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Submitted By: Gath from Sudoku.com.au

Hi Everyone,


The 'Clips' are gone - and now there shall be 'Forums' :)


This is the area to post all your sudoku questions, tips and techniques.




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Hi, Gath!
Just wanted to say thanks for all the improvements you continue to make!
28/Jul/07 2:04 AM
Hey Gath - just letting you know that the discussion/debate page and at the flicks page are missing from your threads...
28/Jul/07 9:43 AM
Hi G A T H .
You efforts are very appreciated.
Good Luck.
28/Jul/07 4:14 PM
Hi Gath just posted on the Open Forum and Debate section re the addition of another chatroom that would be a no sign in one like the orginal one, so that those who do not want to register but enjoy your site would be able to log into. Still keeping the new one. Is this an option at all or are there other reasons this could not happen on the site. Cheers André
20/Aug/07 6:57 AM
Hi Gath,
Before, if someone visited my page and left a comment, I received a note in my mail...Now, nothing...therefore, I missed all comments added in January. Is it possible to have a note sent to my email address?
06/Feb/08 7:55 AM
thanks for a great site Gath. I guess it'll take me awhile to figure out how to get around and where to aske questions. i.e. how to better my time and such. thanks again
10/Feb/08 1:04 AM
Lets put this page back in the limelight. Its been languishing here for 6 years.
02/May/14 1:58 AM
Hi Garth thank you for fixing my log in.
15/Jun/14 11:15 PM
Hi Cath,
Really love the new page! Thanks for all your hard work. ☺
29/Apr/20 7:30 AM
i'm new to this.
Please explain the lingo
13/Jun/20 1:24 PM
Hey Gath,
Normally play on my iMac but on my MacBookPro cannot place a 'possible number in box. What do I need to do?
18/Jul/20 4:42 PM
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