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Jonjo, I am honoured to have had a visit from you. I hope you stopped in and met the rest of the tribe.
Have you been here in Sudokuland long? I was a lurker for months before I took the plunge and joined up to make my first post...and then you couldn't shut me up!
I hope you have as much fun More...
09/Jul/08 8:35 PM
to Sudokuland.

10/Jul/08 6:32 PM
Welcome to sudoku Jonjo!!

Have a wonderful time here, visit us in Sudokuholics Anonymous sometime!! (Via the forums link at the top of the page....)
10/Jul/08 6:46 PM
If you have time it would be lovely to 'meet up' with you in Sudokuholics Annonymous. We are a friendly bunch of folks from around the world.
10/Jul/08 7:16 PM
Jonjo, Sorry I missed your entry to Sudoko, hope you enjoy your stay here
10/Jul/08 7:21 PM
Jonjo, now just how did you sneak in and noone notice you? You must be very quite and stealth. We recently tried to correct that problem, by leaving the last THREE persons to sign in on the welcome notice, but it seems still on occasion, that is not enough. Well, now that we have discovered you, More...
10/Jul/08 10:31 PM
How lovely to be welcomed by you all. Now can someone please explain to me in detail how to personalize my page and what is Flickr and how does it work. I am new to Soduko and have only been a member here for a few days. thank you al for the lovely welcome, when I have found my way around I will certainly come visiting you all.
11/Jul/08 7:34 PM
Hi Jonjo - to a fellow Brisbaneite - didn't see you slip in as a member. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.
As far as personalising your page - look under Forum - Members Special Features - a lot is explained there. Have fun!
12/Jul/08 3:16 PM
Jean, what was the trophy for?
Congratulations, whatever it was! Magnificent.
12/Jul/08 3:46 PM
Hi Jonjo!
You worked out the pictures quicker than I did!
12/Jul/08 5:56 PM
hehe No dramas Jean, I know the page you are talking about though. That is Anni from Bathurst's page. She must have a Flickr account because that pic she has on there is a flickr photo. I am sure it is very easy to start an account. Do a google search for flickr and I am sure all the info will be at your fingertips.
12/Jul/08 8:14 PM
This is the flicker site Jean.
You have to have a Yahoo ID to sign up.
12/Jul/08 9:29 PM
Loved the bird pics, we get them here in Port Macquarie too. So colourful and so noisy sometimes. lol (Sounds a bit like me really. lol)
12/Jul/08 9:32 PM
Hello Jonjo, I'm so glad you stopped by my page. Thank you for your anniversary wishes. We have been so blessed over the years! Our grandson will be 4 in August, and our granddaughter turns 2 in October. I visited your picture gallery -- your grandchildren are darling. Aren't grandchildren wonderful? Welcome to your own page on Sudoku.
13/Jul/08 1:06 AM
Hello Jonjo - I try to keep up with the newbies, but somehow I missed you and I am sorry for that. to the wonderful world of Sudoku!!! Thank you so much for the delicious Apricot Pie. I, too, love fruit pies. I have brought you a warm Cherry Pie made with Michigan More...
13/Jul/08 5:33 AM
Well done Jean on already having an avatar.
You obviously know more about pootering than I do.
Love your Tigger.
13/Jul/08 7:37 PM
Thank you for visiting my page Jonjo. You are certainly getting around and enjoying all the friendship we share on this site.
Enjoyed seeing your photos and your two adorable 'grandies'.
13/Jul/08 8:54 PM
Hello Jonjo - On the "Forum" you can post your reviews of movies. It is under "At the Flicks." You will have to let us know how you liked "Mama Mia." Thanks for your visit. I am looking forward to spending the day with my boys and DIL today.
13/Jul/08 9:25 PM
Jonjo, and please accept my apologies for not comming here sooner to welcome you to Sudokuland and your own page.
Thank you so much for dropping in to visit me.
As for Personal smilies, these can be bigger than 50x50, only avatars are that More...
14/Jul/08 7:39 PM
Angie thank you so much for that info and also for the warm welcome, please accept this warm apricot pie with a jug of fresh cream for you and your guests to enjoy.
15/Jul/08 7:05 AM
Jonjo - Thank you for the warm birthday's a piece of my b'day cake for you to enjoy! I loved visiting your photo gallery - what a bunch of colorful critters! and here's one for you!
15/Jul/08 8:27 AM
Hello Jonjo, and a belated welcome to your own special page on this great site! I'll leave you my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Enjoy, and cheers!
16/Jul/08 6:36 AM

to belatedy you to Sudokuland, along with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner; stop in anytime for more pie and a video.

17/Jul/08 3:12 AM
Hello Jonjo - loved your photo of Bribie - a beautiful place where I would love to retire. (especially for the fishing). Was up your way in May to visit friends and can't wait to go back again. Enjoy your time with the friendly people from this site - they really are quite unique.
23/Jul/08 4:48 PM
Hello Midge, thank you for visiting my site. Yes Bribie is a wonderful place and when you come up here again I would love for you to visit me. Hubby and I retired here in 2001, unfortunately hubby is no longer with me, but that's life.
23/Jul/08 8:37 PM
Thank You Jonjo, for making my birthday special. With so many sudoku friends around the world it made the day truly wonderful.
23/Jul/08 11:47 PM
Hi Jonjo, I am not ignoring you about the blackberry cobbler, I never have measured the ingredients. I am planning on making more this weekend so will measure ingredients then. Bad thing is all will be in cups and the like hope you can convert.
25/Jul/08 1:40 PM
Jean, I thought you had been MIA of late. I hope it is nothing too serious.Please hurry back, there are a lot of new faces on SA5 for you to meet, and we are having a party on Friday to celebrate CynB and hubby's business sale. (Fingers crossed).
Tiaras and boas essential.
10/Aug/08 9:19 PM
Hi Gail, I am back in action again and look forward to meeting all the newbies. What time does the party start ? I will dust off the tiara but will have to borrow a boa.
11/Aug/08 7:54 PM
Our esteemed Ian from Sydney and his charming wife Anne will be in my neck of the woods (Thorneside) from the 26th to 28th September.
Any Sudokuists and their families are invited to join me in a get together at my place either Saturday 27th or More...
18/Sep/08 10:44 AM

Wishing you all the very best for the Festive Season

20/Dec/08 8:02 AM
Hi Jean, haven't seen you around in a while, hope all is good and you can make it down.
Keith from CA and Lynne are coming to Ozland from early April to early May and will be in my neck of the woods early May. PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!
Sunday May 3rd (yes I know Labour Day is on the Monday) BBQ More...
09/Mar/09 6:52 PM
Jean! Hope you have a special day and blessings throughout the coming year!
27/May/09 12:29 AM
Dear Janjo.

to You.

All my best wishes to have a very happy Birthday.
27/May/09 2:25 AM
Happy birthday Jonjo, have a great day celebrating with family and friends.
27/May/09 3:24 AM
Happy Birthday from around the world!
27/May/09 3:36 AM
Hello Jonjo, and a very happy birthday to you in your corner of our world, hope you are having a fantastic day!

Take care and be well,
Aimee :)
27/May/09 4:07 AM
Happy birthday Jonjo! Have fun, and share it with those you love and care for.
27/May/09 4:15 AM
Well, my goodness! I've never been for a visit!
to you Jean!
I have just taken a little tour through your photos. What a beautiful area you live in! I am wondering what accomplishment earned you a trophy?
Perhaps "cutest grandchildren"?
Enjoy your day!
27/May/09 4:59 AM
Best wishes for a fabulous birthday.
27/May/09 5:24 AM
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