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 Check out my ant family below!!!


Kick off your shoes and pour yourself a drink... canape anyone??

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Angry, to your page. Can't wait to see some updated piccies of all the little ants. I love seeing them on the puzzles,they have the most beautiful eyes and, may I say, cheeky grins!
I have brought you some gifts for when your guests start to arrive, a bottle of bubbly and a plate of nibblies. Drop in to my page anytime, the whole family is there ready to meet you.
27/Sep/07 10:13 PM
Gail... you are a star! Thank you for your lovely gifts. I'm hoping to decorate my page very soon. Got some photos of the ants to upload so stay tuned.

Mmm bubbles... I looove bubbles. Cheers!!!
02/Oct/07 8:45 PM
Hey Angry Ant - love your pics - your baby/mini ants are beautiful! I know you've been around for yonks, 'part of the furniture' really (in a nice, comfy chaise-lounge sort of way).
See you around - take care x
02/Oct/07 10:22 PM
Oh my, the little ants have grown up lots. love the new photos.
nice to catch up with you AA, hope life is treating you well.
05/Oct/07 9:24 PM
Welcome to membership status, Angry Ant.
Your mini ants are growing and getting more beautiful every day.
Thought you might like a bottle of our local Wignall's Late Harvest to share with your visitors.
05/Oct/07 9:37 PM
Welcome to your page Angry Ant the photographs are wonderful, its lovely to see the growing ants aren't they beautiful. Take care of yourself and that wonderful family xx
05/Oct/07 11:29 PM
Glad to see you on your own page, Angry Ant - love the pics of the girls. Realised the other day that baby would have turned 1 recently. I'm of a mind to try for a Canberra get-together to farewell Hugh, but no firm plans yet.
06/Oct/07 12:12 AM
Angry Ant, You need to come up with a new name...'angry' just doesn't fit you with your bright smile, handsome hubby and beautiful little ants. Its cute though! What a great family you have and your pride shines brightly. Welcome to your own page and enjoy the page treats I've left for you...a More...
06/Oct/07 4:50 AM
Just stop by to see your ants and found you have a beautiful little family.
07/Oct/07 1:46 AM
Angry (?) Ant: I had meant to stop in earlier and welcome you to your own page, but now it's belated welcomes! So nice to see you have a page of your own after all this time, and wonderful to see the 'ants.' Enjoy a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa, and a few maple sugar treats for the ants. Cheers!
10/Oct/07 4:58 AM
Between the treats left by Canuk Greg and Anne from Albany, I'm not going to be able to fit on my page for much longer!!!
15/Oct/07 7:42 PM
How's the Ant family this lovely freezing November day?! Just popping in to say gday. Hope this note finds you and yours well.
04/Nov/07 10:28 PM
im missy rulz from Ausie your ant family looks kool!
17/Nov/07 7:12 PM
Hello Ant,

Just dropping in to say I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year.

Mickey and family.
09/Dec/07 12:41 PM

Hey Ant and little Ant's (hehe)
Wishing you and your loved ones a
wonderful, safe and relaxing time
over the Christmas More...
16/Dec/07 5:32 PM
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Angry Ant and the happiest of New Years xx
17/Dec/07 12:17 AM
Ant, Wishing you and your family, health, peace, love, and happiness during this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year! Merry Christmas! Stella & family
18/Dec/07 2:57 AM
Angry Ant, consider yourself tagged for today's game on easy. Look up Angie/Melbourne's post on page 1 for the rules of the game.
18/Dec/07 10:16 PM

Chrissy, Ava, Maybelle and Christian:
May you and all you care for enjoy happiness and peace during this festive season and in all days to come! Best wishes for a Merry Christmas!
19/Dec/07 4:10 AM
Stopped by to wish you good cheer
Brought a little bubblie here
May your toast be great
For two thousand eight
May you have a very

Hope your Christmas was blest.
No resolutions to obsess
It is not too late
For to celebrate
Our Lord Saviour’s Righteousness
31/Dec/07 4:47 PM
Hi Ant family
hoping 2008 is a great year for you all
love the family pics
03/Jan/08 9:12 AM
Hello Ant family--and what a beautiful family it is. Wishing you all the best in 2008; may you and your family be blessed with health and happiness in this new year.
Since I haven't visited your page before, I am leaving a southern (US) pecan pie and some key lime tarts (instead of another pie) More...
03/Jan/08 5:26 PM
Gday Ant, a lovely pic of Mini today on the Kid's Page. An old one from March '06, almost two years ago! Can you believe it? Where does the time disappear?
03/Jan/08 10:33 PM
Thank you everyone for your Christmas and New Year's well wishes. The Ant Family have just returned home after a 4 week holiday in the UK where we visited the Ant in-laws!! Will try to get some updated photos on my page soon. By the way, Ant baby number 3 is due 23 April so I guess we're up for More...
21/Jan/08 8:13 PM
Congratulations, Ant. Hope all is well with you and micro-ant.
21/Jan/08 10:27 PM
Hope all is well, and please keep us informed on how this are going.
21/Jan/08 11:44 PM
Hey An, you can't be too angry! Hope the next few months are easy on you. Boy or girl, or do you know yet? Cheers, and best wishes to you and the whole family!
24/Jan/08 10:24 AM
Hi, Angry Ant! We haven't seen you for much lately, so just thought I would pop in and say Hi! I hope the new year is bringing good health and happiness to you and yours!
28/Jan/08 5:10 PM
Gday Ant, how's the bump?
Hope everything is progressing well for you. Not long now...time flies when you're having fun!!!
08/Feb/08 9:01 PM
Very pleased to stop by your page to say HELLO to you and your lovely family.Hope MINI and BABY are very well.God bless them.
My best wishes to all of you.
22/Feb/08 8:25 PM
Hi Angry Ant,
Mini Ant is back on the parents page so thought I would drop by to see when the next Ant is due. Thought it was April and I was right.
Hope all is going well and you will let us all know when he/she has arrived.
27/Mar/08 9:52 AM
Well Chrissy, your due date is fast approching. How are you doing? Are you and Christian excited about the newest Ant addition? Still waiting for the guess the gender, weight and date contest!
03/Apr/08 7:10 AM
A very Happy Birthday to you, Angry Ant!
Have a wongerful day and make sure you get very spoilt.
07/Apr/08 12:10 AM
Angry Ant, enjoy your day, hope all is well on the bub front and that you get time to put your feet up and knock back a vino or two. x
07/Apr/08 1:10 AM
Dear Happy ANT.
to You.
to You .

All my best wishes to You.
07/Apr/08 1:41 AM
Happy Birthday Mother Ant! I hope you have a wonderful day and get treated royally. You soon have another 'bitrh' day as well! Cheers!
07/Apr/08 2:37 AM
Angry Ant, Hope you have the best BIrthday ever.
07/Apr/08 2:39 AM
Angry Ant - I hope you have a great day filled with love, joy, laughter and lots of surprises!
07/Apr/08 3:06 AM
Ant! Wishing you a wonderful day filled with love and laughter, shared with family and friends! Hope all is well with you and yours!
07/Apr/08 3:08 AM
Angry Ant!
I've brought and for the celebration!
Enjoy your special day!
07/Apr/08 3:11 AM
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