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hi everyone, thanks for popping in to my page. 



May you have a blessed New Year

filled with joy, peace, hope and love

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OO Page 3 already!

Congrats Elsie, I love your avatar.
You are doing a whole lot better than I am, I have tried the smilie thing, even down to getting my 14yo geek to show me, which left me totally lost!!!
Maybe another day.
05/Aug/08 10:20 PM
Hi Elsie, I would love to meet up with you. I will be in Adelaide Nov 25. We can work out the details when I get to Perth.
08/Aug/08 1:39 PM
Hi Elsie, I can't believe I haven't visited your page before, sorry! I read todays post by you about playing netball in the rain. I used to play netball (sometimes we had to sweep the snow off the court before we played - but not here in Dubbo where it doesn't snow at all and it hardly ever rains.) I love the game but I am a little too old for it now.
10/Aug/08 11:02 AM
Hi elsie
Thanks for the birthday greeting. It’s great to hear from lots of people all over the country and the world!
09/Sep/08 3:55 PM
i thought i was the only one here with FIVE kids! glad i am not alone. how old are yours? they look young. come hang out on sa6 more. it was nice to see you pop in!
26/Sep/08 9:35 AM
our kids are similar in age. mine 17, 15, 9, 6, and 2. you had a few crazy years there! 5 kids 10 and younger! here in utah 5 kids is not such an unusual thing. however in italy i am a complete wacko. my family there can hardly believe anyone would do that. how is the reaction in perth?
sa6 is sudokuaholics6 in the forum section. see you there!
27/Sep/08 3:38 AM
Elsie, are you getting any takers for your lunch with Rena?
Last time I was in Adelaide, Margot and I tried to hook up for a coffee or something, but unfortunately, our schedules didn't agree! Try dropping a line on her page, she might be interested.
Have a great time, I can't wait to meet Rena.
13/Nov/08 10:08 AM
I think you're right Elsie. They're more the 'crossword, 9-letter word' types over there!
13/Nov/08 3:58 PM
Elsie, how was your meet with Rena and Amber today? I hope the weather treated you kindly.
I am so looking forward to meeting them tomorrow and doing the touristy thing. Isn't it amazing that you only do it when you have visitors!
Take care,
25/Nov/08 8:49 PM
Thank you for letting me know that you, Rena and Amber had a great day, and that you had no trouble in recognising them from the photo sent.
25/Nov/08 9:14 PM
The photos of Rena and Amber at the Wildlife Park are great Elsie.
25/Nov/08 9:23 PM
Terrific pics Elsie. Thankyou for sharing.
It is great to track them on their visit to Oz.
25/Nov/08 10:30 PM
Elsie, I am always free, if not, I will make it so! You name the place and I will be there.
I am so pleased everything went well the 'the transfer'. Thank you for letting me know. I haven't spoken to Matt as yet, but my motto has always been 'No news is good news'.
Guess what the weather is More...
25/Nov/08 10:55 PM
Hi elsie, you were correct, yes I am a (very much) retired military pilot. I have flown many types, all fixed wing, but my favourite was the C 130 Hercules and I have flown the A, E and H models. I presume that Andrew is still flying; a heart attack stopped me about 20 years ago.
Your Mum and More...
26/Nov/08 11:03 PM
Hi Elsie, lunch would have been great, but I work full time, so rather difficult to manage!! The wedding ceremony was at Sacred Heart College and the reception was at Hardy's winery (at Reynella). It was a lovely day. Glad you enjoyed the photos.
27/Nov/08 6:42 PM
Hi Elsie - Thanks for the visit and the lovely welcome. I've been around for less than a year but don't post very often. Love your pictures, what a beautiful family - five? children! - how great and I'm sure keeps you pretty busy. You and your family take a good picture. Thanks again for coming over. Cheers.
28/Nov/08 1:43 PM
Hi Elsie,

I started replying here last night. I'm not sure what happened but the message didn't appear. Yes the chooky dancers are pretty marvelous. I don't know them personally - jsut wanted a few positive messages going out amongst all the "Intervention negativity".
30/Nov/08 7:19 PM
hope your day is all that you wish for and much much more.

03/Dec/08 12:36 AM
Happy Birthday Elsie. Best Regards, Neil
03/Dec/08 12:41 AM



May your day be filled with pressies and
03/Dec/08 1:04 AM
Elsie - go to this site, enter your birthdate and find out what song was No. 1 in the U.S. on the day of your birthday. (Sorry, I don't know if there is a comparable site for Australia).

03/Dec/08 1:53 AM
Here comes the cake!
Wishing you happiness today and always
03/Dec/08 2:06 AM
Happy Birthday Elsie! Just stopping by with a b'day cake to wish you a very special day and upcoming year. It's always such a joy to visit members' pages. I had a wonderful time visiting with your beautiful family in your gallery. Blessings to you and yours!
03/Dec/08 2:12 AM
Happy Birthday young lady!! Hope you have a lovely day x
03/Dec/08 2:18 AM
Elsie! May your day be special and I hope you celebrate it well. (And not to worry--my birthday didn't show up either ... )
03/Dec/08 2:36 AM
Hello Elsie - to you! I hope you have a wonderful day!
03/Dec/08 4:10 AM
Well, best wishes coming your way Elsie! Happy birthday! I hope your day is filled with fun, family and friends! Cheers!
03/Dec/08 4:23 AM
All the best of very happy birthdays Elsie. I hope your day will be memorable and is filled with happiness.
03/Dec/08 5:38 AM
Elsie! I hope you have a great day!!
03/Dec/08 6:06 AM
I hope you are having a wonderful birthday celebration, but how could you not, I just had to take a peek at your picture gallery, I beautiful group of children that you and Andrew have been blessed with, I hope they are treating you royally today and that your happiness spills over into your new year.

Take care,
Aimee :-)
03/Dec/08 7:04 AM

to you
to you
dear Elsie
to you

Have a greaaaat day!

03/Dec/08 7:31 AM
Hi Elsie,
A great big Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy your special day.
03/Dec/08 8:44 AM

Woo-hoo! Enjoy your day!!!
03/Dec/08 8:50 AM
Hey Elsie Have a good one
03/Dec/08 9:13 AM
Hello Elsie, and please allow me to add my very best wishes on your special day!!
03/Dec/08 9:48 AM
to you - Calling out a howdy from snowy Chicago - enjoy your special day, Mary
03/Dec/08 10:23 AM
Elsie, a very to you.

I can't remember the dates you mentioned off hand, but I really hope we have the chance to meet. Rena spoke very highly of you.

Have a truly wonderful day.
03/Dec/08 10:34 AM
Hope you have the most wonderful day ever.
03/Dec/08 11:12 AM
Elsie, I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. My best wishes to you for a great year ahead.
03/Dec/08 12:42 PM

Hope your day is full of love, laughter and happiness, best wishes.
03/Dec/08 1:35 PM
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