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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Well done to the Chicago Blackhawks! A 49 year drought has ended. I'm sure the city will be rocking fro several days!
11/Jun/10 2:26 AM
Have any of you folks heard the joke about the bed?

No you say.

Well, that's probably because it hasn't been made up yet.
11/Jun/10 2:29 AM
A club sandwich walked into a bar.

The bartender looked at the sandwich and said "I'm sorry, we don't serve food here."
11/Jun/10 2:30 AM
A deer, a skunk, and a duck went to the grocery store.

When they were ready to check out, the deer didn't have a buck and the skunk didn't have a scent, so they put it all on the duck's bill.
11/Jun/10 2:30 AM
Some people will do anything to get a CP!
11/Jun/10 2:31 AM
Google says -- Professional Bull Riders
11/Jun/10 2:39 AM
Greg, you are leaving yourself "wide open".
11/Jun/10 2:40 AM
I bet there weren't too many 8 second rides on Reindeer! Fiona, it is an American thing...bull riding. Cowboys climb on and try to ride the wind for 8 seconds. There are other events in the Rodeo, steer wrestling, calf roping, barrel racing to name a few. I do believe I have even seen an More...
11/Jun/10 2:49 AM
And that brings to mind my favorite cowboy joke...
Do you know why cowboys make lousy lovers?

They think 8 seconds is a good ride!
11/Jun/10 2:51 AM
Jerry, not the first time, and certainly not the last time.
11/Jun/10 2:57 AM

Just a quick check in...but long enough to figure out Fiona's puzzle!
Answer on the Bubble Girl!
11/Jun/10 3:05 AM
That's ON THE WAY...lol
11/Jun/10 3:06 AM
CG, there was definitly research done in my day. They always claimed I could call for a re-ride. I think the cowboys I used to know would be lucky to get one ride in these days!
11/Jun/10 3:11 AM
I am on my DIL's iMac. Totally different than what I'm used to. NOTHING is where it should be! I'm thinking of getting one, so I'm trying it out.
Off to lunch!
11/Jun/10 3:13 AM
I had better get busy with that sucky thingy before my farmer comes home and finds me on the computer.
11/Jun/10 3:13 AM
I'd tell another 8 second ride joke but the naughty nanny would die of apoplexy and I would be deleted from the very place I now occupy.

(That in itself could be construed as humorous).
11/Jun/10 3:16 AM
Jerry, your poem brought a tear to my eye.
Pro Bull Riding? I think...
Personally I can't stand to watch it...too frightening for me. I have to turn my head when they fall off under the bull.
11/Jun/10 3:17 AM
Woops, should've read all the posts before posting.
11/Jun/10 3:18 AM
I have missed all the clever jokes and comments. I should read them more often,especially if I need a laugh.
11/Jun/10 3:22 AM
2:28. Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Good words are worth much and cost little.
11/Jun/10 3:35 AM
I've always wanted comment/post number 2222, am I close now?
11/Jun/10 3:45 AM
If anyone would like some good words I can do you an excellent deal on bulk purchases. Multi language words are slightly more expensive but you get what you pay for...
11/Jun/10 3:47 AM
Just for you, andré... (although I wonder if this is sort of like logging in 100 times!)
11/Jun/10 4:22 AM
11/Jun/10 4:22 AM
11/Jun/10 4:22 AM
11/Jun/10 4:22 AM
11/Jun/10 4:22 AM
11/Jun/10 4:23 AM
11/Jun/10 4:23 AM
11/Jun/10 4:23 AM
11/Jun/10 4:23 AM
11/Jun/10 4:23 AM
11/Jun/10 4:23 AM
11/Jun/10 4:24 AM
11/Jun/10 4:24 AM
11/Jun/10 4:24 AM
11/Jun/10 4:24 AM
11/Jun/10 4:24 AM
11/Jun/10 4:25 AM
81 and someone else can carry on for a bit
11/Jun/10 4:25 AM
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