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A BIG to you mariana from the 'Land Down Under'. [flowers
Enjoy this great site.
22/Jul/08 9:37 AM
H Mariana.. a BIG coming your way from one of the DUG's... 'down under girls'!. I hope you enjoy your time on the site...I'm sure you will if you are starting to post already...that is the way to get to know us all.
Check out the forums when you have the time .... especially SA5... that is where all the serious sudokuholics hang out.
22/Jul/08 4:39 PM
Hi Mariana. Noticed your post on Medium and thought I'd greet you.
To Sudokuland!
Land of fun, friendships and full hearts. The people here are great. If you want to joke around, need moral support, a shoulder to cry on, guidance, a hug, or just want to chat... More...
22/Jul/08 9:06 PM
Hey Mariana! I had been playing for a long time, too, and just recently joined in the fun. Good to have you on board. Stop by my place for a visit sometime...just beware of the cat!
22/Jul/08 11:23 PM

Just had to stop by with some pups for you!!!
Have a great day, Mariana!
23/Jul/08 11:15 PM
Mariana, here's to your own page here in Sudokuland. There are lots of things to do here.
24/Jul/08 12:03 AM
Hi there BUG...I think I must really be a B'DUG....I'm somewhat bountiful myself!!!!!!
[I had never heard of Bountiful and so I enjoyed looking it up]
24/Jul/08 10:49 PM
Hi mariana.

I am doing some scientific research here; it has no connection to the Olympics at all. I am not much for organized sports, but I am very much supportive of the old-fashioned "Olympic ideals". And it was interesting to drive by the stadium at night. I wish everyone well for the events.
29/Jul/08 12:54 PM
Mariana - Your avatar is lovely! Thanks for decorating my page with it!!! Loved seeing your family pictures - your kids are adorable.
Glad you all enjoyed the youtube lions. Apparently it has made the rounds on the e-mail circuit for a while...but I just discovered it a short time ago. It always makes me teary.
29/Jul/08 1:12 PM
Hi Mariana...glad you could drop by.
No need to worry about funnel webs down here....they don't travel as far south as Melbourne.
[which is just as well...I'd be on the first plane with you!]Sydney is the place to go to see them!
I really enjoyed your photos...your grandpa is really something, isn't he...riding in a parade at that age. Fantastic.
Catch you later.
29/Jul/08 4:02 PM
Hi Mariana! I seem to have missed your move in.
So, a belated to you.
I saw your post on 'easy' and dropped by to see your photos. What a beautiful family you have!
I guess the guys wouldn't appreciate being referred to as beautiful, so that's just between us! Great to see you posting!
30/Jul/08 3:14 AM
Hello Mariana, and a belated welcome to your own special page on the site! You have a beautiful looking famiy. Hope you enjoy my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Don't let the kids see it or it will be gone before you know it. Cheers!
30/Jul/08 3:38 AM
Hi Mariana Thanks for the massage that i have just read.
First I would like to point out that Benny is not my real name I was not able to use my real name as there was already someone one this site with that name. So i had to choose another so I came up with Benny which is infact my dogs More...
30/Jul/08 8:28 AM
Mine is a king charles spanial
30/Jul/08 9:05 AM
Hi Mariana, thanks for visiting! Hey, you've got an adorable family! Let's see I got to see three of your five! Come on, let's get going and show the other two! Here's some More...
30/Jul/08 10:02 AM
Hi Mariana.
Thankyou for your post today.
Yes I am very proud of my family. The boys are a couple of young gentlemen. They are both going to the University here where we live. Mateo is almost ready for graduation at the end of this year.
The flowers are my retirement hobby and at the same More...
30/Jul/08 12:30 PM
Hi Mariana its 10.40am i guess at this time you are still tucked up in bed.
I've put some pic's on my page be free to comment
30/Jul/08 7:41 PM
Sorry I missed your joining so:

to belatedly you to Sudokuland, along with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie for you and your guests.

There’s lots to do around here, places to visit and chat. I'm just around the corner; stop in anytime for more pie and a video.

01/Aug/08 2:10 AM
Hi Mariana, Bella is dancing her little legs off for you! That Tulio looks like a bundle of love and mischief! Sorry I missed welcoming you but still recovering from major surgery a couple of weeks ago, but all is good. Hope you enjoy your time here.
02/Aug/08 9:26 AM
Hi Mariana. Yes those easy times really make me wonder. I'm not too bad in hard and tough where obviously everyone has to think a bit. Went and saw Mama Mia with my wife about two weeks ago and loved the music but of course there wasn't much of a story line. Is the horse in the photo yours. I race More...
05/Aug/08 3:57 PM
Thanks for the welcome, Mariana. It's nice to meet you and your family. Glad you like the photos - more will be added soon! I am a very keen photographer, as you can no doubt tell!
05/Aug/08 5:28 PM
Hi Mariana. A belated welcome to your own Sudoku page. I enjoyed your pictures - what a lovely family you have!
06/Aug/08 6:48 AM
Hi Mariana -- We must both be whiling away the hot summer afternoon on the computer!! Pioneer is in California. The picture of your daughter at Lago di Garda brought back memories of time I spent there many years ago. We were visiting friends in Verona and our two families spent a lot of time at the lake!
06/Aug/08 7:51 AM
Hi Mariana, thanks for the doggy treats. Hope you get some rain soon. Have a great day.
06/Aug/08 8:07 AM
Should have read the posts first before replying hehe! Hope it turns into rain, will get Bella to do one more dance!
06/Aug/08 8:18 AM
Thanks mariana! Sometimes you just have to cheat to win!
06/Aug/08 4:18 PM
Wow! I have never visited you before! A belated to you! (You must have entered the wide wonderful world of Sudokuland when my computer was under plastic drop cloths due to our construction drywall dust.)
Residential landscaping? I'll see what I can do. Although, I have not learned More...
15/Aug/08 1:16 PM
Hi Mariana, I feel so bad I haven't visited your page and I didn't welcome you when you joined. A big belated welcome now - loved your photos, have left comments everywhere.
16/Aug/08 5:42 PM
Mariana... I don't think of it as being robbed. More as the victim of a truly incompetent judge. A friend of mine in Denver is one of the most respected Betta judges in the country. She's seen these fish, and told me that they're some of the best she's ever seen. So this judge didn't have a clue. There'll be a different judge next year.
16/Aug/08 11:55 PM
Just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I enjoy you on this site, Mariana - such a fun gal to hang around with!
Catch you at the puzzles or on SA5 soon.
Big hugs!
17/Aug/08 5:46 AM
Thanks for dropping into my place for some sushi and to view the art-works. In answer to your question; I spend many hours working at creating the art and editing my photos and poems but I am the world's worst marketer. I would like to recoup some of my costs, but I would not know where to start.
17/Aug/08 10:37 AM
The standing ovation was for your large family. It is a blessing....

Hugs from Miami
18/Aug/08 10:21 AM
Finally got to view your wonderful family pictures and to give you a proper page welcome. I'll leave a basket of Philly favorites, cheese steak sandwiches, soft pretzels, twinkies and some wine from some of our great Pa wineries to wash it all down.
Glad to see how well you have settled in and become an active member...hope you continue to have fun. Visit whenever you have time. Peace.
20/Aug/08 5:56 AM
May your day be filled with all that is good.

25/Aug/08 12:06 AM

25/Aug/08 12:47 AM
to you, Mariana - I hope you have a great day!
25/Aug/08 12:56 AM
Hope your birthday is a good one, Mariana.
25/Aug/08 1:36 AM
Enjoy your two-day site birthday Mariana! May it be filled and shared with family, friends and fun! Happy birthday!
25/Aug/08 2:08 AM

Happy Birthday, Mariana!!!
So glad to be able to share your birthday with you. Hope you and your family have a great celebration.
Love and hugs, Vici
25/Aug/08 3:53 AM
Mariana.May you enjoy your special day.
25/Aug/08 4:04 AM
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