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Welcome to my page! There's cake in the fridge and whiskey sours in the blender! Join me for a bit!

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A big welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy each visit. I was in NY a few weeks ago and loved it.
24/Jun/15 9:50 AM
Welcome, Cake Lady! I'm guessing you are from somewhere in New York State, but maybe not New York City; but you'd best clear it up! This is a friendly, chatty site - hope you enjoy it now that you've joined. What makes you choose 'Cake Lady' as your screen name?
03/Jul/15 1:34 PM
Welcome aboard from hot, humid South Carolina! This truly is an international cafe, and we're glad to have someone who makes cakes .
04/Jul/15 9:41 PM
Hello Cake Lady, and welcome to your own page! How about sending a cake up my way in Ottawa? In the meantime, enjoy an Ottawa treat, our famous beavertail pastry!
20/Jul/15 4:14 AM
I would love to send a cake your way! Chocolate or vanilla? Oh well, better do both!
And what exactly is a Beavertail pastry?
20/Jul/15 5:05 AM
Hi Cake Lady! Welcome to this great site!
A Beavertail is a fried dough pastry with different toppings (chocolate hazelnut, cinnamon sugar, apples and cinnamon, etc). It's a Canadian thing, but, I believe they have stores other places, too.

Enjoy your time here. It's nice to see you posting!
27/Jul/15 6:22 AM
Hello, Cake Lady! Sorry I missed your arrival on the site - probably due to hubby retiring at that time. Glad to see you posting! Cake & whiskey sours? Sounds good to me!
28/Jul/15 12:59 AM
Hi Cake Lady. Well, Sheila might have been late, but I say 'better late than never.'

And your cake pictures are great. The one of the Smart car was especially good. I could almost smell it.
28/Jul/15 12:21 PM
Hi, Cake Lady. I like baking and decorating cakes, but with health and weight concerns I usually have people ooh and ahh at my efforts but not eat them.

Thanks for shaing your impression of Michigan. You must be from further downstate because I'm under the impression that Buffalo and More...
19/Mar/16 1:09 AM
Happy two-day site birthday Cake Lady.
26/May/16 5:22 AM
Cake Lady
26/May/17 1:19 AM
A cake for our Cake Lady! Happy Birthday!
26/May/17 4:13 AM
Cake Lady!
With that name, I know what you'll be having! (May all your wishes come true!)
Looks like we're almost twins! Thanks for the wishes!
27/May/17 1:50 AM
Sounds like you enjoyed your special day.
27/May/17 8:57 PM
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