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 Welcome to my page




Strike up a conversation, sit and stay a spell. 

Leave me a post, present, prayer, poem or puzzle (or something that doesn't start with "p"). LOL 

Take away a thought, a laugh or a bite to eat.

(I recommend the plum pierogi or the goats milk cheese).



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Hi Plum to Sudokuland. You'll find a lot of very nice folks here that are both friendly and helpful. I'm sending you some pancakes and maple syrup as a welcome for breakfast, hope you enjoy. Drop by for a chat anytime, I'd love the visit.
23/May/08 12:28 PM
A great big to you, Plum. (Are you named after Stephanie Plum, by any chance?) Sudokuland is a great place to hang out -- I look forward to seeing you around. Take care!
23/May/08 12:54 PM
Dear PLUM.
You are,
You are more than to visit my own page any and every time you wish.

Now from:CA.USA
23/May/08 2:39 PM
Gday and Plum. Great to have you here with us.
I look forward to meeting you around the pages. Feel free to drop into mine anytime by clicking on the blue 'Check out my page' link. I love having visitors.
Have fun here in Sudokuland, we all do!
23/May/08 3:51 PM
Oh Plum, those pierogi have got my tummy juices going. I cannot wait to get stuck into them! You are extremely generous. I would love to see your recipe for them. Would you consider posting it in the 'Recipes' page in the 'Forums' section? I hope so because I have a chronic sweet tooth. More...
24/May/08 12:02 AM
Plum and welcome to your own page here in Sudokuland.
Hope you have as much fun in here as we all do, and looking forward to getting to know you better.

24/May/08 12:32 AM
Thanks for the fossil/petrified lesson. Welcome to Sudoku! Lilacs and lily of the valley are in season here in Michigan so that is your present from me. Smells great!!!! Where do you live now?
24/May/08 12:41 AM
Hi Plum, thanks for the pierogies. You have painted such a picture that my mouth is watering... I love pierogies. Well, I'm so glad that you got through your first Hard one... now that's a good reason to become a member - you're going to have fun on this site, and you can add your two cents worth More...
24/May/08 1:49 AM
Hi Plum, and a belated welcome to the site! I'll leave you my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Enjoy, and have fun here!
28/May/08 4:22 AM
to your own page, Plum!
Sorry, I seem to have missed your move in.
I have brought a of Maryland Cream of Crab Soup for you and your guests. I live near the Chesapeake Bay in a very More...
28/May/08 5:18 AM
Plum, Welcome to your own page here in Sudokuland. Leaving a bouquet of lilys on your table. I am the Sue who's picture was on hard today.
28/May/08 7:02 AM
Plum (belatedly).... I've only been a member less than 2 weeks myself, so I'm not quite in the groove yet. I saw where you were wondering why the puzzles hadn't changed in the early morning. This site is on Aussie time, Melbourne, I believe. I think it turns over at More...
29/May/08 12:00 AM
Hey, I'm only 1 mile from the Hart County line! Small world.
I don't see much info on driving goats (my husband is on the board of directors for the state goat association, and it's first president), but I see a LOT on driving horses, which I do. Buggystuff on eBay (or you More...
29/May/08 1:55 AM
Actually, used to make and sell goat carts. They make lots of different carts and carriages. You might want to check them out.
29/May/08 2:23 AM
Hi Plum. This is a slightly late welcome to sudokuland. It's a lot of fun here! Here are some Tasmanian raspberries for you. and some flowers from my garden
29/May/08 12:57 PM

I bought a Doctor's Buggy from them last year, and it's gorgeous. Unfortunately, my driving horse suffered a stress fracture in his rear leg shortly thereafter, and I've only used it once. I hope to get him back in harness next week. The Vet thinks his leg has healed enough now.
29/May/08 2:08 PM
Hello again, Plum. The photo of the raspberries was taken in Tasmania last year when we had a short holiday there. They were growing beside the road. It must have been early in the season because there were not many ripe ones, but the ones I tasted were delicious!
30/May/08 3:37 PM
Hi Plum . Just dropping by to say a belated a few goodies to help you enjoy your time on the site. Enjoy
30/May/08 5:18 PM
A belated Plum!
to the wide wonderful world of Sudokuland!
Glad you could join us!
SW Michigan is near & dear to my heart. Used to live in Kazoo for 16 years. Miss it. SW Michigan is, by far, superior to SE Michigan where I live now.
02/Jun/08 9:07 AM
Hi Plum! OK it wasn't really much beyond cool even in the early morning - in fact I went out in just a long-sleeved shirt without a jacket, though I took the jacket with me - its more that May was very dry and mild, so the contrast of the wet days as soon as the 1st of June ticked over, makes it More...
02/Jun/08 12:59 PM
And Saturday 31st May - the last day of Autumn - was a glorious day!
02/Jun/08 1:00 PM
... and I really forgot to spell check that first entry (or rather typo-check) ...
02/Jun/08 1:01 PM
The weather is okay today. It's been raining & is cloudy. I just checked the thermometer & inside is 18*C (70*F) & 17*C (62*F) outside, so the cloud is keeping the place a bit warmer. Last week when it was sunny we were getting temperatures in the 20's during the day but single digits More...
02/Jun/08 2:46 PM
Plum, I use to use a regular camera but have used digital for the last few of years. I do like my regular camera but film and developing has got so expensive. With digital you don't have to keep every picture can choose the ones you want and delete the rest.
for your nice comment on my picture.
03/Jun/08 3:18 PM
Hello Plum - I see I have not officially welcomed you. I am sorry about that especially since you are a fellow Michigander! So here is a great big My husband lived in Union Pier when he was a boy. He still has an aunt and uncle there. That is pretty amazing about seeing More...
04/Jun/08 11:12 AM
woops - Rhubar = Rhubarb
04/Jun/08 11:13 AM
Hello Plum!!!! Please tell me about Yerba Mate. I have never seen it. Where is it sold?

Thank you so much for the delicious Perogies. Yummmy!

Shiela/Michigan is the artist. She has done some very beautiful paintings!!! These are in a coffee shop here in SE Michigan.
06/Jun/08 12:35 AM
Hi Plum - Thanks for the info. Just in case you might be interested, my Rhubarb Pie recipe is in the "recipe page" in the Forum. It is my husband's aunt's recipe and it is sure to please!!! I hope you have a great day.
13/Jun/08 4:17 AM
Hi Plumb

Thanks for your message on the box elder. Firstly the box elder does not grow in Australia.

As I am also a pen turner I probably have spoken to your husband on the pen forums where I go by simomatra.My web site is

I have never seen any in the hand More...
17/Jun/08 7:48 AM
Hi Plumb, Thanks for the lovely food for my birthday. I got lots of well wishes for my birthday. It was great!
17/Jun/08 9:29 AM
Plum, I gave more solving details for todays Tough on the comments page (in case you didn't open the page).I only seem to get these out when others describe them as "easy" !
18/Jun/08 11:28 AM
Thanks for your kind words,pleased my comments were helpful.
19/Jun/08 12:15 AM
Hello Plum - I am just stopping in to say, "HI." Is it chilly over your way? It was in the upper 40's here this morning. It has been good working weather, but that is about all I can say for it. Our grass is a pretty green and our garden is growing. We are very fortunate. Have a great day!
19/Jun/08 11:16 AM
Hi Plum,

I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner but I was out for a while and didn't see you comment until now. Anyway, I live in the Detroit area. Also, when solving these tough sudokus, it's very useful to have a program like Simple Sudoku where one can load it up and skip the setup work.
21/Jun/08 11:21 PM
Hi Plum! See you have had a page for almost a month now. Sorry I've not been by to say I have lots of connections in Michigan - the main one being it's where I met my husband at the U of M in 1965! Rob's parents lived in Ann Arbor til their deaths in 2002 and 2003 so we More...
22/Jun/08 2:50 AM
I can't believe you know where Valrico is! Even people who live in FL don't know where Valrico is - ha ha! I went to the ssi website to see what that's about. I'm not as liberal as you might think based on my having been a student at U of M! I chose that school for it's excellent school of More...
23/Jun/08 9:42 AM
Thank you for your endless curiosity. I used your link to see what the entire grass tree looked like. If it wasn't for your posting I don't think I would have bothered and would have missed out on seeing yet another beautiful piece of the magnificatn nature all around us. Thanks again!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!
Aimee :-)
28/Jun/08 3:12 AM
hi Plum, many thanks for the birthday wishes you sent - I had a lovely day, thank you.
28/Jun/08 11:33 PM
Just read your post about your daugther's tuition. I am right there with you. We just moved our daughter into her dorm this weekend. She will be starting the summer session this Wednesday. I am still in sticker shock. I feel as though I will not have a life for the next 6 years (our More...
01/Jul/08 3:06 AM
About yesterday's proof, first of all the work is messier than the final result, since I remove unneeded steps before I post it. It wasn't as difficult to see at the time as it looks in the proof. Once I did the basic cleanup, I saw the 3s had enough rows and columns with exactly 2 possibilites to be interesting, and that there were a lot of 3s to clean out.
01/Jul/08 3:08 AM
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