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Hi there,I'm glad you called in.

The photos are of my grandchildren...Ben the eldest is 7,twin boys Beau and  Tyler are 6.

The boys are my sons.

Then there are the twin girls almost 2.They are my daughters.


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Hi Nola
Welcome to Sudokuland.
Who are the two cuties?

We are a friendly lot, so have fun.
25/May/08 6:35 AM
to your own page, Nola!
Are those your two little bundles of joy? Precious!
I'm so glad you've joined us! Stop by my place for a chat, door's always open
25/May/08 7:19 AM
Hello Nola - to your own page here in Sudokuland! It is great to have you with us. Are these your twins? How precious!!!! I have brought you a rhubarb pie fresh out of the oven. Please stop by my place sometime for a chat. The door is always open.
25/May/08 7:27 AM
Welcome to the site Nola and two beautiful children. Hope you enjoy your time here and make lots of friends. For you, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa, for hubby... , and for the kids.... More...
25/May/08 8:34 AM
Forgot your pastry...
25/May/08 8:36 AM
Dear NOLA.
You are,
You are more thanto visit my own page any and every time you wish.
25/May/08 8:39 AM
Welcome to Sudokuland Nola.
25/May/08 9:08 AM
Hey Nola,
25/May/08 9:43 AM

Hi Nola
What a gorgeous photo.
Two little angels.
Are these yours ?
Welcome to this site, I am on the Mid North
Coast of NSW.
25/May/08 9:55 AM
Hi Nola - a big welcome to this site from a fellow Queenslander. Gorgeous little cuties in the picture.

Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.
25/May/08 12:08 PM
Gday and Nola. I love how you have decorated your page! Great to have you here with us.
I look forward to meeting you around the pages. Feel free to drop into mine anytime by clicking on the blue 'Check out my page' link. I love having visitors.
Have fun here in Sudokuland, we all do!
25/May/08 12:21 PM
Hi Nola to Sudokuland. You'll find a lot of friendly, helpful folks here. Hope you enjoy it as much as we all do. I'm leaving some pancakes and maple syrup for your breakfast. Drop by anytime for a chat, I'd love the visit.
25/May/08 12:59 PM

to you to Sudokuland, along with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner; stop in anytime for more pie and a video.

25/May/08 2:07 PM
Hi Nola
Your daughter is blessed to have them after 7
years of trying.
I had my son at age 37, after being told I could not have children.
Then at 3 hours old he stopped breathing !!
We were very lucky that he could be resuscitated
and did not sustain any brain damage.
After More...
29/May/08 8:24 AM
Hello Nola - a belated to the site and our crazy world of sudoku. I read your comment on another page about sitting back because you don't want to make a fool of yourself; why, the rest of us do every day. I think that's part of the fun.
I hope you enjoy the site and continue to More...
29/May/08 10:05 AM
Hello Nola, and happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day shared with family and friends and full of fun!
02/Jun/08 2:44 AM
Hiya Nola..
wish you a very HAPPY B'DAY....
hope you'll have a wonderful day with your near and dear..
02/Jun/08 2:48 AM
I've brought and for the celebration!
Wishing you love, laughter, and oodles of happiness today and always!
A toast to you!
02/Jun/08 3:17 AM
Nola. I hope you have a wonderful day. (Check your "Details" page - did you put in your birthday and is the "Show birthday message" box checked?)
02/Jun/08 3:37 AM
NOLA, so sorry the computer forgot to wiiiiiiiish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I would have been here with wishes if it had listed you, Honest/

So let me say it now, Hope your day was special and you have many many more.

02/Jun/08 3:42 AM
Nola, wishing you all the best on your special day.
02/Jun/08 6:05 AM
A belated Nola! I am so glad that the birthdays are celebrated in Sudokuland because we sometimes miss a member's entry into our domain. And now...
I am so glad you spoke up about the missed date!!! There is nothing like your name not More...
02/Jun/08 6:38 AM
Can't leave your page without commenting... What SWEET babies at the top of the page! How old are they now?
02/Jun/08 6:41 AM
SUPRISE SUPRISE SUPRISE to you - I hope you enjoy your special day - It's still Sunday here in Chicago and the weather has finally warmed up - Take care, Mary
02/Jun/08 6:51 AM
to you Nola!!!!!! I hope your day is filled with joy, laughter, love and many surprises. I just hope it is a wonderful day!!!!!
02/Jun/08 8:25 AM
Happy Birthday Nola.
02/Jun/08 9:20 AM
Nola, belated greetings to you.
Hope I'm not too late for the party! I have brought along a bottle of bubbly, a Choc Mud and a bouquet of roses to help with the celebrations.
Hope you had a truly wongerful day.
02/Jun/08 10:03 AM
Nola. Hope you day is totally out of this world for fun & excitement! AND that this is just the start of a stupendous year, only full of fun & laughter! More...
02/Jun/08 10:05 AM
Happy Birthday, Nola. I love birthdays as a time to celebrate every person's worth and uniqueness. I am so glad you spoke up. You deserve to know that people care -- even nearly-perfect strangers, because we'd change that to nearly-perfect friends if we could. Hope you've had a lovely day. Stretch it out, make a whole birthday week of it. Go on. I give you permission.
02/Jun/08 10:30 AM
02/Jun/08 10:58 AM
A very to you Nola.
I hope you have an absolutely wongerful day and get spoilt rotten by your family and friends.
02/Jun/08 11:03 AM
Wow! Nola - looks like everyone knows it's your birthday now. Hope you have a lovely day and that's it's not raining like it is here in Brissie.
02/Jun/08 11:28 AM
Nola, I hope you have a great day with all your loved ones. Best wishes for a great year ahead.
02/Jun/08 12:22 PM
hey Nola, Have a great one
02/Jun/08 1:02 PM
Oh Nola, forgotten by the computer? Shame, shame on the computer! Well , get ready for my creaky voice!
to you,
to you,
dear Nola!
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots More...
02/Jun/08 1:06 PM
It is awful to have your birthday overlooked...even if it is my a wretched computer!!!!!
Hope you have have / have had a wonderful day and there are many more to follow.
02/Jun/08 2:32 PM

to you
to you
dear Nola
to you

You still have a few hours to celebrate on the 2nd over there - however, remember it is still the first over here - so give yourself at least another 26 hours of celebration.

02/Jun/08 3:21 PM
Happy Birthday Nola, hope you had a lovely day
02/Jun/08 6:42 PM
Nola, a very happy birthday wish coming your way, I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by loved ones and doing those things that bring you the most joy!

Take care!
Aimee :-)
03/Jun/08 1:26 AM
Hope you had a lovely birthday Nola! You're going to have to pop in to 'easy' more often!! Best wishes x
03/Jun/08 2:10 AM
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