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Welcome to my Page.


Please help yourself to some mints.

  And there is wine over on the bar beside the flowers - enjoy!





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I hope you enjoy this site. There are a lot of great people in the world to chat with. I have brought some fresh squeezed Florida orange juice to welcome you to Sudokuland. Come for a visit on my page any time. I love having visitors.
12/Jun/07 10:38 AM
to the site Jane and your own page. Here's some to help get you started with your decorating and a bottle of our local Wignall's Late Harvest for you to enjoy.
12/Jun/07 10:50 AM
Jane, my boys are definitely a handful. They keep me on my toes. My friends want to know why I stopped at 2 boys and didn't try for a girl.
13/Jun/07 8:57 AM
Hi Jane. Thank you for visiting my page. It's always nice to hear from a fellow Canadian. I assume you were one of our notorious ''lurkers'' on the site, but welcome to your own page. My usual double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry for you as a page warming gift. Enjoy! Where in More...
14/Jun/07 6:43 AM
Talk about an old video! Well done Jane. I have lived in Ottawa for 22 years. Born in Barrie, from age 5 on grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, uni in Waterloo. Sounds like you are in the south-east end old the old town of Streetsville, or are you in Oakville? A nice view from your home anyway if you can see across the lake to St. Kitts. Cheers!
16/Jun/07 6:59 AM
Hi, Jane! to your page! I was going to ask where Mississauga is, but I see by CanukGreg's comment that it is in Canada. That narrows it down to a hemisphere. Can you pinpoint it a bit more for us?

Is your picture squid? Did you take it? I notice that your avatar could either More...
17/Jun/07 6:54 AM
Hi Jane from Utah, after seeing your post on the medium, and seeing your avatar, just had to visit your page, guess you scuba, never been to Belize, but my wife has, great picon your page, meet a lot of nice people on this site. have a great day/night
17/Jun/07 1:21 PM
picon= picture on your page, sorry cant type and think at the same time!!
17/Jun/07 1:25 PM
Hi Jane, just dropped in for a visit. Congrats on your new page. Love the pics and the avatar. Just picked up a new mask and snorkel set,(broke the other one after 10 years) and some pull-on fins for the Maldives trip. Getting close now, can't wait.
18/Jun/07 5:44 PM
Hi Jane, think we are about the same distance from the ocean, never dive around here, always go to the carribian, once or twice a year depending on what we can afford, some of the best diving was in Cayman Brac, but we also like Cozumel, Honduras, and Cancun, also loved the dives in the cenotes in More...
19/Jun/07 6:23 PM
Well this next year we are thinking of going to the Red Sea, heard the diving was great there, or if we save up enough money mabey to to Austraulia and the great barrier reef, the cenote's are wonderful but if you don't like cave diving don't do them, my wife is claustrophobic and will not dive them, but they are a great dives, think of carlsbad caverns underwater.
22/Jun/07 4:14 PM
Wow Jane, I was just excited for me, congratulations! Now I'm excited for you too! Where are you staying? Thats a lot of traveling, we only have about 13 hours flying with a 4 hour stopover in Singapore, (hey we're Aussies, it takes ages to get anywhere from here, we're used to it.)
I will be taking soooooo many pictures, don't worry!
22/Jun/07 5:01 PM
Great avatar Jane, and a super photo on your page! Well done!
23/Jun/07 8:02 AM
Hello Jane - I've just come home from tea at a friend's place and her home is almost like a shrine to Elvis. Really overdone. I liked him but not to that extreme. My favourite movie of his was GI Blues
24/Jun/07 12:51 AM
Hey Jane - I didn't know you had the Beatles on your You Tube so I've just been listening to it. They were certainly young there as that was one of their first big hits.
24/Jun/07 1:39 AM
Hello Jane this is my first visit so I've brought you a bottle of wine and some nibbles. I think the photo of the squid is fantastic, did you take it yourself? Time for a and a movie.
24/Jun/07 8:41 PM
Jane, Just dropped in to say Hi, Love your picture of the squid - I've been watching on DVD - The Planet Earth - and watched the deep ocean segment yesterday. I esp love the endings - the diaries of the cameramen. For a brief shot - it could take weeks/days to wait for it. Have a good one, Mary
25/Jun/07 12:36 AM
Your trip plans sound great Jane, I checked out the website, very interesting! Might have to bookmark that one for our next dive trip. 9 days to go!!!
25/Jun/07 9:17 AM
Called in to say Happy Canada Day for Sunday. Your Paul Anka youtube of Diana is appropriate since Princess Diana was born on that day - and I was too (well before P. Diana, I might say).
25/Jun/07 11:19 AM
well will try this once more the last 2 post i sent you went into cyberspace somewhere, great youtube , snowbird, and hope you have a great diving trip!!
26/Jun/07 1:00 PM
Hi thanks for visiting my page again, don't know what happened to the other posts, guess mabey the will appear somewhere?! you dive in cold water? living her in Utah there are a few places to dive, but don't do it, had to certify in cold water with a wet suit in the middle of December, then went More...
26/Jun/07 4:07 PM
Hi Jane! Love the YouTube This is my first visit, so I'm leaving a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup for you and your guests to enjoy Wonderful picture! One of yours? This site has so many excellent photographers, going from page to page is like taking a trip around the world Stop by my place anytime, door's always open!
01/Jul/07 3:11 AM
A good clip to put on Jane!
Have a great
Enjoy some sun and have a cold beer on me!
01/Jul/07 3:39 AM
Awesome rant, Jane! Way to go, Canada.

I'm leaving some lobsters and corn on the cob - my contributions to the holiday BBQ.
01/Jul/07 7:07 AM
Hi, Jane! Wow - you have me intrigued! Scuba diving in Canadian waters. Mmm - how cold is the water? Does it require a dry suit? If you're using a wet suit, how many mils? We did a training dive in low 60* F spring-fed water in Florida this spring. I think we wore 6 mil farmer johns over 6 mil wet suit. Let us know how it is and what you see, please.
01/Jul/07 11:50 AM
Oh, and HAVE FUN!
01/Jul/07 11:50 AM
And I liked your YouTube today!
01/Jul/07 11:51 AM
Just popping in to wish you and all your loved ones a wonderful weekend
Happy Canada Day!
01/Jul/07 9:41 PM
after catching up on site, I learn't you like to scuba dive, so I hope you approve of my smilie for you. I have never tried to scuba dive, and not sure if I will, its something I would love to do, More...
02/Jul/07 1:05 PM
Well don't know what happened to the posts that wen't into cyberspace, gave them a couple of days to appear but guess the are lost forever.

Anyway guess you like diving a lot more than me if you have to dive with a wetsuit, or dry suit, hate those things, now that i'm spoiled will wear a More...
02/Jul/07 2:17 PM
Hi Jane! Had to visit because of the hand holding otters video. I especially loved the part when the bigger otter reached out to grab the paw of the smaller otter. Oh it touched my heart! Anyway thought I'd leave a bottle of California wine (red white or pink your pick) and a box of Belgium More...
14/Jul/07 1:49 PM
BTW where is Mississauga? What country, state, planet?
14/Jul/07 1:51 PM
Hello Jane just popped by to say hello and thank you for your kind thoughts. The photographs are wonderful, they reminded me of when we visited Israel many years ago Eilat, beautiful diving waters there. Take care and I will leave you a little chocolate to enjoy x
17/Jul/07 4:29 AM
Hi Jane
Back from from the Maldives! Island was amazing! Diving was terrific! Lionfish, Morays of all sizes and colours, turtles galore! The viz was a bit lower than perfect because of the amount of plankton in the water, but the payoff was getting to snorkel within arms length of huge Mantas More...
26/Jul/07 9:02 AM
The locals are a very beautiful people, as far as dress code goes, nudity is a no-no, punishable by a hefty fine. In the areas of the general populus such as the airport and Male, the capital city, and if you visit a populated island, cover up thighs and shoulders, no strappy tops or short shorts. More...
26/Jul/07 9:37 AM
Gday Jane, just been browsing through your fantastic photos. I was in awe of the sea creatures and then, up came the Lantern pics. They were spectacular, would love to see that for real one day.
I have brought you a bottle of bubbly, a plate of nibblies and an invitation to drop into my page sometime and meet the family.
26/Jul/07 8:23 PM
First time to visit your site - love folk music. I brought some Strawberry Pie for your enjoyment, the recipe is on file. The photos are excellent.
27/Jul/07 4:29 PM
Hi Jane, Sorry its taken me so long to find your page, but what a reward I've received...Your pictures are wonderful! I can hardly take decent pictures on ground, say nothing of underwater photography. I see you have been to a land of some of my ancestors...Belize...I've never been there, perhaps More...
29/Jul/07 5:10 AM
Hello Jane - thanks for the Heartbreak Hotel video clip of Elvis, I really enjoyed it.
29/Jul/07 11:40 AM
Jeepers, we're so close to a new page let me have the honours of pushing you over.
Here we go,

Nearly there!
29/Jul/07 11:41 AM
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