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Hi, y'all, and welcome to my page!

Sit down and I'll get us some tea (iced).  Have a plate of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy -- comfort food!  Try a bite of fried okra, I bet you'll like it.  For dessert we have pecan pie and/or chocolate cake with chocolate icing -- better loosen up your belt..

Now stay awhile and tell me what's going on in your world. 



Judy Y



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Page two, many more to come.
30/Apr/08 9:23 PM
Judy, there were storms all around us, the closest tornado was maybe 20 miles away. Had hard rain and lots of wind, some small branches down is all. We never lost power so that is good, although all that was on TV last night was weather reports. Was a little cool this am but warmed up nicely, just More...
03/May/08 3:46 PM
Hi Judy, thanks for your enquiry. Anne and I are both well and looking forward to taking delivery of our new baby on 20 May. Then it will be up,up and away - follow the winds and the nose of the motorhome.
03/May/08 3:54 PM
Judy just saw your comment on the easy jigsaw, yes, that is the name a few people call me.
03/May/08 4:08 PM
Judy, jigsaw from 2 May was taken in Ponca City. Not sure what the building was, just liked it's looks.
04/May/08 2:07 PM
Oh Judy, I wish. . . but I think I'm closer to your age if not past you! Thank you, thank you for your wongerful b'day wish. See I can't even get myself to say the word!!!
13/May/08 12:20 PM
Hi Judy, and thank you so much for suggesting the National Geographic site for more puzzles. I had read briefly about that site a while ago, but then forgot about it. I am on the way there now!
18/May/08 8:57 PM
I'm so glad you liked my you tube. Drop by anytime. Have you tried zigzone jizsaw puzzles? I like 91 pieces. Try It.
20/May/08 4:06 PM
Hi Judy, we picked her up today and will do a shake-down trip early in June. We can't wait.
20/May/08 11:25 PM
Hey Judy, I've been wandering around pages that for some reason or other I have missed and am trying to remedy that situation...Looks as if you've been around for a good while, and I've seen your comments both on easy and the jigsaws...so I have no clue as to how I missed getting here before More...
21/May/08 7:08 AM
Thanks for the welcome. No, never heard of Stephanie Plum until you mentioned her. Wikipedia...hmm. Might do some light reading!
Have a Mountain View Cur named Gracie Lou named after the Sandra Bullock FBI/beauty queen character in Miss Congeniality (we have pets with split More...
23/May/08 10:57 PM
Hi Judy. You asked about my avatar. Its an Australian flower called a bottle brush. That photo is taken looking straight down the branch. the bit of green in the middle is a couple of leaves on the end of the branch. If you imagine turning it around so you're looking it from the side it looks like one of those bottle scrubbers with the bristles in a cylinder around a wire stem!
02/Jun/08 12:29 PM
Actually I've just change the photo on my page & it's a side view of a bottle brush flower, possibly the same one as the avatar!
02/Jun/08 12:34 PM
Judy if you want to see today's flower from Sue before it was shrunk for the jigsaw go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sistersmason/2230077922/
04/Jun/08 4:28 PM
Judy, thanks for stopping by the other day. Bringing you an orchid today as the avatar. (don't know how yet to do additional picutes to send
05/Jun/08 1:31 AM
Thanks Judy, now maybe you can help me with the other little symbols? Love the heart, but do you get these from a special site or how do you import? in appreciation!
05/Jun/08 4:30 AM
Hi Judy. I'm glad you liked my flower the other day! Thanks. I visited that Murraya site, thanks. Wonderful photos. The flower that was on jigsaw is on a bush that is part of a hedge too. But there are a couple of errors on the page! The Murraya actually comes from India, but her photos were taken More...
10/Jun/08 9:51 AM
Hello Judy - it seems that I've never welcomed you to your own page since you became a member. I may have mixed you up with our other Judy, I think. Heaven help!
I was reading your comment on my photo on medium jigsaw today and thought I'd say thank you on your page, then More...
10/Jun/08 3:48 PM
Hi Judy, thanks for the compliments on my "Shadows of Fort Fisher." That's one of the first (real!) paintings that I did and it's still my favorite. Many couples get married there, and they recognize the spot in my painting. It's one of the few that I had signed & numbered prints More...
14/Jun/08 4:04 PM
Judy, I was just doing some page cleaning and noticed your comments on my pics. for dropping in and meeting my tribe.
Mum and Dad live in Adelaide which is a ten hour drive from here but they are now both in their eighties and I miss them terribly. I try to get back as often as I More...
15/Jun/08 11:23 PM
Hello Judy - a big for your best wishes on the birth of my newest grandson, Bailey.
17/Jun/08 11:58 PM
Actually, Judy, Merlin had a visit today from a doggie friend who looks very much like Serena (Hey, how about a good pic of her??????) His friend, Charlie, had covered about 3k to get here. He belongs to good friends of mine who had wondered where their dog had gone! Merlin sends licks to Serina
26/Jun/08 6:29 PM
Hi Judy:
Yes it is my birthday but it's almost done. I always thought it should be a week long event. But I will be thankful for the day I spent out on the ocean with my sons and husband and the seafood lunch we had after. Thank you so much for taking a moment to wish me well.
08/Jul/08 9:52 AM
Judy, Judy, Judy did not know you are a fellow "Cancer" baby. You are a few days older than me, or at least your birthday is a few days before mine. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO..............

to you,
13/Jul/08 12:45 AM
Good Morning, Judy! I hope you have a wonderful day!!
13/Jul/08 1:27 AM
to you, after a night of storms - it's a nice cool summer day today - fine arts fair going on this weekend - but I'm heading off to the Hallmark Christmas party. I hope you enjoy your special day, Mary
13/Jul/08 1:33 AM
Happy Birhtday, Judy! Hope you are having a great day in OK City. July babies are the best (I'm one, too!) - a big b'day hug to you!
13/Jul/08 3:43 AM
Judy. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.
(A kindred spirit. I also love to travel)
13/Jul/08 6:48 AM

I hope you have many more, each better than the last!
13/Jul/08 7:31 AM
Hello Judy! to you! I hope your day has been filled with love, joy, laughter, friends, family and many surprises!
13/Jul/08 7:49 AM
Judy! Have a fantastic day!!
13/Jul/08 7:58 AM
Judy and thanks for your wishes for mine. Hope your day is everything you want it to be!
13/Jul/08 8:30 AM
Judy - Happy Birthday!!! Hope it isn't any hotter in Oklahoma than it is in Texas.
13/Jul/08 8:56 AM
Judy, a very to you.
I have brought you a bottle of Aussie bubbly, a Choc Mud and a bouquet of roses to help with the celebrations.
Have a truly wongerful day.
13/Jul/08 10:13 AM

Birthday Wishes coming your way Judy.
Have a great day.
13/Jul/08 10:17 AM
Heavens...can't believe I haven't dropped in before now...better late than never!!Serena is a 'cutie'.
13/Jul/08 12:29 PM
Judy, hope you day is filled with laughter, family and friends and the coming year is all you wish for.
13/Jul/08 3:13 PM
13/Jul/08 5:16 PM
Happy Birthday, Judy! I hope your home did not flood in last night's rain. Be sure you celebrate your special day!

Have a super birthday!
13/Jul/08 10:30 PM
Glad to hear your b'day was special and that the celebration continues today! My husband jokes around my birthday by adding to his "yes" answers, "Afterall, it is YOUR day!" He says this for about 2 weeks and I take full advantage of it! Continued good times to you!
13/Jul/08 11:29 PM
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