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Welcome to Sudoku!
Wonderful tohave more Aussies on the site!
Look forward to you posting soon.
11/Nov/09 6:01 AM
Hi there Tony.
11/Nov/09 11:40 AM
to another Aussie, hope you enjoy your time here.
11/Nov/09 12:20 PM
a nice sunny cool fall day here - busy with housework but planning to enjoy the outdoors later this afternoon before going to my pool classes tonight - enjoy your time on the site - I'm near More...
12/Nov/09 1:56 AM
I seem to have missed your move-in, Tony!
A belated to you!
Good to see you posting
29/Nov/09 9:13 AM
Thanks, Tony!
Good to see you about!
If you really want to see a long page, check out Canuk Greg's! I'm a mere novice to the master!
Have a great day - look forward to talking soon.
06/Dec/09 9:10 AM

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

and More...
25/Dec/09 5:30 PM
Hi Tony, not too late at all. I was just checking my emails before going to bed and found your birthday wishes - many thanks.

Cheers, Chris
05/Jan/10 10:46 PM
Thank you for visiting my page and my birthday wishes
31/Jan/10 7:44 PM
Hello Tony. I saw your post on Huahinian's (Ian's) page and realized I had never stopped in to say hello. Belated welcome to the site! My traditional page warming gift is a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Enjoy, and cheers!
24/Apr/10 2:26 AM
Tony! Hope you have a great day of celebration!
24/May/10 12:53 AM
to you!
to you!
dear Tony!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of !
24/May/10 1:30 AM
Happy birthday Tony. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends.
24/May/10 2:30 AM
Many Happy Returns Tony.
24/May/10 5:09 AM
hope you are enjoying your special day - turned quickly to summer today - just back from a baby shower - BlackHawks won - Baseball - Cubs up - White Soxes down -- Take Care - have fun, Mary
24/May/10 8:14 AM
Hello Tony, and firsly a big, but belated to you, as I have not visited your page before!!
Secondly, my very best wishes on your special day!! Hope it is filled with much love and laughter!! I am leaving you a virtually endless bottle of bubbly to share with your guests. Enjoy!
24/May/10 12:06 PM
Tony. I hope you have enjoyed your first Sudoku Birthday.
24/May/10 5:06 PM
Tony, hope your day was very special
24/May/10 5:14 PM
Thank you very much Tony, your wishes helped make my day even more special xoxo
Great to hear from you :)
17/Apr/11 8:05 PM
Tony, thank you for the birthday wishes.
29/Apr/11 1:40 AM
Thank you, Tony! I so appreciated your b'day greeting! I'm beginning to feel that maybe this day isn't just advancing in age day but maybe it's more counting your blessings in the form of friends!
13/May/11 1:06 PM
Thank You Tony, for wishing me a Happy Birthday ♥
17/May/11 5:36 PM
Tony! Wishing you a fabulous birthday and blessings throughout the year.
24/May/11 12:29 AM
May all of your birthday wishes come true!
24/May/11 1:10 AM

Yep, that about does it!
24/May/11 8:53 AM
A very to you, Tony!
Have a great day today.

Best wishes,
24/May/11 10:03 AM
Tony,hope your day has been all that you could wish for.
24/May/11 8:03 PM
Tony, Thanks for dropping in with the birthday wishes. I see I have missed yours. So .... and hope you didn't celebrate too much.
26/May/11 3:54 PM
for the birthday greetings, Tony! Looks like our birthdays are very close!
If we meet at the International date line for a birthday drink next year, I wonder if we could celebrate both of our birthdays at once???
27/May/11 5:27 AM
for the Birthday wishes Tony.
I once lived in Wagga as hubby was in the Army 20 yrs ago.My daughter Renae was born at the Base Hospital.We lived in Hunter St but forget the suburb now.Bet it has grown.Still have some friends living there.
05/Jun/11 9:07 AM
for the birthday wishes! Very kind of you!
02/Jul/11 2:54 PM
Thanks Tony for your birthday wishes, it was very thoughtful of you.
03/Jul/11 4:29 PM
for the wonderful b'day greeting Tony! My birthday was extra special with all my Sudoku family greetings!
19/Jul/11 3:00 AM
Hello Tony! Thank you for the Birthday Greetings! It was a wonderful birthday this year. My first year as a grandmother!
15/Aug/11 10:19 PM
Hi Tony
Thanks very much for your birthday wishes.
26/Aug/11 10:43 AM
Hi Tony. I just wanted to say hello, as it's been awhile since I visited your page, but it's easy to lose track of people who don't post on the site regularly. I hope all is well with you and yours. Take care and stay smiling.
04/Sep/11 11:03 AM
Hello Tony - nice to see you commenting on the easy page.
05/Sep/11 12:09 PM
Hello Tony - It's the Church of the Good Shepherd, if I remember rightly, and it's at the edge of the lake (can't remember the name offhand) near Mount Cook in the south island.
06/Sep/11 12:03 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes, Tony! It's always heartwarming to hear from so many fellow Sudokuists! Cheers! Janew
17/Sep/11 12:12 PM
Thanks for remembering my birthday.
19/Sep/11 5:26 AM
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