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Hi Denny, from one Iowegian to another, welcome to supporting membership! I am originally from Marshalltown and my husband is from Ames. We have lived in Minnesota for 24 years.
05/Apr/07 12:42 AM
Hello, Just dropping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter
07/Apr/07 8:20 PM
Hi Denny. I hadn't seen you post before. Welcome as a new SM on the site, and glad you joined. My traditional page warming gift is a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa, so I hope you enjoy it. Welcome to the SM club!
12/Apr/07 4:56 AM

to you denny. i am new to this myself, and have become addicted. these are some pretty wonderful people at the site. they have become my friends now, just cant say how great they make me feel!!
i am bring you a bunch of fresh powered snow from our mountains. hope you like it. drop by anytime for a little visit to my page. welcome again.
12/Apr/07 5:36 AM
Another Iowegian here!! I grew up north of 'Shen' not far from Essex. It's a small world!
12/Apr/07 10:18 AM
Hi Denny! Welcome to Sudokuland! I have brought you a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies for your house warming. It is nice to have you join us.
16/Apr/07 7:00 AM
Hi Denny,
Just saw your page and had to sign your guest book. I am also a new SM.
My page warming gift is a lovely bunch of fresh cut flowers, Iris are in bloom now.
Stop by my page for a visit anytime.
23/Apr/07 10:06 AM
Definitely more adult beverages! I have with me a bottle of good Scotch whisky. In case you catch cold I recommend you pour a large dram into a mug then add hot water, lemon and honey. Proven over the centuries and we know all about getting wet here! Your good health!
09/May/07 6:57 AM
Hi Denny! Ah-choo!!! I'll have one of those large drams with lemon and honey prescribed by 'Dr.' Mags As a I'm leaving a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab Soup for you to enjoy.
16/May/07 5:02 AM
Hi Denny! Saw your comment today on Medium about dogs - very nice. Then came to your page & found the cute black lab playing a banjo! By any chance, do you have a black lab? If so, please go to the new page I added in the Clips section, Recent Conversation, Our Pets, & tell us about yours! Thanks. Glad you've joined our group as a SM.
25/May/07 7:52 AM
Denny, hope you will add some photos of your bassett hounds to your page sometime. I'd love to see them. Also, would you please go add them to the list on the ''Our Pets'' page so other people can read about them too. What are their names?
26/May/07 3:28 AM
Denny, LOVE the bassets (one of my favorite dogs, and NOT because my last name is Bassett).
29/May/07 12:53 AM

Ohhhh The top dog is just like Lizzie the basset hound next door. I love to brush her - she just lays down and is a good friend - if you need any help with grooming - I'll be happy to help. Zack - lizzie's brother who has since passed - When I More...
29/May/07 6:51 AM
Denny, do the dogs sing along to your bluegrass?
29/May/07 1:55 PM
Denny, one day spring, one day summer, one day rainy and cold. Repeat. Typical Colorado Front Range weather.
30/May/07 7:34 AM
Hi Denny. Nice pics of your dogs. Thanks for dropping by. I might just take you up on that coffee one night soon.
30/May/07 2:14 PM
Denny - I will keep you in mind if this Bassett ever needs a home! I am not a Big Red fan, but it is certainly popular here in Texas. I am not sure that they put peanuts in it much any more - things/tastes have changed over the years.
31/May/07 12:20 PM
My friend had a bassett (Cloe), she looked like the dog in the 2nd picture. Beautiful dogs. Are you ready for another round of storms and flooding? I know you got hit pretty hard the first time!! take care
02/Jun/07 7:59 AM
Denny, I thought I would stop by your place and say Hi! Love the pictures of your dog! How did you get them all on the page? Hope you're having a good day! Here are some flowers to brighten it! Take care! If you ever want to chat, stop by the SA2 page(under clips). Cheers!
26/Jun/07 10:02 PM
thank you for the lovely birthday wishes for my 50th birthday celebrations. I have great memories to keep.
receiving messages from all around the world is very humbling. I love to send the messages to others, but receiving them is something very
we share a lot here on More...
27/Jun/07 4:12 PM
Hi Denny. Stopping in just to wish you well. I'm a bit of a Bluegrass fan too, and would esaily travel many miles to get to a weekend festival. Actually had a Bluegrass band play for my wedding reception many, many, many years ago. Hope all is well with you and yours, and ''don't let the dogs out.'' Cheers!
29/Jun/07 7:57 AM
Hi Denny, great dog, what's his name? Cheers
19/Jul/07 2:43 AM
Gday Denny, pleased to meet you. Love the piccies of your bassets. Talkinf of bluegrass, one of my BIL plays banjo in a bluegrass band. There is quite a following here in Melbourne, Australia. We also have a Fiddlers Convention held every February.
I've brought along a bottle of bubbly, a plate of nibblies and an invitation to visit my page and meet my family.
27/Jul/07 8:05 PM
Hi Denny! Just found my way back to your page today & this time I discovered the photos of your basset hounds! Now I'll have to go check the Pets Page & see if you told us about them there -names & ages, etc. says hello. Hope you're having a good day in Iowa today.
02/Aug/07 4:15 AM
Hi Denny, 4 Bassets? Had one once. They say they are the dumbest dogs, I'm not so sure of that. She knew how to ignor me, when I called. She just would move to where she couldn't see me and figured I could see her so she didn't have to come. She never saw a dish of food hers or any other dog More...
24/Sep/07 1:48 PM
Hi agree - dumb as a fox.

My current dog Tipper is a Border Collie Mix (the smartest dog), we got at 7 weeks old. She is the first dog that I ever had that did not scarf her food down, eats what she wanted and leave some for later. The Basset (Heidee) would come over and eat her food as More...
25/Sep/07 4:15 AM
Hey Denny. Thanks for the welcome. Keep a good on those puppies. They are darling.
11/Oct/07 12:53 AM
Hi Denny
Thanks for the warm welcome yesterday, though I don't know why you wouldn't want some haggis?! I love your bassets, when I was growing up we had a beagle/basset cross who was a darling, then we had a beagle who was a complete anarchist. Sadly we can't have a dog now as we are away from home all day. Now, where did I put that caber
22/Oct/07 3:00 AM
Hi Denny, Great pictures of the dogs. How many do you have, think I see three and a puppy. Is it starting to get cool up there, we finally have autumn weather, nice break from the heat.
27/Oct/07 1:59 AM
re your comment on Jan's page about haggis - you know a bad haggis is disgusting but a good one is really really good, honest, promise...! !
30/Oct/07 3:35 AM
Gday Dennis, I just thought I'd pop in to see how the master of the hounds is going. Hope this note finds you and yours well. Give the pooches a pat for me please. Catch you around.
05/Nov/07 8:43 PM
Hi Dennis, I'm fairly new at this...but took the time to visit your page today, loved your you sing everyday? I love blue grass and would love to be able to hear you. I'm sure your place is filled with gifts but here is some maple sirop from Canada.Come and visit me anytime.
09/Nov/07 7:53 PM
Hi Denny! Is there a new hound for you to master?
Is the puppy a new addition?
I have a friend who has a rescued basset. He is a very, very large BH! Unfortunately, he thinks he's a lap dog! I've been squashed many a time Give them all a hug from me
11/Nov/07 4:19 AM
Hey Denny, what beautiful hounds, that first photo reminds me of BJ who was my red and white basset, he was greying around the nose too. He got a very aggresive cancer so now is playing upstairs with all the other bassets like a puppy again.
Bella is 4yo and is becoming more of a puppy every day since she lost her mate.
16/Nov/07 1:15 PM
Hey Denny,

Haven't worked out this Flikr thing yet, tried to send you photo's but failed miserably. Think if you go to my site you might be able to see them thru Flickr....and I thawt I was pooter litrate!!!
17/Nov/07 8:16 PM
Hi! I'm kinda new with this club, too/ Well since January but it's still 2007. Anyways here's some Californian and some (just don't breathe when you eat the liquor filled ones, at least not near fire). Puzzles are addicting aren't they?
18/Nov/07 6:11 AM
Denny, just stopping by to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
21/Nov/07 4:28 PM
22/Nov/07 3:41 AM
22/Nov/07 4:30 PM
Hi Denny,
How are you?
Happy Thanksgiving! For us it's almost like Christmas. That's when get together and eat & drink too much!
Can you please tell me the name of the Red & White Basset on the top of your page? It's definately a she!
Broni & Bella
22/Nov/07 9:21 PM
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