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The photo is of my mother-in-law and her sister taken in the early 30's with their dance group.


Iris (groom) and Betty (bridesmaid in blue). 1930's

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16/Jun/10 5:32 AM
May you have the most wonderful birthday ever.
16/Jun/10 6:47 AM
Maureen,enjoy your special day with family and friends.
16/Jun/10 7:29 AM
rainy Chicago and just back from my water class and enjoying a glass of Sangrai and wishing you a nice Birthday - enjoy Mary
16/Jun/10 11:37 AM
Maureen, hope you have had a great day. I have not seen you on Sudoku for ages.
16/Jun/10 9:51 PM
Enjoy your day!
16/Jun/11 3:04 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Maureen!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
16/Jun/11 12:40 PM
Maureen,I hope you have had a nice warm day for your birthday.
16/Jun/11 7:59 PM
to you and yours from me and mine.
25/Dec/11 8:29 PM
Hello Maureen!!!!!!!!!!!
29/Feb/12 10:38 PM
16/Jun/12 12:36 AM
Hope you enjoy your day. A pity you were not in Sydney today and you could have met up with some of the other sudoku people.
16/Jun/12 1:28 AM
Hi Maureen, and happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!
16/Jun/12 2:32 AM
To You
16/Jun/12 7:27 PM
31/Dec/12 3:48 PM
16/Jun/13 12:05 AM
Maureen, have a wonderful day.
16/Jun/13 9:18 AM
Maureen, Hope you have enjoyed your special day.
I saw Kate just before she left for Scotland. She should be having a lovely holiday.
16/Jun/13 7:24 PM
Hi Maureen!!!!
This is copy & paste message about the Sudoku Easy Jigsaw Problems:
They went wild after one of Gath's changes. If you go back in the beginning (15th May 2005) & check the photos in the archives you'll find that the only jigsaw is the torso in the black jumper with the white More...
27/Aug/13 9:20 AM
Maureen, hope that you enjoy your special day. I hope that Kate is enjoying her holiday overseas.
16/Jun/14 6:38 AM
Many happy returns Maureen. Have a great day.
16/Jun/14 10:03 AM
Happy birthday Maureen. I hope you have a wonderful day and a great year to come!
16/Jun/14 10:03 AM
Best Wishes for your special day Maureen.
16/Jun/14 7:33 PM
Happy Birthday Maureen. I do hope that you enjoyed your day.
16/Jun/15 5:08 PM
16/Jun/16 5:01 AM
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