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 Welcome to my page




Strike up a conversation, sit and stay a spell. 

Leave me a post, present, prayer, poem or puzzle (or something that doesn't start with "p"). LOL 

Take away a thought, a laugh or a bite to eat.

(I recommend the plum pierogi or the goats milk cheese).



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Many thanks for your warm welcome .I am glad to be back to previous position between all my friends in Sudoku. Infact I am splitting myself to 3 parts as I have my son and my Grand sons in California as well as I have my Daughter and my Grand Daughters in Florida.The last part is my life and my More...
18/Oct/18 1:06 PM
for the Birthday wishes, Plum!
16/Feb/19 2:26 AM
Happy Birthday in this hemisphere!
29/Apr/19 2:03 PM
Welcome to my birthday party. Here’s a big hug. Thanks for coming. What shall we do?
29/Apr/20 12:12 AM
Over here on the buffet I’ve started us off with brie and crackers, plum coffee cake, and a lemon-poppyseed-almond layer cake I call Society Cake. There’s lemonade near the bouquet of tulips or you can help yourself to something from the bar. Settle yourself in while I get the door ...
29/Apr/20 12:27 AM
What a surprise! My good friend Arlo Guthrie came to sing me one of my favorite songs as we ride the train. Come along for the ride.
29/Apr/20 12:41 AM
My friend John Cleese, the Minister of Silly Walks, was in the Ypsilanti, Michigan neighborhood, so he decided to hoof it on over. Let's all take a walk.
29/Apr/20 1:15 AM
Well, here I am!

Let's get some serious refreshment going ....

In memory of our friend Greg, founder of the page party, I have brought one of his beloved beavertails. More...
29/Apr/20 3:16 AM
Hi, Kathy! Let's pop the top off the first bottle and drink a toast to Greg's memory. Since Judy's not here yet (probably trying to figure what *not* to wear), it's safe to get out the mallets and Old Bay seasoning out for those crabs on the table in the other room. Yum. Yum!!
29/Apr/20 3:24 AM
Oh, the crab feast brings back memories. Our whole family used to wear these (now vintage) T-shirts. We'd each get a new one each year when we spent the summer in Baltimore.
29/Apr/20 3:41 AM
There's a recipe I've been planning to make for chocolate cake, sometimes called war cake, that has no butter and no eggs. I will make it today for your birthday! To watch someone making it:
29/Apr/20 5:15 AM
and for those that like their wine in its natural state 😂🍷
29/Apr/20 6:07 AM
Mmmm. Sarah, that cake is SO chocolately moist. I like the blue glass cake plate it's on in the video. I'd better go make sure my frig cam is disabled.
29/Apr/20 6:28 AM
Since we are exchanging recipes, here's how I make my Society Cake: (sorry, I don't have a recipe because I cook by eye)

Soak some poppy seeds in milk then add them to a favorite white layer cake recipe. I'll make the cake from scratch and instead of vanilla I'll add a generous amount of More...
29/Apr/20 6:33 AM
Thank you, Amelia! How about we turn this into a party game? You take the bottle on the left; I'll take the bottle on the right. We'll have a glass or two then we'll phone my friend Lucille Ball. We she gets here we can all change into our Italian peasant dresses, throw the grapes in a vat and squish them between our toes!
29/Apr/20 6:37 AM
Happy two day Birthday Plum, it looks like you're having a blast already!

I love the idea of raising a glass in Greg's memory. It's 7:20am in Canberra so perhaps a little early, but I'll have a glass of red in his honour this evening.

Have a wonderful day (or two)!
29/Apr/20 7:22 AM
Thanks, Chris. Circle back around We'll still be here.
29/Apr/20 9:48 AM

....... Well, You Are Starting A New Year.

A little too much celebrating on day 1, for me.

I'll be back when I get it together..
30/Apr/20 1:33 AM
The door's always open, DorA.
30/Apr/20 3:19 AM
Plum, I was gong to bring some beaver tails (the Killaloe Sunrise is my favourite), but I see Kathy beat me too it! I'll make and Artichoke garlic dip with lots of fresh veggies. And I'll have a glass of your well chilled Pinot Grigio.
30/Apr/20 7:25 AM
That should have been 'make some Artichoke....'
30/Apr/20 7:26 AM
I'm baaack...
30/Apr/20 12:08 PM
Looks like I got back in time to help clear away the debris. Oooo, someone left half a beavertail and most of a glass of wine. In this case I think 'leftovers' are okay. (kinda reminds me of some of the parties in my 'younger days')
30/Apr/20 12:09 PM
It's OK, I avoided the lipstick on the glass.
30/Apr/20 12:30 PM
The party's over.......

01/May/20 2:09 AM
Yummy dip, Snowbird. Great wine pairing. Amelia and I washed our feet really well. Promise.
01/May/20 2:31 AM
Thanks for the clean-up help, DevilOrAngel. Even our good friend Doris noticed that someone popped my balloon. I’ll just go ahead and take the decorations off my front door while she finishes her song.
01/May/20 2:42 AM
Good party, good people. Thank you all!
01/May/20 2:43 AM
ROFL!!! Snort giggle guffaw!!
I should have said that I had finished my seventh decade!
Thank you for my birthday wishes!!
14/May/20 2:13 PM
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