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Easy Sudoku for 31/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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TOTP and a CP.
31/Oct/16 9:07 AM
Guess I just missed TOTP! Well Done!
31/Oct/16 9:09 AM
Home grown tomatoes are one of the joys of summer and here in Canberra there are several rituals associated with growing them. You should not plant them before Melbourne Cup Day (tomorrow) because of the risk of a late frost. A second one is the challenge to have ripe tomatoes by Christmas. We More...
31/Oct/16 9:15 AM
Glad to see you around Linda. Sorry I stole all the spots.
31/Oct/16 9:17 AM
Good morning all.
Wombat, I would have raced you for the TOTP but I was busy doing your puzzle. Answer sent to you.
Hello Linda - I am finding the same thing. I have come back but often there's no-one around.
31/Oct/16 9:17 AM
Peter, Daniel Ricciardo finished in fifth. Unfortunately he doesn't have a good enough engine to beat the Mercedes powered ones, but he makes few mistakes.
31/Oct/16 9:21 AM
No worries Wombat! Interesting about the tomatoes! Here in Minnesota we don't usually plant anything until the middle of May so that hopefully the threat of frost is out of the forecast and usually by the end of June and into July and August we have fresh veggies available and that is the best time of year for us!
31/Oct/16 9:22 AM
Plum - I love the steampunk costume idea - and I love Doctor Who.
Also Pinterest - I spend far too much time on there. Anything I find that I want to keep I pin it to one of my boards - recipes, human interest stories, videos, quotes.
31/Oct/16 9:23 AM
Wolf! Have a wonderful 2-day Sudoku birthday.
31/Oct/16 9:25 AM
I am hoping that people do start coming back because I so enjoyed all of the fun we had in the beginning and unfortunately due to my work schedule I am not available during the day as I use to be but I will try to check in when I am working at home and able to my personal laptop available. I will More...
31/Oct/16 9:26 AM
Wombat, dancing around your tomato plants naked is supposed to help!
31/Oct/16 9:35 AM
Good luck with the knee op, Linda.

I suppose the upside is that we will see you more often, at least for a while.
31/Oct/16 9:37 AM
Thank you Peter! I really do miss this site but unfortunately my job makes it harder to be here like I was when the site was first started, being an adult with a real job sucks! I will be making more of an effort even before and after my surgery! I always loved the parties we use to have that would last a couple of days because of the time difference!
31/Oct/16 9:52 AM
Peter it might help the tomatoes grow by dancing around them naked, but in my case they would shrivel up and die.
31/Oct/16 9:54 AM
Hmmm, wonder if that would have helped my tomato crop this year because it was pitiful! Does anyone still play Naked Sudoku?
31/Oct/16 10:01 AM
I hope the knee op goes well Linda and that the tomato gods shine on your crop.
31/Oct/16 11:01 AM
Morning all
31/Oct/16 11:30 AM
Somewhere within the last couple days, I'm sure I saw that CP has returned home - so, welcome back! Now we'll be waiting for all your marvelous vacation pictures! good sleeps
31/Oct/16 12:06 PM
OH, and happy 86th birthday wishes to you, Wolf; it is amazing how our mind thinks we're still youngsters until we attempt some spontaneous movement - then, the reality hits!
31/Oct/16 12:10 PM
Morning Beanie! Do you know who we need back here? eaa!! She should be showing her little wet nose around here again.
31/Oct/16 12:14 PM
She always could fill a page!
31/Oct/16 12:15 PM
Just another day in paradise up here today - won't last, they say to expect high temps, humidity and storms by the end of the week. It was lovely while it lasted.
31/Oct/16 12:16 PM
So much better than having the Aircon running!
31/Oct/16 12:16 PM
Okay, a CP in honour of CP who got home yesterday.
31/Oct/16 12:17 PM
I'm heading off to have lunch with my sister soon. At her place. Leftovers from a party yesterday. Included will be a few different Greek sweet treats - who can say no to that?
31/Oct/16 12:20 PM
31/Oct/16 1:03 PM
Night all.
31/Oct/16 1:04 PM
31/Oct/16 1:35 PM
Good afternoon.
31/Oct/16 2:31 PM
Home - yes.
31/Oct/16 2:32 PM
Photos - not yet.
31/Oct/16 2:32 PM
Unpacking van - in progress.
31/Oct/16 2:33 PM
Washing - also in progress.
31/Oct/16 2:33 PM
We are home, the 5 year old always wants us to stay longer. He told us this time wen he grows up he is coming to live with us.
31/Oct/16 2:35 PM
Wolf have a great day
31/Oct/16 2:36 PM
The Cubs just won tonight's game, so back to Cleveland for more games this coming week.
31/Oct/16 2:45 PM

I just came back to congratulate the Cubs on their win tonight (3-2). But I see Sarah beat me to it. Next game is Tuesday night in Cleveland.
31/Oct/16 2:53 PM
Wolf, both today and tomorrow. My great niece turned 5 today (Oct. 30) but her b-day party was a costume party. She was adorable as Little Red Riding Hood.
31/Oct/16 2:54 PM
Wombat - I used my last locally grown tomato on a salad with supper tonight. I probably won't see another locally grown tomato until next July, possibly August.
31/Oct/16 2:56 PM
I devised a clever way to grow tomatoes on my 5th floor balcony, in garbage cans with holes drilled in the bottom, sitting on wooden pallets.
31/Oct/16 3:43 PM
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