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Hello PJ,

Just dropping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter
07/Apr/07 7:25 PM
It is 11:30 am here on the East Coast of the US, on Saturday the 14th of July. It is 14 hours later on the East Coast of Australia (0130 Sunday morning), and 12 hours later in Perth (11:30pm Saturday night), on the West Coast of Oz. Where is NP?
15/Jul/07 1:36 AM
Hi Ian. I guess Gath's on the east coast, I'm in southern California. It's 17 hrs. earlier here; will be 18 after DST is changed?! Why don't you have a page to 'check out'?
15/Jul/07 2:25 AM
Hi, PJH from NP! Wow, I guess you've been here for a while, as I notice you have a Happy Easter greeting above. How have we all missed you? Maybe you play, but don't comment? Anyway, I like your avatar very much, and would like to you belatedly to your page. I hope you'll enjoy these More...
15/Jul/07 3:37 AM
for visiting. I'm so sorry I was away from my page, and now, I've missed you. I hope you don't mind if I try some of that spiced popcorn. M-m-m-m-m, that's good! I, too, am addicted to Altoids. In fact, students always knew that was something they could get that I would definitely More...
15/Jul/07 5:12 AM
Hey PJH (and what does that stand for?)! A belated welcome to your own special Sudoku page. I'll leave my traditional double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa for you as a page warmimg gift. Enjoy the site (and the swwet pastry). Hope to see you posting on a regular basis!
15/Jul/07 5:39 AM
PJH, I thought I would stop by your place and say Hi! Hope you're having a good day! Here are some flowers to brighten it! Visit my page anytime. If you ever want to chat, drop by the SA2 page(under Clips conversations) sometime! Take care!
16/Jul/07 8:46 AM
My poor Boo cannot stand Nitro! Hopefully it will pass. She has been living in my bedroom and bathroom since we got him.
08/Aug/07 11:22 AM
Hello PJH, I just found your page so thought I would stop and say Hi. Like your butterfly avatar, don't have any like that in my yard. Heres a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for you to enjoy. Stop by when you get the chance.
08/Aug/07 12:53 PM
Hi PJH. I'm so glad that you stopped by my page to say hi. Thanks, too, for the goodies!

Our trip to Africa was one of the best experiences of my life - certainly it was the best trip I've ever taken. This trip was a package - Africa style. Everything about African travel is a little More...
08/Aug/07 1:35 PM
Yoohoo! Anybody home?
PJH, pop into easy page sometime and say gday.
30/Sep/07 9:35 PM
Hi PJH! Thanks for the spiced popcorn! DELISH I will have to try your trick of putting pieces in order of shape. I've never done that. I always have a big jigsaw going during the holidays. That way, when the younger people get bored with the adults, they have something to keep them More...
06/Oct/07 6:51 AM
Success!! Thanks to André! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
To make a heart: Hold down the Alt key and hit 515 on the right hand numbers on your keyboard.

I usually find that someone on this wonderful site can answer a question I ask!
07/Oct/07 1:17 AM
Hi PJH! I must apologize to you, as I don't normally look for comments on my pictures, so I am only now answering your question that you left on the photo of the Kermode bear on my page. The chap I was travelling with actually took the photo on my page ( I took some as well but his were More...
16/Oct/07 7:12 AM
Hi PJH! What fun - a mystery for me to figure out! I feel like I should know who you are, but I don't. Is the monarch butterfly a clue? Would you be so kind as to come back to my page & give me a few more clues? All I know for sure is that you've been around for a long time if you remember baby Liam being the first contest in Sudokuland!
03/Nov/07 9:04 AM
PJ, I'm so sorry I forgot my manners & neglected to thank you for the merlot & spiced popcorn. '/;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Hmmm, my cat just typed that for you when she walked over the keyboard. Guess I'll leave it for you since she has never done that before! More...
03/Nov/07 2:55 PM
Darn, I goofed again. I misspelled Gwyn's name. If I send you my e-mail address in a private message would you send me a picture of her(?)? Now that you've seen so many pictures of my pets, family, friends, etc. I'd love to see some of yours. Or maybe you can just add some to your page?? Hope you have a great weekend.
03/Nov/07 3:05 PM
Gday PJH, I was just out and about with my goodies basket and I would like to leave you a bottle of Aussie bubbly, a plate of nibblies and a bunch of native from my page. Drop in anytime, the kettle's always on the boil and there's usually something in the oven baking ready for when the kids get home from school.
08/Nov/07 9:43 PM
Well here I am back again, this time to wish you a very . I've brought you a Choc Mud to help you celebrate.
Hope you have a great day planned.
10/Nov/07 12:07 AM
PJH, have a great day!
10/Nov/07 6:38 AM
PJH! I see you already have to eat while you celebrate. How about a little bubbly to wash it down? I'll pour....
10/Nov/07 7:33 AM
Happy Birthday PJH
10/Nov/07 7:46 AM
Have a great day!
10/Nov/07 8:17 AM
Hi Pam, and happy birthday to you! I hope today is a special day and that you enjoy it with friends and family! Many, many more in the future too. Cheers!
10/Nov/07 9:32 AM
10/Nov/07 9:34 AM
Pam and ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪ to you - hope you are enjoying your special day. Evening comes quickly now and the cool fall weather is now with us. Warm apple cider is a welcome treat in the evenings or a cup of tea. Take care, Mary
10/Nov/07 10:19 AM
Happy Birthday, PJH. Beautiful weather here... hope its the same for you!
10/Nov/07 11:01 AM
to You.
to You.
to PJH.
to You.
With all my best wishes to You.
10/Nov/07 5:00 PM

Wishing you a most happy birthday, hope I am not too late!
10/Nov/07 11:30 PM

to you
to you
dear PJH
to you

Nov. 10th was my husband's Birthday - You must be a really wonderful person. Enjoy your day.

PS: Where is NP - I understand you are from Calif.
11/Nov/07 3:41 AM
NP Newberry Park ?
11/Nov/07 3:43 AM
I have an uncle-in-law that's in his 80's that lives in Newberry Park. He has lived there for over 40 years. I believe he worked at Tandy at one time.

I use to live in La Cañada Flintridge, before moving up here. Up here is Jacksonville, OR - a very special place - The city is More...
18/Nov/07 9:52 AM
PJ - thank you for the lavender, a lovely color & lovely scent. So sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you had a specially good one. I'll be able to keep up with Sudoku happenings a little more often now that our long string of company is finally over. Whew! I feel pretty worn out. Thank More...
18/Nov/07 2:57 PM
Yum PJ! I've never had spiced popcorn before - what do you use to spice it?
18/Nov/07 5:47 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, PJ!

Enjoying the lavender! Thanks!
22/Nov/07 5:04 AM
PJH, just stopping by to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

Noticed that I missed your birthday, so please accept my belated .
22/Nov/07 6:57 AM

Gobble, Gobble.
22/Nov/07 4:43 PM
PJ, have seen you mention spiced popcorn a few times about the site. you even have some to offer guests to your page. now, just what is spiced opcorn and how do you make it? What spices go well with popcorn? Inquiring minds want to know.
28/Nov/07 11:13 PM
OH DEAR, popcorn in oil! I had forgotten that is how normal people make popcorn! No wonder it was so very tasty. We are regulated to air popped corn, or microwave. Hubby's doc insists, keep the oil down! Eliminate any added fats, nothing that is solid at room temp, and watch for hidden trans fats! More...
06/Dec/07 11:05 PM
PJH - The only time I go to Eugene is for a football game (when UCLA is playing there), a convention (every couple of years) & stopping at Trader Joes when I'm "North". In fact I will go TO Eugene if I'm north of Roseburg just to shop at Trader Joes (then it is only about 125 miles More...
10/Dec/07 7:58 AM
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