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Hi to All who enter! Welcome! This is so exciting to have 'my own place!' Come in, have a seat, prop up your feet, and enjoy all the wonderful people who visit. Enjoy some tea (hot or iced) and some Frango Mints (a special candy from the former Marshall Fields company - now taken over by Macy's).
01/May/07 5:23 AM
Hi Julie, nice place you have here. I will leave you a bottle of our 'Kinda Snockered' wine. Just bottled, it is a nice shiraz. Enjoy!
01/May/07 5:40 AM
Welcome to sudokuland and your own page, I have left a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Please stop by any time the door is always open.
01/May/07 2:43 PM
Julie, thanks for the welcome and a welcome to you too. I haven't had time to do anything with my page due to all the rhyming in the new contest. This is great fun. Here's some chocolate covered strawberries for you to enjoy!
01/May/07 9:11 PM
Thanks for stopping by. I really like this site, everyone is always so friendly.
Some flowers to brighten up your corner of SudokuLand.
02/May/07 11:23 AM
Hi Julie, thanks for visiting my page, thought I'd return the favour and visit yours. How about a glass of bubbly to celebrate our newly found friends. Looks like my smilies still aren't working. Cheers anyway!
02/May/07 12:57 PM
AAH they worked this time, yay.
02/May/07 12:58 PM
Thanks for visiting my page Julie, and the mints and Tulips. I like tulips but not cold enough to grow them in Sydney. I have just made some jars of plum jam and would like you to have one. This competition of Garths has cdertainly extended the friendships.
02/May/07 2:11 PM
Thank you for visiting my site and welcome to you too.
02/May/07 3:45 PM
Thanks for the greetings, Julie! I'm off to see my 2 oldest graduate from college this weekend, then I'll be back to Sudokuland and have a chance to catch up on all the puzzles I missed.
02/May/07 8:52 PM
thanks julie!! tulips are my favorite and the mints are yummy!! i would like to welcome you too to the site. its a great place to be! soooo many wonderful people here. i offer my traditional powered snow from high on top of the utah mountains to decorate your new page. feel free to drop by again anytime. i'm always home!
thanks again friend!
03/May/07 2:56 AM
J U L I E . Congratulation to sign in Your own page. and go ahead ,We are very pleased to see You with us .
Will knock Your page from time to time ,That will be of pleasure to me.
03/May/07 3:54 AM
Thanks for the welcome, tulips and Frango Mints. Do you know me or just a good guess, my ancestry is Dutch, so the tulips are very appropriate and as for the mints, well there always go down well.
03/May/07 10:58 AM
Hi Julie
Thank you so much for being the first to visit my page. This really is so much fun and a great way to talk to people from all over this wonderful world of ours. Thanks also for the tulips, one of my favourites and very easy to grow here in Canberra.
03/May/07 2:10 PM
Thank you so very much for your Birthday wishes today. I've had an amazing day, and whats more amazing is that I feel like I have an extended family now, which are scatted all over the world.
Please drop by my place, plenty of cake to share.
03/May/07 8:17 PM
Hello Julie, I can say the same as Suzanne from Canberra.
And I brought you some nice Leonidas Prawleens from Belgium as I think those mint things might be all eaten by now, caus the were so delicious.
03/May/07 9:33 PM
Hi Julie thank you for your visit and to your own page , it's great having the smilies I can give you some to brighten your day.
03/May/07 10:20 PM
Hello Julie just popping in to say welcome to your page and thank you for leaving a greeting on my other page bertie (chocolateheaven) that is my chatroom name so had to have a seperate log in. Have lots of fun x
04/May/07 12:03 AM
Hi Julie. I'm a little late in dropping in to your page warming, but I've brought a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa for you to indulge in! Enjoy!
04/May/07 4:34 AM
Hi Julie,
I couldn't get in because Greg was in the doorway! Welcome to your new page and thanks for visiting mine. I love the tulips and yummy mints. I'm leaving a bushel of our famous steamed Maryland blue crabs for you and your guests to enjoy.
04/May/07 5:20 AM
Hi Julie,
Thanks for being the first to post on my page. Are you from the Windy City, the 'burbs, or 'downstate'? I sure miss Field's (and Berghoff's, too)! Shame to see the old icons go! Thanks for leaving the blue crabs, Kathy.
04/May/07 6:43 AM
And hey - we can't forget the original Carson, Pirie, Scott at State and Madison!! I used to model there when I was a very young girl. Go figure that one!
04/May/07 6:52 AM
Thank you for the welcome, mints and tulips Julie. I didn't realize I had a page. Now it looks like I have some decorating to do, the place is a bit spartan. I come bearing brownies, they seem to vanish pretty quickly at my house.
04/May/07 11:54 AM
Hey Julie
Thanks for popping by, yep party all week at my place, have 4 birthdays in my house alone this week.
the musical notes ♪♪♪♪
are made by holding down the Alt key and using the number pad typing 13 have fun. ♪♪♪♪
04/May/07 12:02 PM
Hello Julie , how sweet of u to be my first visitor ,thank u for the visit and the tulips and of course for the mints ,it was delicious.
04/May/07 4:26 PM
Thanks for the visit Julie. I dropped by to ask about the mints, but I already found my answer. I just made a strawberry pie, with big juicy red berries. It is very popular in my house. I hope it will be in yours too!
05/May/07 3:08 AM
Hi Julie! You are the ONLY one interested in trying the Vegemite! I am not sure about the protein or calorie content. I will check when we get back home on May 13 & let you know. Then we will have to ask Postmaster Ed to help me get your mailing address via e-mail. What city in Illinois do you live in. My friend in Dixon, IL has a sister named Julie. Could it be you??
05/May/07 7:22 AM
OK, Julie, you're from my original neck o' the woods! Park Ridge?
05/May/07 1:37 PM
Julie, your timing was great, I have plenty of time to enjoy the beer you left me and sleep it off before I have to leave in the morning. Thanks. I bring you a Redwood Burl to decorate your page. Keep it weatered and stand back. In a thousand years ... More info about them on my Flickr site if you haven't already seen it.
05/May/07 2:01 PM
Hey Julie, I was raised in Arlington Heights fairly close to Palatine and the race track, but I've lived downstate since I attended the UI many moons ago. My mother still lives in AH. The Frango mints were a giveaway that you were from the Chicago area! I really miss Fields, Carsons, More...
05/May/07 2:36 PM
hi julie thanks for dropping in and for the welcome greetings..and will definitely take a couple of Frango mints to home..
05/May/07 9:09 PM
Hi Julie - Welcom to Sudokuland! Thanks for your kind comments about my daughter. It turned out to be such a beautiful evening! Sunny and warm. When my husband and I went to pick Jenny and her date up, there were at least 5 limos in the parking lot!!!! Two were Hummers.... Things have sure More...
05/May/07 9:22 PM
Oh, by the way, my one and only sister lives in Hoffman Estates. Are you close? Check out my Flickr site. I have pictures of her.
05/May/07 9:28 PM
Hi Julie,
thought I drop by your place, nice!
I'm leaving you a bottle of Niagra, a little sweet, but from a local winery. Enjoy!
05/May/07 10:27 PM
and Julie for visting my page - sorry for the bare table and dark room - This will be my summer project - to figure out my way. I'm just tooling with the smilies today Being from the Chicago area - I know and love the mints - I put them in the freezer - rule is - you have to let them melt in your mouth. Have great day - Mary
06/May/07 12:45 AM
Hi Julie! So glad you dropped by for a visit. I'm bringing you a bottle of Niagara region ice wine which you drink sparingly (heck of a hangover if you don't) for dessert. Enjoy it with those you love. Have a wonderful weekend!
06/May/07 1:51 AM
Hi Julie - It was very nice to have you visit! My sister has lived in Hoffman Estates since 1991? I think...... No, I am not a professional muscian. (Thanks for the compliment though.) I just bought my violin in 2005. I have always wanted to play the violin and just decided to do it. I have More...
06/May/07 4:17 AM
Julie - What kind of muscians are your children? That must be a fun life........! I have a son who took guitar lessons for about 5 years and Jenny took piano for about 5 years. None of my other children have ever shown an interest in music other than playing the radio!
06/May/07 4:23 AM
Julie, the name of my friend in Dixon is Carlene Augustine (husband Bob). She has several married children who live in the Dixon area, too, but I don't know any of their last names now. They used to be Potters, Angela, Stephanie, Amy, Jason, & ??. I'll have to send an e-mail & ask her. What is More...
06/May/07 6:31 AM
Julie, that is a very kind and thoughtful message you left on my page. My wife and I thank you sincerely. It's nice to know we have so many caring friends in the sukudo family.
06/May/07 7:22 AM
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