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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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long way to go
11/Jun/10 3:29 PM
We are now on page 22 and we only have to get to page 55.
11/Jun/10 3:30 PM
My washing is dry also June.
11/Jun/10 3:31 PM
My appologies to dino I just assumed all Buddist monks were men.
11/Jun/10 3:34 PM
Learn something every day on this site.
11/Jun/10 3:34 PM
And how did you lot know I was eating some chocolate hmmmmm.
11/Jun/10 3:35 PM
Has anyone any idea what the most pages we have got up to on here before?
11/Jun/10 3:38 PM
Talking to myself again.
11/Jun/10 3:38 PM
11/Jun/10 3:38 PM
11/Jun/10 3:39 PM
Have we broken the site.
11/Jun/10 3:41 PM
No, there should have been two more posts but they wouldn't go through.
11/Jun/10 3:42 PM
It seems that one of my smilies won't work.
11/Jun/10 3:43 PM
11/Jun/10 3:43 PM
Hmmmm that one does.
11/Jun/10 3:44 PM
Boo Hoo I'm all alone....
11/Jun/10 3:44 PM
I'm getting this way.
11/Jun/10 3:45 PM
I had a flat tyre Yesterday, so I got out of the car and opened
the trunk.

I took out my cardboard men,
unfolded them and stood them at the rear
of my car facing oncoming traffic.
They look so life like you wouldn't believe it!

Cars start slowing down looking at my More...
11/Jun/10 3:48 PM
Must be getting close to the next page.
11/Jun/10 3:50 PM
I'll keep going.
11/Jun/10 3:51 PM
And going.
11/Jun/10 3:51 PM
Another glitch.
11/Jun/10 3:52 PM
Impressive progress!!!
11/Jun/10 3:53 PM
Starting to get cool again. Hate having to change to go out at night.
11/Jun/10 3:53 PM
Every now and then my post dissappears.
11/Jun/10 3:53 PM
Hello Heidi.
11/Jun/10 3:54 PM
11/Jun/10 3:54 PM
Hi Amelia.
11/Jun/10 3:55 PM
Talking to Cyn earlier on Skype she thought they had go to around the 1000 posts once before.
11/Jun/10 3:55 PM
It's nearly 2 am, so I'm heading off to bed.
11/Jun/10 3:56 PM
Hi Heidi, What are you doing up at about 2am. ??
11/Jun/10 3:57 PM
While I was looking up your time you posted the time there.
11/Jun/10 3:58 PM
Sleep well Heidi.
11/Jun/10 3:58 PM
I hope no one goes and counts the posts each of us has made.
11/Jun/10 3:59 PM
Will try again.
11/Jun/10 3:59 PM
This is about as bad as that last to post competition.
11/Jun/10 3:59 PM
Worked that time Amelia.
11/Jun/10 4:00 PM
Ahh it worked that time.
11/Jun/10 4:00 PM
Snap June.LOL
11/Jun/10 4:01 PM
Hubby thought I was mad back then as I used to set the kitchen timer when it was time to post again.
11/Jun/10 4:01 PM
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