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strong winds this fall day here near Chicago - feeling the joy of the change of weather in my right knee - LOL - hope you enjoy your time on the More...
29/Sep/09 9:46 AM
Chilly winds down here in Lockport as well.
Guess summer is really over.
29/Sep/09 10:48 AM
Abbey,plenty to see and do here so enjoy.Just love the little dog....sooo cute.
01/Oct/09 6:14 AM
Welcome to Sudoku, Abbey! Aren't you organised with pitures already! Have a lovely time here - it is a lovely place to spend time.
01/Oct/09 6:24 AM
to your own page, Abbey!
I'm glad you've joined us!
01/Oct/09 7:14 AM
Hi Abbey!

About the Kookaburra song: I thought every brownie at least in the US knew it. It was the second song I learned in Brownies 60 years ago. Maybe they don't sing it any more.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree.
Merry, merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh kookaburra, laugh kookaburra,
Gay your life must be.
20/Dec/09 4:40 AM

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

22/Dec/09 10:55 PM
Hello Abbey - to you! I hope you have a wonderful Day!
03/Jul/10 12:48 AM
Happy birthday Abbey. May your two-day site birthday be filled with family, friends and fun! Cheers!
03/Jul/10 3:22 AM
Enjoy your day(s)!
03/Jul/10 4:20 AM
Abbey. I hope you enjoy your day!
03/Jul/10 9:33 AM
wonderful day to enjoy your special day - ribfest was hoping today - but I havn't seen any hot air balloons from Lisle's Eye to the skies - enjoy your day and Happy 4th of July - Mary
03/Jul/10 9:48 AM
Abbey, enjoy your special day.
03/Jul/10 2:47 PM
Abbey, a very happy birthday to you, wishing you much love and happiness on your special day and the hope that it stays with you throughout your new year, take care and be well.

07/Mar/12 2:00 AM
Many Happy Returns
07/Mar/12 8:08 AM
Many happy returns for today Abbey. Hope this year is filled with joy and happiness.
07/Mar/12 8:47 PM
Hi Abbey. I answered you question about the age of the Cape Otway Lighthouse on jigsaw, but thought I'd repeat it for you here because you may not go back there!!
It's been in operation since 1848. It took 3 attempts & 12mths to get from Melbourne to the site of the proposed lighthouse - More...
15/Apr/12 10:00 AM
Hi Abbey.
Back from funerals (last week) & guests on the river this weekend & am catching up on the jigsaws etc. Just found a booboo of mine, hard jigsaw Sat'24th Nov!
It is most definitely a Welcome Swallow, Hirundinidae, Small insect-eating birds! I must have hit upload before I'd cut & More...
26/Nov/12 9:38 AM
01/Jan/13 11:03 AM
Hi Abbey! Thank you for the comments on my photos while I've been away. I appreciate them!
04/Apr/13 9:29 AM
03/Jul/13 11:29 PM
Hi Abbey.
Don't know if you do the jigsaws on the sudoku page, but if you do you probably know about odd sized jigsaws appearing one the Easy Sudoku page. The following is what I think has happened to those jigsaws!
27/Aug/13 10:30 AM
This is copy & paste message about the Sudoku Easy Jigsaw Problems:
They went wild after one of Gath's changes. If you go back in the beginning (15th May 2005) & check the photos in the archives you'll find that the only jigsaw is the torso in the black jumper with the white coffee cup, you'll More...
27/Aug/13 10:30 AM
Hello Abbey!
Sorry! I feel really bad that so many of my photos keep appearing on jigsaws & then on sudoku! Thank you for your support!
09/Oct/13 8:38 PM
Hi Abbey.
I thought you might like the info on the Eucalypt in today's JS.
Just thought I'd give you the info on the gumtree in today's Medium JS!
The tree has been in a bushfire & it survived! The scribbles are made by the pupae of a very small moth!
The eggs of this moth are laid More...
10/Oct/13 12:24 PM
Hi Kate
Thanks for the extra info. You're right. I do enjoy knowing about things I've never seen.
27/Oct/13 2:09 PM
Hmm, doesn't look like you visit too often, but maybe you will on your special day, wishing you a very happy, healthy birthday Abbey and hopes that it continues into your new year!
03/Jul/14 2:17 AM
Happy birthday Abbey! I hope your day is special.
03/Jul/14 9:24 AM
Abbey, thanks for your comments on my photos this last week. I have been traveling, without internet, so haven't been back on until today.
16/Jul/14 3:39 AM
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