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Taken on Memorial Day 2010. I've often admired this flag as she waves on State Route 67. Thank you to the property owner for sharing her with us for all these years.

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Flickr has given me a devil of a time so I haven't been able to decorate the walls yet. Time for bed now, I'll unpack more tomorrow to make it presentable for guests.
27/May/07 2:42 PM
Welcome to this wonderful addiction....enjoy. My name is Dave and I'm a Sudokuholic....
27/May/07 3:05 PM
hi shelly welcome aboard hope to be in touch
27/May/07 4:59 PM
Hi Shelley,

Glad to have you aboard!

27/May/07 6:12 PM
Hi Shelley - to Sudokuland - We are glad to have you here. I have brought a freshly baked cinnamon coffee cake for you to share with your guests. Please come and see me some time.
27/May/07 9:40 PM
HI SHELLY, and welcome to sudokuland. I saw that you Broke the Site when you came on, GRAND ENTRANCE, huh?

I come bringing a page warming gift of home made Apple butter. I made up a fresh batch just yesterday.

Drop by my page any time, I will be putting up new photos of my part More...
27/May/07 10:24 PM
Hi Shelley, please tell me where Ballston Spa is. I'm thinking in Victoria if you are in Australia, but I really don't know. And it's very late so I'll google it tomorrow maybe. Meanwhile, welcome to the family. Brought you some to decorate the place, and a to share with your visitors.
27/May/07 11:50 PM
Welcome to Sudoku-land, Shelley. I've brought you some Maryland crabcakes to nosh - hours of puzzling can really build up an appetite!
28/May/07 12:14 AM
Hi Shelley, Isn't Ballston Spa on Hwy 9 in Upstate New York near Saratoga Springs??? I believe we went through there a few times going up to Lake George for the Americade motorcycle rally that we attended for several years.
28/May/07 3:29 PM
and to sudoku land. I see you have already have had some visitors so I have brought along some
28/May/07 5:41 PM
seems I need to make two trips to bring in my gifts.
there, think thats it. Enjoy,
28/May/07 5:43 PM
Hi S H E L L E Y
Congratulation to have Your own page ,I am very pleased to visit You having With me these nice flowers.
You in My page.
You to visit 'The Egyptian Guest House' any and every time You wish.
Have3 a nice Day.
29/May/07 1:24 AM
Shelley! Just dropping by to welcome you to your own page! I've brought a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup for you and your guests to enjoy Stop by my place anytime, door's always open
29/May/07 1:59 AM
Just dropping in and really enjoyed your picture - what a wonderful place - and thank you for the song for Memeoral day - have a wonderful evening, Mary
29/May/07 7:00 AM
Hi Shelly, and welcome to your own page! My traditional page warming gift is a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from here in Ottawa. Hope you like sweets! Enjoyed your Flickr photos. Nice to see both the US and the Canadian views of Niagra Falls. Cheers!
29/May/07 8:52 AM
Hi Shelley! Glad you have succeeded in loading some photos on Flickr - I enjoyed looked at all of them! Especially got a kick out of the startled barn!! Looks like you enjoy traveling. I do, too. Someone else in Sudokuland has a dog named Sky. I think it might be Nancy from PA. I'm going to go check on the ''Our Pets'' page. Please enter your Sky & Kala there when you have time.
30/May/07 11:45 AM
Hi Shelley, Sorry I didn't get back to you right away. Hope you get your bike out and head over to Lake George. We own a Honda Gold Wing. We have travelled as far east as Michigan and Indiana but travel in a motorhome now and carry the Gold Wing in a trailer. We went to Americade from 1998 and More...
01/Jun/07 2:16 PM
Hi S H E L L E Y
Very pleased to see Your lovely comment .Now the English wording of my First Arabic song is on my page 5 and my Today photo ,hope You enjoy it.
Every week You will find another new photo and new Arabic Tube ,Hope You keep in contact.
Have a nice Day.
03/Jun/07 1:50 AM
Hi Shelley! I used to be a consultant for a company based in Ballston Spa - have you heard of Artcraft? (Crafts kits) They were big in the late 70's and in the early 80's and then they were gone. I had the UPS guy arriving here almost daily for a couple of years.
05/Jun/07 12:58 AM
By the way, I know NY wines, and so I brought Ohio wine for you to compare.
05/Jun/07 12:59 AM
Shelly, yes, the girls in 12 girl band were not very antimated like our musicians, but i did remember thinking, much more so when playing western music than when they play the traditional old eastern music on those instruments. Very stiff and formal then.

I just happened to run across that More...
06/Jun/07 12:42 PM
Hi S H E L L Y
very much for your visit and inerest.
for your very kind comments.
You are to check all my Photo Stream on my Flickr of my page ,You will enjoy a lot of Cairo'Egypt/Family Photos and keep follow ,there will be more and more every day.
Hope You enjoy and have a nice Day.
07/Jun/07 2:02 PM
Have my map out and can see where Ballston Spa is. We visited a friend in Pittsford,NY in '99, but I can't find that on my map. I had a feeling it was out Rochester way.
10/Jun/07 2:34 PM
Shelley - great picture of the glacier. I am really beginning to get excited about our trip to Alaska - we leave on Friday! The bad thing is that my parents had to cancel their reservations. We have told them that we (Jeanie and I) will just have to go back and be their tour guides!
11/Jun/07 11:43 AM
Hi Shelley. A beautiful picture of the Mendenhall glacier on your page. I never got uo to see that, nor have I been down to your neck of the woods in New York (Lake Palcid was as far as I got). Maybe someday, as it looks like a nice place based on your photos. Cheers!
01/Jul/07 5:02 AM
Hi S H E L L E Y.
Very pleased that you visit my page and more than hsppy that You enjoyed my You Tube.
This music is for a very well known 'The top Of Musician in Egypt'Mr .Mohamed abdel Wahab,and it is a part of the music of a famous song for the top of songer'Um Kalthoum' this song of the More...
01/Jul/07 5:36 AM
Thank you for visiting my page.
04/Jul/07 12:22 AM
Hi Shelley,
Thanks for the nice welcome. Your dogs are gorgeous. I adore all animals, but my Shepherds are very special to me. Any more photos of your girls?
17/Jul/07 8:54 AM
Hi Shelly, Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, I had a very nice day. Went to my favorite Mexican resturant, even had dessert 'flan' yum, yum.
19/Jul/07 7:33 AM
Shelley, go to Flickr to the picture you want to present first, get that http number, copy and paste on your update detail page where the Flickr box is. Then click on update something on the bottom of the page. Try that, it took me days to figure that one out. So I'm a little slow. Angie is a great one to ask. She even helped me to get an avatar. So I'm not far behind you! Good luck!
21/Jul/07 10:02 AM
Shelley, can see now I've just given you useless info, you've got it. Sorry, can I welcome you to the family instead? Here's a bottle of California wine (red, white or pink your pick) and a box of Leonidas chocolates (my favorite Belgium ones, of course)
21/Jul/07 10:04 AM
Hi Shelley! From your message I take it you enjoyed your visit to Alaska. I am proud to say that I am indeed a lifelong resident of the state. True, it can get rather cold in the winter, but I call it home and couldn't see it any other way.
21/Jul/07 12:05 PM
Shelly, I have noticed that you have posted a question in regard to fliker, sorry I can't help with fliker as I don't use it. I do however use Photobucket which is very similiar to fliker, and very easy to use. I put Bobc from New Mexico onto it More...
22/Jul/07 12:23 AM
Hi Shelly, I thought I had been here before, but evidently I haven' glad to have you join us and I hope you have as much fun as I do. Your dogs are beautiful. Leaving you a basket of Philadelphia favoriets, steak sandwiches, soft pretzels, Twinkies, Phila. Cream More...
22/Jul/07 2:04 AM
favoriets, should be favorites
22/Jul/07 2:08 AM
Just to show you that I'm not ahead of you but just muddling along with you. I finally learned to make a smilie with the help of Ian/Sydney. My treat for you for trying and be careful of the liqueur More...
24/Jul/07 1:48 AM
Gday Shelley. Sorry it took me so long to get here but there's a lot of people and places to visit on this site! I love the photos of your girls, simply adorable. Must say, that photo looking straight up the middle of the Eiffel Tower is one amazing shot!!
I've brought along a bottle of bubbly More...
24/Jul/07 4:27 PM
Shelley, thanks for visiting my page and leaving comments. Is Balston Spa in New York? We were just there around the first week of June; my granddaughters' favorite places were in the NW countryside, but we didn't make it to Niagara Falls. I had been there years ago, but didn't get spectacular More...
02/Aug/07 2:25 AM
Re: Print. Yes! Please do! - and enjoy it. It might be best if you download it from Flickr.
08/Aug/07 11:16 AM
Hi Shelley~had to stop in and get a look at your ''beloved'' doggies ,very handsome pets,as you know my dogs name is Sky also,my husband hates new names and has a hard time with them so I gave him a list if names I liked ans let him choose,its a easy on ,just look up! I had a long hair shepherd More...
15/Aug/07 2:55 PM
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