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Here's a great big Sudoku to you, bug! I hope you will have many friendly visitors! Please enjoy these fresh tulips and a big box of Frango Mints as you get settled here on your page.
05/May/07 1:23 PM
thank you, ma'am!
20/May/07 9:49 AM
I thought I would visit your page and say Hi! Hope you're enjoying visiting all of the places here. Here are some flowers to help decorate your place! Your video TWLOHA is very interesting! Have a great day! Visit my page anytime! Take care.
13/Jul/07 11:52 PM
Yoohoo! Anyone home? Gday Bug, I wanted to watch your youtube but my pooter is running like a dead dog at the moment. As soon as my connection is quicker, I will come back to watch it.
Pop in to the easy puzzle page sometime and say gday.
02/Nov/07 9:33 PM
Bug, I just came back to watch your youtube, TWLOHA. That was really deep. Thank you.
18/Nov/07 9:00 PM
Wishing you and your family, health, peace, love, and happiness during this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year! Merry Christmas! Stella & family
19/Dec/07 8:31 AM
Hope your day is filled with all that you want and much more.
20/Apr/08 12:14 AM
Dear BUG.
to you BUG.
With all my best wishes to you.
20/Apr/08 12:16 AM
Something is bugging me . . .Oh, I know! It's your birthday! Happy Birthday

Seems you slipped in while I was asleep (almost a year ago)! Please accept a belated platter of steamed Maryland Blue crabs as a page warmer. And thank you for the introduction to TWLOHA - there is hope when you don't have to go it alone.
20/Apr/08 1:28 AM
Hope your day is filled with yummy surprises!
Powerful YouTube, bug.
20/Apr/08 2:40 AM
Happy Birthday bug.
20/Apr/08 3:02 AM
♪♫♪ ♪♫♪ Enjoy your day
20/Apr/08 3:44 AM
Bug, hope you have a great day and an even better year. Love is the key.
20/Apr/08 7:06 AM
Bug. Have a fantastic day!
20/Apr/08 8:49 AM
Bug, a very to you.
I have brought along a bottle of Aussie bubbly and a Choc Mud to help with the celebrations.
Have a wongerful day.
20/Apr/08 11:10 AM
Bug, have a great day.
20/Apr/08 1:28 PM
Happy Birthday Bug, have a great day
20/Apr/08 3:17 PM
Bug, thought I'd see what all the noise was about -- seems like you're having quite a birthday bash. Hope the coming year is your happiest one yet!
20/Apr/08 3:41 PM
Bug. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday
20/Apr/08 7:09 PM
Glad we made your day Bug
Hope your days continue to be filled with surprises.
25/Apr/08 1:48 PM
Hey Bug,
Have a great day!
28/Apr/08 12:38 PM
I got your message, and will in turn reply, there is so much I want to say. I've got a pretty big schedule this month, but I promise to reply as soon as I get a few minutes.
Trust me when I say, you can never waffle on to much.
Its all good!
I'm with you 100%
04/May/08 1:14 AM
Hello Bug - to you! I hope your day is a great one!
20/Apr/09 2:06 AM
Bug..have a great day of celebration.
20/Apr/09 2:35 AM
Happy birthday bug, I hope you have had a wonderful time celebrating with your family. Haven't seen you around at all but a belated welcome. Cheers.
20/Apr/09 6:18 AM
rainyday here but hoping you are enjoying your speical day, It's my birthday weekend also - take care - Mary
20/Apr/09 8:25 AM
Happy Birthday Bug. Enjoy your special day.

20/Apr/09 9:23 AM
Happy birthday Bug! I do hope it is a special day for you and all your friends and family share in your fun. Cheers!
20/Apr/09 9:35 AM
Bug, another year!! Hope your day is filled with family, friends and laughter.
20/Apr/09 4:04 PM
Bug. Have a great day.
20/Apr/09 5:11 PM
Bug! Hope you have a wonderful day!
20/Apr/09 9:15 PM
Dear Bug.
Wishing all of you
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
My best wishes to you.
22/Dec/09 3:43 AM
Happy Birthday bug! Hope you have a great day.
20/Apr/10 12:31 AM
May all of your birthday wishes come true!
20/Apr/10 1:02 AM
enjoy your day - mary
20/Apr/10 6:21 AM
Hello Bug! - Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day!

20/Apr/10 8:16 AM
bug, best wishes
20/Apr/10 10:38 AM
bug! Wishing you a wonderful b'day
20/Apr/11 12:35 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Bug!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
20/Apr/11 6:04 AM
Bug (?), hope you have a great day and best wishes for a remarkable year.

Take care and be well,
20/Apr/12 2:01 AM
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