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Hi, y'all, and welcome to my page!

Sit down and I'll get us some tea (iced).  Have a plate of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy -- comfort food!  Try a bite of fried okra, I bet you'll like it.  For dessert we have pecan pie and/or chocolate cake with chocolate icing -- better loosen up your belt..

Now stay awhile and tell me what's going on in your world. 



Judy Y



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anyone home.
I have a deliver for Judy

Judy, hope your day is all that you wish for and much much more.
13/Jul/08 11:42 PM
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and welcome to page 3!
13/Jul/08 11:43 PM
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14/Jul/08 1:31 PM
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Hi Judy,
If you want to see that avatar larger, I put a copy of it on my page. I also added a picture of my puppy Angel (a misnomer if ever there was one) at 4 months old (she's 9 months now) and myself.
14/Jul/08 2:25 PM
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Happy Birthday Judy.
14/Jul/08 9:32 PM
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A belated for Sunday (here), Judy. i was not on the computer over the weekend so missed the announcement! I hope you had a fabulous day and the continues to be fabulous! Here's some more cake in case you've run out!!!Because it's vertual you can wish it to be any kind you want, it'll More...
15/Jul/08 8:22 AM
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Hi Judy
From one Cancerian to another, thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes *smiles*

Julie in Melbourne
15/Jul/08 12:42 PM
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Hi Judy! Thanks for the wonderful b'day greeting! I saved a piece of b'day cake for you to enjoy - go ahead...no calories!!!
Please stop by my place anytime, just beware of the cat!
16/Jul/08 8:24 AM
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Hi Judy,
Thanks for the welcome back - we had a lovely few days but it is very cold here and even colder in the southwest. Luckily we had a nice cosy chalet to stay in and a log fire to huddle around - in fact it was quite hot once the fire got going. Drop by and have a look at the new pictures I put up if you like.
19/Jul/08 3:20 PM
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Hi again Judy,
Thanks for dropping by - I don't know how many messages to a page but I will need a few more 'to turn the page' someone said that there were 40 messages to a page but I haven't counted them.
20/Jul/08 4:31 PM
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You asked me about the grandbaby - he is beautiful but he is busy sprouting teeth at the moment and so he is red of cheek and a bit grumpy. I have submitted a photo of him for my next avatar and when that is accepted you might see him for my next comment.

Sleep well and I will be back to More...
20/Jul/08 4:38 PM
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hi Judy. Thanks for asking about my health. Something is wrong, but we don't know what at the moment. I'm in the process of having various tests done after getting some kidney stones and ongoing kidney aches. I'm not bedridden by any means, but am finding it hard to concentrate. So I'm avoiding any More...
21/Jul/08 8:43 PM
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Hi Serena. Merlin sends a lick and a tailwag.
22/Jul/08 7:42 AM
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Hi again July,
Here is the grandbaby avatar. Hope you are keeping well and busy - say hi to Serena and give her a pat from me.
23/Jul/08 12:13 PM
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Judy and Serena,
Keldon is 9 months old now and is very busy getting teeth at the moment and has become very reluctant to go to anyone he doesn't know. All very normal things for that age. He is a very photogenic lad and is wonderful to watch as he discovers and explores everything! More...
23/Jul/08 6:11 PM
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Thank You Judy, for making my birthday special. With so many sudoku friends around the world it made the day truly wonderful.
23/Jul/08 11:58 PM
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Hi Judy, I see you have put up some more photos. You are getting quite clever aren't you? It is lovely to see your friends and your 8 year old goldfish is cute too!
30/Jul/08 6:43 PM
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Hi Judy - Thanks for the invite to become a Friend. Gladly I accept - but now what... not sure what to do next but will find out in due course I'm sure. Cheers.
31/Jul/08 7:50 AM
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Hi Judy - re Friends... CG is on my list and maybe he'll do something that we can pick up on...
Its the wee hours and I'm heading to bed - off to the big city tomorrow and its a long weekend so want to get an early start to beat the traffic.
31/Jul/08 4:36 PM
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Hey Judy, It is a purple cacti, that is on my FIL property in CA. He lives out in the high desert near 29 Palms.
05/Aug/08 12:05 AM
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Why thank you, dear lady, my aim is to please you girl. you can call in any time nite or Day my galleries are always open. I would be happy if you left a comment or two.Cheers, Kido.
05/Aug/08 5:25 PM
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I'm so pleased you have added some comments to my photos. I like to get feed back and I like to show off my little corner of the world, I've a photo stream in flickr if you are interested. Drop in any ol'time and thank you for your comment.
06/Aug/08 4:02 PM
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Thank you Judy you are sweet.I do enjoy taking photos I enjoy sharing them more BUT and it is a big but I don't like poking them under people noses. Thats why I love the sudoku, flickr and google earth sites people can look or leave it. You can see the world without leaving home. Call in anytime love having you. cheers.
07/Aug/08 4:12 PM
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New avatar, Judy?
09/Aug/08 9:29 AM
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Not, yet, give Gath a chance.
09/Aug/08 9:29 AM
 |  |

09/Aug/08 3:21 PM
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Avatar ?
11/Aug/08 1:26 PM
 |  |

I'll just wait with you.
11/Aug/08 1:31 PM
 |  |

Atta Girl!
11/Aug/08 4:58 PM
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Hi Judy - I have just put up a photo of one of our local flowers that are bloomin' beautiful at the moment. It is a bit like the tea tree on today's hard jigsaw. The flowers have quite firm waxy petals I suppose that is why they have that name. Geraldton is a town midway down the coast of Western Australia.
12/Aug/08 8:22 PM
 |  |

Hi Judy - your comment is very kind. I love the spring flowers and I have been looking forward to having a walk in the bush to capture some for my pleasure.
13/Aug/08 3:43 PM
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Hi Judy how have you been this summer. Its been a busy time for me, everyone wants to come up to 'cottage' country... don't see many visitors in winter because we Do get lots of cold and snow. I'm really late in answering your notes (and thank you for the interest)... When I go to the 'big More...
14/Aug/08 12:42 AM
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Hi Judy,
Well I finally made it on my morning walk up the hill near home and took some photos of the wildflowers. I even found a little elusive donkey orchid - so delicate.
17/Aug/08 12:56 PM
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Hi Judy - thanks for your very kind comments I got some useful software with my camera and it makes these wonderful collages very easily. Considering I only took the photos a couple of hours ago it is very simple and quick!
17/Aug/08 1:55 PM
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Oh yes by the way the donkey orchid is the one between the two blue flowers around about the middle again.
17/Aug/08 1:57 PM
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Thanks Judy - taking photos would be the only thing I would ever get a medal for and there are an awful lot of us about - with very stiff competition on these pages.
17/Aug/08 3:59 PM
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Hey Judy, Haven't talked in a while, how have things been? Still going to the dr. for Harry's toe. It is really healing now, did not see an open area in the ulsre today so we are finished with the skin graphs. Back to using Oasis [it's pig something] helps promote growth & healing. Still have a More...
20/Aug/08 9:00 AM
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Judy, I think you should know that dino is a Buddist nun. But thank you for your kind words.
26/Aug/08 3:39 PM
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Judy... FYI... dino is a woman, not a man. And a very sweet and caring woman. Buddhists in general tend to be kind people.
26/Aug/08 3:55 PM
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Judy, that's OK, I made the same mistake at first. I'm sure dino doesn't mind.
26/Aug/08 5:36 PM
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