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hi everyone, thanks for popping in to my page. 



May you have a blessed New Year

filled with joy, peace, hope and love

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HI Elsie! Many thanks for your birthday greeting on my page! I had a look at your photos while I was here - your daughter is absolutely stunning and I can see where the good looks come from! Well done!
29/Jun/09 7:06 PM
Happy Birthday Elsie.

03/Dec/09 12:48 AM
Happy Birthday Elsie! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and continued blessings throughout the coming year!
03/Dec/09 1:04 AM
Hi Elsie.Hope you have a fabulous day celebrating.
03/Dec/09 3:29 AM
Hi Elsie,
Hope you have a wonderful day and are surrounded by people who love you.
I have a brand new neice called Elsie Rose.
What a pretty name.
03/Dec/09 5:41 AM
Happy birthday Elsie! I hope you have a special day and many more happy birthdays in the coming years!
03/Dec/09 6:17 AM
Hi Elsie, hope you have a lovely birthday!!
03/Dec/09 7:44 AM
Hey there Elsie, have a great birthday. Hope the family do something special for you. Best wishes, BMx.
03/Dec/09 11:31 AM
Hello Elsie, and my very best wishes on your special day!! Hope it is filled with love and laughter! I am leaving a virtually endless bottle of bubbly to share with your guests. Enjoy!!
03/Dec/09 2:25 PM
Elsie, a very to you.

Do you realise it's almost a year since we sniggered together in the gallery?!

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

03/Dec/09 4:32 PM
to you. Have the greatest of days. As Gail says, Cheers.
03/Dec/09 4:40 PM
and Happy Holidays to you also, enjoy your special day, Mary
03/Dec/09 10:02 PM
I hope you have enjoyed your special day.
03/Dec/09 10:44 PM
Dear Elsie.
Wishing all of you
A very "Merry Christmas"
A very "Happy New Year".
My best wishes to you.

22/Dec/09 3:03 AM

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

22/Dec/09 11:20 PM
and More...
24/Dec/09 4:49 AM
Hi Elsie. I wanted to stop in and send seasons greetings to you and all you care for! May your lives be full of happiness and peace through the yuletide season and throughout the coming year!
25/Dec/09 7:24 AM
Sweetheart! Won't you be mine???
14/Feb/10 2:28 AM
Happy St. Patty's Day!
17/Mar/10 1:56 AM
Just hopping by to wish you a very More...
04/Apr/10 2:25 AM
Hello Elsie

I was just going through my photos in my Gallery to delete some and came across a comment from you and realised I haven't seen you on the site for a very long time.
I hope all is well with you and your family.
Kind regards
Anne x
29/Oct/10 10:36 AM
elsie! I hope you have a lovely birthday and blessings in the coming year. Cheers!
03/Dec/10 1:09 AM
Happy birthday Elsie! We haven't 'seen' much of you lately, so I hope all is well with you and yours. Have a wonderful birthday!
03/Dec/10 7:18 AM
Happy Birthday, Elsie!
Enjoy your day!
03/Dec/10 9:23 AM
Many fond memories of you Elsie. Happy birthday - may all your wishes come true.
03/Dec/10 3:17 PM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Elsie!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
03/Dec/10 4:22 PM
Elsie, can you believe it's been two years...
03/Dec/10 7:41 PM
Elsie, enjoy your special day.
03/Dec/10 9:01 PM
elsie - A most Happy Holiday to you and yours. Sending love and holiday hugs. More...
24/Dec/10 1:37 AM
Hi Elsi, long time no chat.

Have sent you a private message, hope it works out.

02/Jan/11 1:18 AM
elsie! How have you been? Hope you have an absolutely wonderful day and blessings all year long!
03/Dec/11 12:57 AM
Elsie, hope your day is very special
03/Dec/11 2:51 PM
Wishing you and your family a beautiful holiday and blessings the year long
24/Dec/11 2:21 AM
Hope this greeting finds you well, Elsie!
03/Dec/12 12:33 AM
Gone, but not forgotten! Happy birthday old friend. Hope you are well & happy today & during the whole year ahead.
03/Dec/12 1:27 AM
03/Dec/12 8:39 AM
Happy birthday Elsie.
03/Dec/12 9:39 AM
Have a great day!
03/Dec/12 9:56 AM
Elsie, thinking of you :)
03/Dec/12 5:06 PM
Elsie, have a wonderful day.
03/Dec/13 6:33 AM
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