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Welcome to this great site Lizzyg.
I grew up in Gosford and have rellies there.
Enjoy all of your visits.
03/Sep/11 6:11 AM
Thanks Nola, I've used this site for quiet a while and only now decided to become a member, and its people like you who keep me coming back.
04/Sep/11 2:11 AM

I have been using this site for about 4 years. I visit almost every day and always enjoy it. Welcome aboard!

19/Sep/11 2:46 AM
Hello Lizzy, and Welcome to this wonderful site!!! Glad you finally joined us and hope that you have a lot of pleasure from the site. You will have to come down for the next Sydney do! Have fun!!
19/Sep/11 1:24 PM
Thanks everyone for your kind wishes its a great site because of all the great people who are on it
22/Sep/11 12:44 AM
Hi Lizzy, just noticed you on the site. A late welcome. I grew up in Newcastle and still visit my sister there. I hope you enjoy your sudokus
02/Jan/12 9:15 AM
Hi Lizzy, sorry I missed you moving in. I grew up in Berowra, & have a lot of cousins in the Gosford area. It's no wonder you feel at home here with so many ex-Gosfordites here to catch up with you.
04/May/12 7:51 AM
I dont log in here too often but i have noticed there are a lot of Aussie People on here, good people and a good site...
Grasshopper, I drive through Berowa on my way to and from work every night!! does feel like old times!
25/May/12 1:54 AM
Hi lizztg, and this is what looks like a very belated welcome to you page. Don't see you around much so I didn't realize you were here. Enjoy my traditional page warming gift, a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Come visit my page and say hello. Cheers!
30/May/12 3:50 AM
Hi lizzyg. Sorry I didn't notice you around before today. Glad to have you with us.
18/Jun/12 6:03 AM
Nice to have you posting with us on Easy, lizzyg!
30/Jun/12 1:41 AM
Would love to send you some of our heat, lizzy, especially if you'll do the same for me six months from now!
30/Jun/12 2:34 AM
First post in early September, 2011 ... you've been a member for a while. Nice to see you getting more active.
05/Jul/12 11:38 AM
Hi lizzyg. Good to see another Aussie on board. Like you,I am a fairly new body. I am trying very hard to work out how to get photos on site, but not got there yet. My sister would be almost a neighbour as she lives in Charmhaven. Hope you enjoy what the site offers. My only problem is that I spend TOO much time here !!!
19/Jul/12 11:36 AM
Hi lizzyg.
20/Jul/12 8:10 PM
Lizzy - I could just shoot myself for my poor timing.
I love that you are here with us. You keep the good name of Lizzie alive!~
Bless you dear lizzyg!!!
04/Oct/12 1:40 AM
Happy to see you this morning!
15/Nov/12 2:04 AM

Thanks Vici,

Thanks again for all your encouragement, Ive decided to enjoy my time on this site and not be bothered what others say and do and dont do. Though I must admit it was nice to see my name in your list of hellos this morning!!!


15/Nov/12 5:17 AM
Lizzy, thanks so much for posting the Todd River web site!
That is Soooooooo fun!!!!
16/Nov/12 1:55 AM
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and nothing but the best for 2013. Merry Christmas!
24/Dec/12 3:36 AM
Hoping you have the best year ever.
01/Jan/13 5:28 AM
01/Jan/13 9:04 AM
Hi Lizzy, thanks for the birthday wishes! I haven't forgotten about the get-together we tentatively agreed would be a good idea in August; I'm thinking of starting sending out invites generally on the site in around May but we can play it by ear as the time gets closer.
05/Jan/13 10:29 AM
Your weather is certainly hot! Ours, by contrast, is -8C. Maybe if we mix them together...
21/Jan/13 5:47 AM
Australia can't possibly be that small, can it? If we're related you'd have to be my father's wife- Only Lizzy I know!
03/May/13 9:52 AM
We'd make a great girl band, Lizzy G and Izzy M.
I can see it now!
06/May/13 1:52 PM
No matter how hard Ive tried Ive never felt included, so will say good luck , good health and bye for now. I doubt I will be missed (there are just a couple of exceptions and you know who you are).
PS for those who do keep in touch I wont be shutting my page down, just not going to post.
30/May/13 5:16 AM
Lizzy G, More than a few wouldn't miss me if I went away, I think. But I stick around 'just for spite'.
30/May/13 6:58 AM
30/May/13 8:27 AM
I will miss you and wish you wouldn't go. I like having someone else who is awake and working the same as I am. Sometimes you're busy and sometimes I am, but we do get to talk to each other now again. Don't go!
30/May/13 9:05 AM
Lizzy, I didn't ask you to be a 'friend' for no reason. Stick around lady. Everyone is ignored on occasion but that is the way of the site. Keep smiling!
30/May/13 9:16 AM
I'm sorry you've felt ignored, Lizzy. Lots of the comments aren't acknowledged, I'm afraid. We've all been in that position at one time or another, I'm sure. I have never thought it was meant to purposely exclude someone, just people babbling along and not thinking. I hope you hang in there and keep posting!
30/May/13 1:15 PM
Hi Lizzy G, I am sure you are loved and would be missed if you left judging by all the welcomes you received at the start. I usually come on later in the day so usually don't post but normally read the comments and had noticed your name recently. It is nice to have some interaction with other members, you're probably just having a down day and all will be better tomorrow. Be happy.
30/May/13 3:19 PM

Lizzy, I'm sorry that you feel the need to become a lurker instead of a poster.....I for one would prefer that you stay. As they say in the movies 'Schtick around, kid.'......pulease!

30/May/13 3:33 PM
Hey Lizzie G I guess I am a lurker, you're in excellent company. Now I'm off, no more lurking today!
30/May/13 4:31 PM

Whats this???? Dead set the Gosford Getz driving Greyhound rescuing Gal Giving up. Nah you're better than that. They can be a crusty bunch here sometimes but it really is a caring place to be. Now don't make me get all soppy.
30/May/13 8:00 PM
Lizzy, comments don't need to be acknowledged to be appreciated. Plenty of people read comments hours, maybe days, after they are posted, so 'replying' can't be done and may become pointless by time comments get beyond the page on which yours appeared. I am just now doing May 30 puzzles, and just saw your comment, for instance!
31/May/13 4:25 PM
Hi Lizzy. I am just being nosy, but I wondered what it is you do at the hospital. Are you a nurse like CP or do you do other work?
03/Jun/13 2:32 AM
For anyone else nosy like CG Im not a nurse!! Amazing how many think I am because of the hours I work. I work in a call centre(inbound of course at this hour!) and have been doing night shift for last 4 years now and the job for 13years. When I dont enjoy it I might consider retirement but that is a long way off yet (I hope!)
03/Jun/13 2:58 AM
Hi Lizzy, how remiss of me not to have visited your page to welcome you, I really thought I had so a big WELCOME to this fun site.
I hope that we can meet up next year when Jane and Kathy come to visit.
04/Jul/13 6:59 AM
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