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Sailor - nice to see you commenting on the site.
18/Jan/15 11:09 PM
great to see you commenting.
20/Jan/15 11:13 AM
Hello Sailor !!!
21/Jan/15 11:25 AM
Hope you stick around. We need all the help we can get.
24/Jan/15 9:42 AM
Hello Sailor! Pleased to virtually meet you! Have some fun here on the site.
29/Jan/15 11:23 AM
Hope you got your boat secured, Sailor.
19/Feb/15 7:16 PM
Hi all Boat is secured, just waiting for the cyclone to hit in the morning
19/Feb/15 8:04 PM
Howdy Sailor. Guess I missed your first day here.
But, welcome aboard. As Keith said, we need all the help we can get.
27/Feb/15 10:28 AM
Hello Sailor, I hope you have fun sailing now your boat is going back in the water.
26/Mar/15 2:48 PM
Happy sailing, Sailor. Where are you heading?
01/Jun/15 7:46 PM
Anne and I wonder the same thing - where in the world are you?
15/Jun/15 2:37 PM
Hi all
We are in Hervey Bay heading for Bundaberg.
16/Jun/15 6:42 AM
Hello Sailor - glad to hear that you're enjoying your adventures. Stay safe.
07/Aug/15 2:33 PM
Hi Sailor, the email is just a notification. Best to send a pm. Interested in the third step. Regards Jack
06/Dec/15 8:37 AM
Hi Sailor, Thanks for the information. Whilst I was on the right track I totally missed the significance of 1 & 3 in the described puzzle and its continued appearance whilst solving. Cheers!
07/Dec/15 9:47 AM
Sailor! I hope you have a great day sailing around the ocean. Enjoy your special day.
16/Feb/16 12:01 AM
Happy birthday Sailor! Enjoy your special day and go sailing (which I'm sure you will!. Cheers!
16/Feb/16 5:05 AM
20/Feb/16 8:34 AM
Boats and an Alfa Romeo?? Sounds great. Enjoy them.
22/Mar/16 1:55 PM
Sailor. Enjoy your special day.
15/Feb/17 2:43 AM
Hi Sailor!
I don't know if you stop by anymore, but, just in case.....
Hope all is well!
15/Feb/17 2:55 AM
Sailor! Have a great day whether you're out sailing or sitting watching the waves.
15/Feb/17 10:15 AM
I hope your wait is over for the birth of your first grandchild, Sailor. Hope all goes well.
30/Jan/18 12:16 PM
CONGRATULATIONS, Sailor! Or should I say, Grandad Sailor?
to your first grandchild.
01/Feb/18 12:00 PM
Hello Sailor. Thank you for your birthday wishes. It's been a lovely day and going to my daughter's for tea tonight.
13/Feb/18 6:11 PM
Wow! Two new grandchildren and now a birthday.
Sailor. Have a really great day.
15/Feb/18 1:52 AM
Hello Sailor, let me know when you're coming to Albany so that we can catch up.
28/Nov/18 7:15 PM
Sailor! Hope you have a really great day.
15/Feb/19 1:00 AM
Enjoy your week in Busselton. A really nice area with Margaret River close by.
19/Mar/19 6:26 PM
Thank you, Sailor! I, too, was a sailboat racer for 20 years! My family was very close, about the size of a Martin 242, 24 foot boat, close!
15/May/19 2:30 AM
Thank you for the explanation, Sailor. I don't have anything like that so had never heard of it before.
24/Jun/19 7:37 PM
Hello Sailor, I am now home after an amazing holiday. Another great adventure to remember. Visiting places in the outback and flying low over Lake Eyre and just flying into places to see things of history. Our pilot/guide was brilliant and even on a bumpy ride in the Flinders Ranges I felt safe with him.
Cheers, Anne
13/Jul/19 10:09 AM
I have put a few photos of my holiday in My Gallery if you would like to see them.
20/Jul/19 9:56 PM
Hi Sailor
Thanks for the offer. I'm heading off on holidays tomorrow, so it won't work this time unfortunately. But if you're house sitting in this area again, let me know. I live in Coolum.

07/Sep/19 8:40 PM
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.
The family gave me a surprise party on Sunday then had lunch at a club with Bill and my sister .
12/Dec/19 6:12 AM
Sailor! I hope you enjoy your special day where ever you are at present.
15/Feb/20 12:15 AM
15/Feb/20 4:11 PM
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