OK - Ask me a Sudoku Question!

Submitted By: Gath from Sudoku.com.au

To kick things off - ask me a sudoku question that has been bugging you.

Anything! A puzzle that you haven't been able to solve, or an explanation of a technique, and I'll do my best to answer it :)

(Of course, I might get Steve to help with the really tough stuff :) ).



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OK, I'm a new member and have a question about navigation here. Gath invited questions on technique but I could not find how to input!?

So I'll put out the Q for anyone: In applying the SWORDFISH, (assume the number in Q is "5")if
all criteria is met, if there are one or more boxes with NO 5 (allowed), DOES THAT BOX(ES) HAVE TO ALREADY BE SOLVED? (not just non-5 candidates
22/Feb/10 9:21 AM
Further to above question - Eureka!! I have used Google Chrome for months as my browser with no problem (unless I want to print something). So just now I opened Sudoku.com.au through Firefox and everything is exactly as it should be. Interesting.
18/Mar/10 5:38 AM
Gath - You might be confused..I've copied these two questions over from another part of Forum, but I've got them in the wrong way round. D'uh. Here is the first part, the second part is above.....Suddenly I'm only getting the Easy Puzzle and that's it! No other stuff on the screen at all. There More...
18/Mar/10 5:42 AM
Hi Gath. Might it not be time for another 'Last to Post' or similar type contest on the site? We seem to be losing a lot of participants to Facebook games. Maybe a contest will draw them back to the challenges of Sudoku.
06/Apr/10 8:46 AM
I am trying to learn from the comments on the tough puzzles and I don't understand the statement ie "UP=31". I understand the UP means unique possibility but I can't figure out the "=31" or some other number.
Thanks for your help
29/Apr/10 4:49 PM
Look at the second move I made on today's (May 3) tough. This had an almost triple and an almost XY-wing linked to a bivalue pivot cell 12. When the pivot cell is 2 the almost triple became a triple and when the pivot cell is 1 the almost xy-wing became an XY-wing. In either case it gives a 3 cell elimination. Would this be called a quantum example? If not what is it called?
03/May/10 3:59 AM
I just started playing Sudoku not long ago. I am now attempting the 'tough' category. Its really tough. I have been trying and still got stuck on the puzzle dated May 01, 2010. I could only fill in the digits 1,5 n 9 in the top left block.
Appreciate your advice on the steps to be taken to solve this puzzle.


13/May/10 2:46 PM
What happened to my supporting membership?
17/Jun/10 12:03 AM
is there any easy way to play this sudoku or any other related rules for play
12/Oct/10 3:35 PM
I'm new to this site and working through Arnold Snyder's Sudoku Formula 2 but had to skip #8 when I got stuck. I've gone back many times, but just can't see the way to finish it without trying a guess and working it through. Here's where I'm stuck row by row from the top: - - - 2 7 - 8 - -; 2 9 More...
17/Dec/10 8:11 AM
Someone asked for the original puzzle, and I was unable to send a private reply via my uncooperative computer. The numbers sent in the preceeding post included the original ones and the ones I was able to deduce. These were all correct according to the answers in the back of Snyder's book. More...
18/Dec/10 4:53 AM
Gath - It took five attempts to sign in this morning. I didn't sign out yesterday. The computer has been on for several day. This is the third day in a row. Help!!!
29/Dec/10 1:03 AM
When I add "possibilities" to the grid on the puzzles for the day, the grid expands and overlaps the line for choosing the numbers. It is then hard to see what's going on. I noticed someone asked about this early in this thread, but I didn't see an answer. I am using a Mac with a More...
16/Feb/11 2:30 PM
hi i coped the wrong thing n was wondering if u could help me out sumhow thanx
24/Aug/11 10:03 AM
whats the best sudoku solver program. i vote Chewdoku
20/Apr/12 12:31 AM
This is a note to bring this page onto the main pages.
15/May/12 12:17 AM
Garth, Can you tell me why I still show as a Free Member ? I posted a cheque some time back to become a supporting Member.
19/Jul/12 6:14 PM
Gath, can you tell me why sudoku says it is not working, please.
23/Oct/12 7:08 PM
Hi Gath,

has Steve retired - he hasn't posted anything on his blog for quite a long time.
05/Nov/12 11:20 PM
Gath, I have a rather unusual (I think) problem. I can send PMs and the recipient will receive the message with the subject line intact but a blank window where the message should be.
I can recieve messages with no problems.
Do you have any idea what might be causing this?
25/Jan/13 1:25 PM
Hi Gath,

Has Steve retired - he hasn't posted anything for a long time.
03/Mar/13 1:40 AM
It seems, to a point, there's a certain logic to solving sukoko. But in the difficult or very difficult games it becomes a matter of sticking a number in continuing on until a number won't fit. Then backing out and sticking another number in and seeing if it will be correct. Now maybe I'm wrong and More...
28/Mar/13 6:27 AM
I have put a Sudoku (Supporting)shortcut on my Windows 7 desktop and it always asks for my details every login. Anyway I can 'memorise' this?
Also the heavy lines are on each column not every third column. It has changed since I became a supporting member.
18/Apr/13 11:09 AM

185....6 .

After i got stuck...i used a solver...it then gave me a XYZ-Wing to narrow down some possibles in the last 3 lows...but then when i asked it to More...
11/Jul/13 12:24 PM
Mine is not a Sudoku question but a jigsaw question. For the past several weeks the jigsaw that comes up for the 'Easy' Sudoku has pieces that are too large to fit in the square so it has not been possible to complete them. I've commented on the 'Easy' Sudoku page a couple of times and on one More...
23/Jul/13 12:48 AM
Hi Gath, Is Steve still around to help solve difficult sudokus?
07/Mar/14 10:45 PM
Why can't I load tough
13/Jan/17 12:28 PM
My first guess would be that Gath has run out of 'Tough' puzzles to post due to there being less numbers to start the puzzle therefore cutting down on the number of possible games.
Or, it could be that there is a problem with the site and Gath has yet to fix it. As you can see from his Blog he More...
13/Jan/17 1:04 PM
Download Sudoku from google play store
12/Jun/19 10:59 AM
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