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My New favorite Country Song
"As She's Walking Away"
Zac Brown Band featuring Alan Jackson 
We are standing in a natural rock cave created by years of water and environmental washing away of softer rock and sand.

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Well Hello Dave~ Looks like I may be the first on your PAGE :)
Just want to say, Hello and Congratulations! I've followed your story some, and want to wish you well on your continued recovery!
Have a good one!
AND ~ Thanks for the look, here..
Howdy Dave! Nice place you have here. No don't get up I will just show myself around . Take care of yourself and stop by my place when you feel up to it.
Hi Dave, I brought you some flowers and some grapes (there's no smilie for them). Hope your recovery is going well. Here's a cake for your other visitors.
Hi Dave, just popped in to wish you continued healing and to see if there's anything I can do to help. I see there is no need for my help since you look so comftable all snuggled up by the fire with your sudoku puzzles by your side. I lift my glass to the success of the surgery and look forward to More...
Good morning Dave - I see you haven't had the interior decorators in yet, either. I'll call again when you have moved in.
Hi Dave - You have a nice place here. I brought you some Michigan apples to snack on and a gallon of cider. It has been very tasty this year. Enjoy!
Hi Dave! Hope you're healing with no discomfort. You'll be out and about with full steam in no time!
Just popped in to say hello and hope that your pole dancing techniques are up to scratch (there will be a short test soon and I am expecting great things of you, and by the way costumes are optional but feel sure you will do your best!)
A small parcel of chocolate is left here for you to enjoy. xx speedy recovery wished your way xx
Dave, hope you have a speedy recovery and are feeling great again soon.
Hi Dave! - When you're all recovered & ready for some long distance driving maybe you can head for Florida or South Carolina & spend some time at the beach. OR you can just come to my place & PRETEND you're at the beach. It's a nice quiet place to relax & soak up some sun. Don't forget your beach chairs. I'll bring you a nice cold beer or frozen margarita.
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year, all the best x
Good Maen, Dave!

Here are some pecan shortbread cookies and peppermint bark that I made this week for the Moms In Touch teacher/staff appreciation basket for my son's high school.

Thanks, I will have a Cherry Coke from your fridge...
Hi Dave! How's the knee coming? Leaving a bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey to help you over the rough times. My best to you and yours over Christmas!
A Merry Christmas Dave
and a very Happy & Healthy New Year
Hello, Dave. I hope you are making a good recovery from your surgery. I went through knee replacement surgery a while ago and now have a new lease of life. It takes time and work (I found hydrotherapy very helpful) but it's worth it. A merry and a to you and yours.
Dave - Merry Christmas from the Sailing Capital of the World, which is Annapolis, Maryland. Home to the US Naval Academy -- and me!
Thank you all for catching up with us.

Here is wishing you all Happy Holidays.
Well done Dave !! Merry Christmas

Jazzy looks comfy. I will have a coke please as I am driving. Thanks for stopping by my page and I hope you are having a smooth recovery. Christmas blessings to you and your family!
Great photo Dave! Which one is you?? I have posted my Christmas greeting to everyone on my page, as I couldn't post the picture in the general comments section. Best wishes to you and yours! Jazzy deserves a special treat for the pose! hope the knee is coming along.
Hi, Dave!
Lovely photo of the 'Maid of the Mist'; I hope to go see it in person one day...
Wonderful picture, thank you
Thanks Dave! Makes me feel right at home, as we have no snow yet, so I wouldn't be suprised if the Maid of the Mist is still sailing!

Have a merry holiday!
Dave, do you motor home it often? We try to head south when the winter really sets in. The winters in Spain are just that little bit more comfortable. To tell the truth the rest of the year we tend to go to friends dinner parties in the motor home (or campervan as it is called here) etc., and then neither of us need go alcohol free or drive home. Works a treat.
great photo
son number one took some nice pics of the falls when he visited mid year.
wishing you, your wife and all the family a very merry christmas and hope your recovery is going well.
Dave - where were you when this shot was taken - in a helicopter?? It's a great photo. Also, loved the beautiful AZ sunset & your portrait with Jazmine! Glad you are on the mend & soon to be on the GO! Merry Christmas &
Dave hope your brother in law is on the road to recovery, in my thoughts xx
Dave - I am so glad to hear that your Brother-In-Law is doing better. What a great thing to have happen here at the Holidays. I hope you and your family have a very Healthy New Year!
By the way, thanks for the coke. It really tasted good!
Dave, just popping in to wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Glad to know that you are healing well and will soon be able to travel again. Safe travel when you can. Good also that your B.I.L is also on the mend.
Hi Dave. Hope the new year brings you full mobility! 2007 is around the corner. A whole new year coming up, and so much will happen during this coming year. I do hope that you and yours enjoy peace, happiness, good times, (chocolate for those of you who indulge), and should there be some sorrow that befalls you, I do hope you weather it well and stay strong and positive. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
my first little foray into your site - sorry it's taken me so long to get here! Hope you're well since our last chat and the op went well, very best wishes to you and yours for 2007!
Happy and Safe Travelling in 2007
hi there...repeat Fiona's first line..sorry somehow i missed your page....well how are you doing??think some 80%mending would've been done in the post op session....lovely pic...colarado was one of the univ son got admitted,but the simple fact that raleigh was much warmer!than colarado made us More...
Hi Dave, thanks for your enquiry about my health. I saw the cardiologist today and he has prescribed two new medications for me - one to settle my heart rhythms and the other to thin my blood in case the first one doesn't do its job!
How is your knee? I hope that it is healing quickly.
I enjoyed your photos. I am normally not very fond of dogs but Jazzy looks like a real cutie.
Hi Dave. Just went through your photos and really like what you posted. The sunset shot is beautiful. How's the mobility coming? Are you just about ready the run a marathon?
Hi Dave,
Stunning sunset. So you will be ready to break par.
Hi Dave. I love the sunset! Are they all like this?
Hi, Dave!
Another great photo (I love sunsets; took a lot of sunset photos in Hawaii)

You have a great eye for photography! The shots are well framed and just gorgeous!
Hey Dave, great sunset! Guess we will be cheering for the Colts a week from Sunday!
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