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hi everyone, thanks for popping in to my page. 



May you have a blessed New Year

filled with joy, peace, hope and love

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Hi everyone! Glad you could drop in. I havn't got time yet to put any piccies or anything but intend to get to it. I have been coming to this site since October 2005 and it has been a big part of my life ever since. I often dont comment these days but print out the sudoku and challenge the family to a 'game'.
Hope you enjoy the site.
15/May/07 12:02 AM
to the SM club Elsie.
Hope you have as much fun as we all do on our pages, and I look forward to seeing your pics when they are up.
My door is always open so drop by any time.
15/May/07 12:12 AM
Elsie! I have brought you one of my home-made rhubarb pies. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope you have a lot of fun here.
15/May/07 1:38 AM
Congratulation to have your own page and very pleased to visit you as soon as possible to offer you these beautiful flowers on your table.

Welcome in your new page.
welcome you in my page.
Welcome yoy in 'The Egyptian Guest House'
15/May/07 1:45 AM
Hi Elsie, to your new page! I've brought a big pot of Maryland cream of crab soup for you to share with your guests
15/May/07 3:24 AM
Hi, Elsie! to your page and to membership! I hope you figures out how to get smilies. As I type this, next to the word 'Comments' in black is the word 'Smilies' in blue. Just click on that and it brings up a half page of smilies to choose from. (It may not work if you have pop-ups More...
15/May/07 4:04 AM
Thanks to everyone who's dropped in and thanks for the house warming gifts. Just for anyone who needs a warm up in the place I have decided to share my winter soup recipe.

Catty Soup (dont ask but there is a reason)
3 bacon bones
250g dry soup mix (the sort with split peas and pearl More...
15/May/07 9:33 AM
15/May/07 9:36 AM
I worked it out. Thanks Julie
15/May/07 9:36 AM
Hi Elsie! I have been away from home & from my computer since April 24, so I'm WAY behind on reading comments. We got back yesterday, but I realize now it's futile to try to go back & read ALL the Archives every time we go away. I did notice that you have your own page now so I wanted to stop by & leave an X & O for you, an old timer like me!!! Hope you are well.
15/May/07 11:41 AM
Hope you enjoy your own page.
I too have been coming to this site for over a year before joining.
Here is a plate of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.
Have lots of fun posting.
16/May/07 4:53 AM
Gday Elsie, as you can see I'm now in Vic but lived for a few happy years in Mylor and visit there every time I go back 'home' to visit family. Once a Sth Aussie, always a S.Aussie! When my son was a wee lad I spent many a cold Sat morning in Strath watching him play soccer. Anyway, drop around sometime, theres always nibblies and I've just popped the cork on a bottle of bubbly. Cya.
09/Jun/07 8:33 PM
Seeing as I saw a comment from you on someone else's page at 0340ish, I'm guessing you're on night duty too. Just about time for me to go home, I'm back on tonight.
12/Jun/07 6:35 AM
Nah Elsie, drop by any time altho not as late as I see you were up this morn. Did you have a good long w/e? Thnks for the plonk, I'll try to put it away but its hard!!! Came from Mylor originally, know it? Anyhoo, must fly I 've got to do my hair. Meeting up with sister #2 for day of retail therapy.
12/Jun/07 8:06 AM
Hi Elsie. A belated welcome to your own special page. My traditional gift is a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa, so I hope you enjot sweet pasty. Nice to see you on site, and I'll return to see some photos when you have time to post them. Cheers!
22/Jun/07 6:15 AM
Elsie, I thought I would stop by your place and say Hi! Hope you're having a good day! Here are some flowers to brighten it! Take care! If you ever want to chat, stop by the SA2 page(under clips). Cheers!
27/Jun/07 5:09 AM
Hello Elsie - how remiss of me, I hadn't realised that you were a S.P. and I haven't seen you post a comment in ages, so thought I should call in and you although it's rather a belated one.
To make up for it, here's some to help decorate your More...
06/Jul/07 9:29 AM
Hello Elsie - I haven't seen you post in a while. Nice to see you back again.
19/Jul/07 11:53 AM
Gday Elsie, long time no see. Saw your post on easy, thought I'd drop in to say hi. How's things in SA. It's been terribly wild and woolly here with the wind. Luckily the trees around us have stayed upright but we've had a few blackouts due to trees over powerlines. Last night, we played Scrabble More...
09/Aug/07 10:08 PM
I posted this on 13th August 2007:

Ah, good, I still have a chance to tell you 'Where I Live'
Strathalbyn is a beautifully understated town in country South Australia with a pop of approx 5000. This is rapidly rising because city folk have discovered that we live less than an hour from More...
14/Aug/07 9:21 PM
Hi Elsie. Rarely see you posting, but it is nice to see you are still around. Sounds like you've found your own little piece of paradise in Strathalbyn. Hope all is well with you and yours! Cheers!
19/Aug/07 3:56 AM
Hi elsie. Thanks for stopping by my page. I had a wonderful trip to Australia and New Zealand. June and her husband kindly gave us a guided tour of the Sydney area. Strathalbyn sounds like a lovely place. I wish we could have visited it; in fact, I already have a long list of places to visit and revisit should I ever return to your gracious country!
15/Sep/07 3:44 PM
Hello Elsie - I haven't seen you posting comments for a long time so it was a surprise to see a comment from you this morning.
Hope all is well with you and the world is treating you right.
01/Nov/07 9:53 AM
Gday Elsie, just passing, thought I'd drop in! How's things in your corner of Paradise? All set for 'you-know-what'? Not mentioning the 'C' word till after the Melbourne Sudoku get-together on Dec 2nd. I figure that should give me plenty of time to organise everything. We only buy for the 'kids' More...
29/Nov/07 8:31 PM
Happy 20th Anniversary to you and Mr Elsie for yesterday. How adorable that he did something so sweet, even though he is away. Next January is our 25th! And they said it wouldn't last (sorry, couldn't resist, an old family joke).
Wouldn't it be just BRILL if you could zap over here More...
30/Nov/07 11:38 AM
Ok, I promise this will be the last one! I will not do a cp on someone's page!
Elsie, this time I am here to wish you a very . I have brought along a bottle of bubbly for the toast, a Choc Mud and a bouquet from my page to help you celebrate. My, you've had a lot to celebrate lately!
Have a great day.
03/Dec/07 5:17 PM
Elsie! I am thinking of you today (not yesterday) as my calendar still says Dec. 3. For the longest time I thought you were in England, not Australia. I'm glad you put the description of Strathalbyn on your page - it sounds like a lovely place. Sorry to say we never quite made it More...
04/Dec/07 2:01 AM
Elsie for yesterday, Hope you had a good one
04/Dec/07 8:49 AM
Elsie, stopping by to wish you a belated . Hope you had a great day.
04/Dec/07 3:32 PM
Just dropping in to say I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year.

Mickey and family.
09/Dec/07 9:45 PM

Wishing you and your loved ones a
wonderful, safe and relaxing time
16/Dec/07 6:11 PM
Have a wonderful Christmas and the happiest of New Years xx
17/Dec/07 3:09 AM

Hi Elsie. I hope that you and all you care for enjoy happiness and peace during this festive season and in all days to come! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!
19/Dec/07 5:25 AM
Elsie, Wishing you and your family, health, peace, love, and happiness during this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year! Merry Christmas! Stella & family
19/Dec/07 7:18 AM

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

20/Dec/07 6:09 AM
Enjoyed the photos. Sent you an email via Gath's email service. Cheers!
27/Jan/08 1:27 PM
Great photos elsie, thank you for sharing your holiday. I am so envious.
27/Jan/08 1:38 PM
Hi Elsie! So glad you posted some pictures of you & your family on holiday. I enjoyed seeing them. Love the one of you & your bird friend, also your cute sons & your very handsome husband!! When was the fire on Kangaroo Island? I had never heard of Vivonne Beach - looks beautiful!
27/Jan/08 6:16 PM

Elsie, I don't know if this will work on a Mac, but try ALT+13 ♪ and ALT+14 ♫.
15/Feb/08 11:07 AM
Hi Elsie, great shots - that must have been a wonderful experience for the family especially with Dad as pilot.
26/Feb/08 11:31 AM
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