Deb - I am just checking in to see how you are doing. I hope by now you are feeling better. I believe you are in Autumn there? Is the weather chilly and damp this time of year? Talk to you later.
14/Jun/07 11:18 PM
Oh Deb - I am sorry to hear your news. My Jenny went through that last week and my son, Jeremiah had it this week. (No one else so far.) Take a glass of coke and let it go flat. That is suppose to settle you stomach. I hope you are feeling better soon.

It has been More...
15/Jun/07 10:01 AM
Hi Deb - It is morning here. My husband and I are going to look at some home today. (I am excited about it.) This company builds Timber Framing homes. It is about 2 hours south of us. Then this evening we will have dinner with relatives down there. I hope this finds you feeling better.
15/Jun/07 8:40 PM
Hello Deb - I hope today finds you feeling even better.

Our day was a very interesting day yesterday. We toured the factory where they cut the timbers and put the styrofoam walls together. Then we toured a home that was a Timber Build home. Then we went to the Salespersons office which More...
16/Jun/07 9:59 PM
Hello Deb - We went to a 50th birthday party for one of our friends today. They had a lot of good food. It was very hot. It was suppose to be about 88 deg. (F) today. It think that is about 32 (c.)? It was good to see our friends.

What kind of work does Rick do?

Tomorrow is More...
17/Jun/07 10:23 AM
Rick works in construction and if his company (well not his, the one he works for) gets a contract then they have to send their own people to wherever the construction is. Seems silly when I'm sure there are very capable people in Mackay who need the work but so do we I guess. He gets paid living More...
17/Jun/07 12:04 PM
Hello Deb - It was good to hear from you. Rick must be a hard worker as construction isn't easy. It is good that he is working. Good jobs are hard to find here.

How many children do you have?

It must be Monday where you are. Do the doctors take Monday off there? I hope you start feeling better soon. Dr. Mom recommends chicken noodle soup!
18/Jun/07 3:57 AM
Hello Deb - I thought I recognized your avatar! I knew you had a daughter and grandchild, but I didn't know if you had any other children. My oldest son is a Scott. He will be 28 years old next week. I have a daughter, Angelina, who will be 26 in August, Jeremiah is 22, Billy is 19 and Jenny More...
19/Jun/07 1:59 AM
Hello Deb - Well, we have exciting news! Jenny passed her driving test yesterday. The last one to get their license. She hopes to start college this Fall. She was just hired at K-mart last week so I am very relieved. I won't have to drive her! Rick and I want to do a little traveling this More...
20/Jun/07 2:09 AM
Hi Deb - I am so glad to hear you are starting to feel better. My Jeremiah has it now! He was home from work today and has been in bed for the better part of the day. I told him he should go see a doctor, but he is 22 and knows more than mom! He is complaining of his chest hurting and I am More...
21/Jun/07 8:39 AM
Hi Deb - Well, Jeremiah is home again today, so we have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon! His chest still hurts.

We are trying a new Internet Server. We put it on the computer last night. It is suppose to be 5X faster than the one we have. Time will tell!

How More...
22/Jun/07 2:00 AM
Hello Deb - It sounds like Rick is missing you as much as you are missing him.

My Brother-in-Law has always worked in the bricking business. (Tuck Pointer) That kind of job really depends on the weather. Every winter they would 'lay' him off. That was hard on the bills! Now he is in More...
22/Jun/07 11:16 PM
Hi Deb - Hey, thanks for the info. Your schedule is definitely different from ours! I think it sounds better! Children often get bored in the summer when they are off for 3 months!

Do you get snow where you live?

Jeremiah is starting to feel a little better, but I think More...
24/Jun/07 1:01 AM
Hi! Me again. How about a current picture of your granddaughter? I bet it is good to have her and your daughter there.
24/Jun/07 1:23 AM
Hello Deb - Your area sounds beautiful! Do you have palm trees? Does your temperature stay close to the same year around? My mom and dad live in Southern Florida and it never snows where they are. They have had frost maybe 3 times in the 16 years they have lived there.
24/Jun/07 9:55 AM
Hi Deb - I have had a busy day. Church this morning, came home and cooked breakfast, took my Sister-in-law for groceries, (she is mentally challenged and had only bread in the house), and then we went to an Open House for one of my daughters best friends. It was a beautiful day here and a great More...
25/Jun/07 10:50 AM
Hello Deb - I went to a map of Australia yesterday and I found Brisbane! If you want to see where Michigan is, go to a map of the U.S. We are the state that looks like a left-handed mitten. We have 'Great Lakes' surrounding our state. Lake Michigan, Lake Superior and Lake Huron. They are known More...
26/Jun/07 1:58 AM
Hi Deb - I am so sorry to hear you are not back to work yet! Jeremiah stayed home today again. He said his chest 'burns'! He is still on his antibiotics. Billy sounds terrible when he coughs! My boys don't get sick very often.

It is very hot and humid here today. We don't have More...
26/Jun/07 6:34 AM
Hello Deb - We have another hot day here today. It is suppose to be warmer than yesterday with a chance of thunderstorms. We need the rain. Our grass is turning yellow! I hope today finds you feeling better.
27/Jun/07 2:50 AM
I hope you have a safe trip!
27/Jun/07 7:38 AM
thank you for the lovely birthday wishes and ecard for my 50th birthday celebrations. I have great memories to keep.
receiving messages from all around the world is very humbling. I love to send the messages to others, but receiving them is something very
we share a lot More...
27/Jun/07 6:36 PM
Hey Deb! - It is good to have you back! I missed you! I am glad you had a good trip. You will have to post a picture of Rick so we can see what this man looks like! He must be very very special! I hope by now you are feeling like new! Have a good day at work!
03/Jul/07 2:01 AM
Hi Deb - Well, are you settled back into your home and work? Tomorrow is a Holiday here. It is Independence Day where we celebrate our country as an independent country. People usually get together and have picnics and fireworks.
04/Jul/07 7:05 AM
Oh Deb - What exciting news! Congratulations to the grandfather!

I am glad to hear you are feeling better.

I bet you will be glad when Rick gets back home.

It looks like things are 'looking up' for you!
05/Jul/07 9:20 AM
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