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Great picture of Emily! Is she planning to pursue ballet, or is this a passing phase?
Hello Angie - what a beautiful photo of your daughter. She must be very talented and you are obviously very proud of her. I hope she does well if this is her chosen career.
Hi Angie, just popped in to say hi and hope all are doing fine. Hopefully will catch up one day in the chatroom, when we are both a little less busy. Are you making any more costumes or taking a well earned break??, Take care xx
Great wedding pix. Hope you were able to kick off your shoes and do lots of big fat greek dancing!

Are you old enough to have a niece getting married? Nahhhhh
Gorgeous photo Angie. The girls looked beautiful, you looked lovely and hey.... Bruce scubs up alright too, doesn't he !

ooooooo he's SOOOOOOOOOO going to hit me! rofl
Hey Angie, thanks for stopping by! What a great photo of your family! Look forward to a chat when you are taking a break from all of your sewing and sequencing!
Nice picture Angie! Would your niece be the one wearing the black suit? Best wishes to the bride and groom!
hey girl~ We're doing good. SOOOO Glad to have my man back!! That was rough getting him home, and worth every extra penny spent!

The job is going great. I'm excited to be done with the training, so I have more time with my hubby~ and so I can start working from home.

HOW ARE YOU? More...
Ohh, to clarify, I meant~ I'll be glad when training is done
Figures, leave it to a rookie to post this message originally on his own page! (shakes head at himself) Anyways, Thank you very much for the welcome and the gifts Angie. Dog treats are not needed though as he would just steal some of the cake anyways lol. BTW,I like the wedding pic!
HELP!!!!!!! For some reason, my dog is going nuts trying to find a rubber ball! He's possessed!
Hey angie, found the ball, it is in Keith's room now, on his pool table
Angie, this year I joined my best friends business...I am now also a part time commercial photographer...I will ask him if he knows how to do it easilly rather than editing the photo...problem, he's asleep now so will have to wait until tomorrow morning
Hey Ange - gorgeous piccie, would never have noticed the 2004 date if you hadn't mentioned it!!
SpadeScorpio (geez thats a mouthful), you're not alone posting msgs on your page as people go back to visit to see if there is a reply to their comment from their previous visit - does that make sense?? I can see you're shaking your head again, esp as I'm writing this in Angie's page and not yours...
Angie brought you some massage oil to relax with.. All this running around has got you exhausted.. OH and this is my friend Mr Chippendale he has wonderful hands.. enjoy
Hi again Angie, Scorp is fine as a short form....and btw, there are a few ways to fix your photo problem...the easiest way is to crop the date right out of the photo..another way would be to 'brush it out' which means editing the photo itself by replacing the date with the background colors of the More...
Work, yuk! lol...I actually took the day off today to give myself a long weekend. As for the ball, heck, Freckles has been gone since yesterday running back and forth from different houses trying to catch it...along the way, he's had fudge, chocolate, wine, cookies...who knows where he'll end up next! lol
08/02/07 Right I see a certain Member has lost her SM and wants a party. Fraz don't worry I'm on my way, I'll help you get it ready! Everyone is very welcome to join me.
Thinking of you Angie, take care xx
Hi Angie! Popping in to wish you the best. As to Fraz (or is it Frazzie), I'm not sure which page to post on. I guess I'll follow your lead! Cheers!
Happy Valentines Day Angie
Hi Angie.....Thanks for sending me the video on Global Warming it was an eye opener. Mark and I are going to get the DVD 'The Inconvenient Truth' ASAP.....
Angie, Just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the beautiful poem that you wrote and to extend my condolences to you on the loss of your aunt. After your brilliant description of the family's wedding celebrations, I'm wondering about the family burials. I know that many Black families, and I More...
I had acknowledged your kindness on the regular pages on the weekend, but was unsure if you had seen it. Now that I'm back, I wanted to be sure that you were properly thanked. I wish I had my smilies so I could seen you some hugs and smiles, but have to wait until Gath clears my check. lol
seen=send, as I'm sure you have guessed. It seems that I am also up to speed with my multiple commenting. Since I'm still typing, let me tell you that the wedding picture is beautiful, and I will be checking later so that I can see the other pictures on flickr. Peace!
Your quick response was welcomed and I'd like to exchange addresses. Rosemary doesn't have it as far as I know. Rola,Eden, and cp on your side of the water have it, but Ed/Lithia has acted as our mailman, and has posted his email often. I last saw it on Canuk Greg's page. You can then have him More...
Hi Angie, Hope everything has settled down for you now. Enjoy a lovely Valentines Day with Bruce, I am thinking of you. Chat soon.
Just checking to see if my post goes through on your page angie
Must mean you have been banned from your own room angie ....
you must be in the naughty corner angie
Ok, I'm back, thanks rose and thank you to whom ever returned my Flag.
Hi Angie. I just wanted to say what a fabulous picture of your family at the wedding. Your girls are wearing beautiful dresses but I must say you look gorgeous - almost outshone the bride.
I love the poems you post on site. They are always very appropriate. I must take a few off and keep for those special occasions.
Hi Angie! Like the note, and if I'm not in the car I will be watching!
Angie - thanks for suggesting a good way to eat Tim Tams!! Now those I LIKE!! I'm anxious to try them with coffee now. Sounds yummy.
Just wondering if the email went through okay? I'll be glad when I get my sp status back. Like the picture.
Hi Angie

Thanks for my special little poem.

But..........exactly HOW dim do you think I should have that candle??
OH YES!!! First orders please.. and then seconds and then thirds.. burp!! I think I'm working on my body shape now it is definitely getting more curvacious.. well they say the boys need something to grab hold of!!!
Hi Angie....naaaa, I'm never lost....I might be awfully busy, but never lost lol Between work, kids, dog, and keeping house, a guy can get quite busy. Freckles is doing great...I got him in obedience school just to help out...(which takes more time). If I get on these days, I might try to complete More...
Angie , what a beautiful place you have ! and the chocolate is so inviting ....
Thank you very much for your wonderful poem , for your greetings and your kindness. It was a nice surprise for me and my husband.
Angie, It was lots of fun to chat with you this morning. Hope you were able to sleep dispite the heat. That picture is sooooooo inviting. I like tim tams, but not coffee...did you say hot chocolate is also good? I'll try it next time I get my hands on some tim ttams.
27th February 2007

Hello Angie, just dropped in to say hello and thank you for dropping by my place, but... next time can you clean the cobwebs for me, it's been ages since I've been there and the spiders have taken over, I hate spiders lol
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