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I raise Red Angus Cattle. I also have 6 horses, 6 Alpacas, 5 Collies,  4 Catahoula Leopard Dogs, 1 barn cat, and LOTS of  Lovebirds, Budgies, Bourke Parakeets, Plum-headed Parakeets, Sun Conures, Green Cheeked Conures, Cockatiels, several species of Finches and Diamond Doves. And a few fish. Once a zookeeper, always a zookeeper.











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Heidi, welcome to Sudokuland. Enjoy yourself here and post on the easy puzzle page, that is where everybody goes. I brought your some
to help you decorate your page.
Come and visit me anytime.
11/May/08 2:15 PM
Hope you enjoy your own special spot in sudokuland.
Is Magnolia rather small..didn't rate a mention in wikipedia...one of my search locations for working out where all my fellow sudokuites come from. Love the trees though! Enjoy the site.
11/May/08 3:40 PM
Heidi! We're glad to have you join us here. Where in KY is Magnolia? I have a stepson and family in Cave City, but haven't been out there in a few years now. I hope you've escaped the storms that I've been hearing about on the news. I hang around the jigsaw site most of More...
11/May/08 6:09 PM
Gday and Heidi. Great to have you here with us. BTW I love magnolias!
I look forward to meeting you around the pages. Feel free to drop into mine anytime by clicking on the blue 'Check out my page' link. I love having visitors.
Have fun here in Sudokuland, we all do!
11/May/08 7:36 PM
Heidi. I'm sure you'll enjoy the time you spend here. Plenty of puzzles & plenty of chat ENJOY
11/May/08 7:57 PM
Heidi, hope you enjoy your time here in this wonderful wakcy world of ours.
11/May/08 8:59 PM
You are,
You are more than to visit my own page any and every time you wish.
12/May/08 12:45 AM
Hello Heidi! to the wonderful world of Sudoku! MAEN means Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night. When you use it, capitalize the letter of the time of day you have. There will be other word you are not familiar with. No they aren't mispelled, just different! I hope you More...
12/May/08 2:00 AM
woops -

word = words
12/May/08 2:00 AM
to your own page, Heidi!
I've brought a big of Maryland Cream of Crab Soup for you and your guests. I live near the Chesapeake Bay in a very "crabby" area! The soup is one of my More...
12/May/08 2:01 AM
Heidi. I hope there is a nice bottle of bubbly waiting for you, and maybe a bit of chocolate.
12/May/08 2:17 AM
Hello Heidi, and welcome to your own page on the site! I'll leave you my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa as a page warming gift. Come visit all of us sometime by clicking on the 'check out my page' link that follows a poster's name. More...
12/May/08 2:22 AM
Hello Heidi,
So pleased you have joined us. I will leave some pink camelias from my garden (have just started to come into flower) to brighten your page.
12/May/08 2:44 AM
I dropped off a pizza and the cyber spys ate it!! well, here I am again to wish you well from Chicago area, I hope this pie get to you. Enjoy, Mary
12/May/08 3:22 AM
mAen Heidi! I see you got an explination of that word. It was coined by a member here, since we have readers from around the world. Somewhere, it is Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night at any given time, so that about covers the greeting!

12/May/08 3:43 AM
Welcome to this wonderful site Heidi, I hope you will enjoy your visits here.I'm quite unable to use smilies but I brought you a bunch of roses from my garden and a glass of "pineau"(alocal aperitve drink from the south-west of France).
12/May/08 3:46 AM
If you see the 'maen' word highlighted in blue on any of the posts, click on it and it will also tell you who first coined the phrase.
I am Soooo glad you asked the question about what "maen" means! ...because I have neglected to you! Glad you have joined us in this wide More...
12/May/08 5:18 AM

to you to Sudokuland, along with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner, stop in anytime for more pie, a video and a tour of Historic Jacksonville, OR.

12/May/08 5:20 AM
Heidi - looks like you have been welcomed very well! Greetings from Texas. I hope you enjoy participating on the site. I unfortunately get here infrequently because my school teaching keeps me pretty busy. I will look for your comments when I am around!
12/May/08 6:42 AM
Heidi - be sure to check out my flickr page in a couple of days - we have a whole set of "costumes" for the gorilla! I need to post the most recent pictures - he/she was dressed up for a shower given for our soon-to-be daughter-in-law. I call that getup Bridezilla. Gus is his name except when dressed as a bride! He was my Christmas present two years ago - it has been a lot of fun.
12/May/08 7:20 AM
Heidi, I didn't know that you got the Red Green show down you way. No, I'm not a member, but I'd love to be! You would not want to try to eat a beavertail. The pastry is an old French-Canadian tradition of a sweet flat bread with a variety of toppings. Here's a picture of the one I sent you...
12/May/08 7:44 AM
Heidi - hope you enjoy being a part of this site as much as I do. Great to see you posting. I'll just drop off some welcome gifts.
12/May/08 8:02 AM
Welcome to our worldwide band of friends. The people here are lovely and helpful and the puzzles are just the added bonus.
I normally give out home made rocky road to my new friends but sorry I ate it all yesterday.
Mums Day has to include chockies...
12/May/08 8:22 AM
I did not see anyone anwering your question so here it is;

M orning
A fternoon
E vening
N ight

Since there is a large lap a time on the site when you say MAEN you cover everybody!
and when using the smilies, you can pick the one that suits the time where you More...
12/May/08 9:32 AM
Hi Heidi, I was away for the weekend & so didn't welcome you then. I just saw your post about mAen & thought I'd welcome you & tell you about it! But Orianne also noticed noone seemed to be telling & has already done it, so I'll just give you belated welcome!!
to More...
12/May/08 11:12 AM
You are very close to my stepson's family indeed, Heidi. I agree that it is beautiful country, with the rolling hills, etc. K
12/May/08 11:57 AM
Hi Heidi to Sudokuland. I think you can see from the above, that there a lot of caring friendly folks on this site, I'm sure you'll love it here as much as the rest of us do. I'm leaving some pancakes and maply syrup for your breakfast, enjoy. Drop in any time to say hello, I'd love the visit.
12/May/08 12:57 PM
Heidi and to welcome you to sudokuland, hope you enjoy your time here as much as we all do.

for you to enjoy.
Have a great day.
12/May/08 12:58 PM
Heidi! I hope you and everyone are all right! We hear on the news--be safe, darling!
12/May/08 1:47 PM
Heidi, Have a great time here on your own page here in Sudokuland.
13/May/08 12:33 AM
Hello Heidi, I thought you were a newcomer when I saw your posting today. Welcome to our world, seems like you are settling in nicely already, I will look forward to seeing your postings from now on.

Take care and have a wonderful day!
Aimee :-)
13/May/08 12:39 AM
A big warm welcome to Sudokuland Heidi. Hope you enjoy whatever time you may have with us and we get to know each other better. As a welcome gift I 'll leave you a batch of a Philadelphia favorite, delicious cheese steak sandwiches...and orange soda to wash them down. Drop by for a visit anytime. More...
13/May/08 4:50 AM
What kind of animals are on your farm? Horses, I assume--seeing you're in GORGEOUS Kentucky! That area you live in is supposed to be some of the prettiest areas in the country--how lovely! Glad to hear you are weathering well! Literally!
13/May/08 6:51 AM
Girl! You are SO AMAZING! I hope you figure out how to put pics up on this thing--I obviously haven't yet since none are posted! LOL! Do you sell your cattle? Amazing Amazing Amazing! My hero! And sorry to hear about the llama!!
13/May/08 8:51 AM
I DO use a Mac----there you go, savvy girl! That would be it! Thanks for the info!
13/May/08 11:24 AM
Hello Heidi, and Welcome to the wonderful world of Sudokuland. This is such a wonderful site with so many great people, so kick back, relax, and have a good time.
Being here in the south myself, it's hard to offer you something made locally, so I'll just leave you a key lime pie to More...
13/May/08 1:23 PM
WOW..what a menagerie... I am impressed.
Ciao for now
16/May/08 10:52 AM
Hello Heidi - You have been tagged! Please read page one on easy today.
21/May/08 7:16 AM
Hi Heidi!
I've been following your reports of the new lambs. I noticed you don't have an avatar and thought you might like one (or both) of these

They are sized and ready to submit. Do you know how to do that? If you need help, let me know.
22/May/08 7:56 AM
Heidi, I am curious. Obviously, you don't just breed sheep. What other types of critters do you have? You always seem to be caring for, or feeding something! I get tired just thinking about it!
26/May/08 10:55 AM
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