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Just dropping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter
07/Apr/07 3:20 PM
Hi Weezie! Nice to meet you. I understand you've been lurking awhile, it's good to see you out and about I'll just leave this big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup on the table. Hope you and your guests enjoy it Stop by my place anytime, door's always open!
02/Jul/07 3:16 AM
Weezie, the best places to visit are usually the hardest to find. Your page is really hard to find when you don't post. Glad you posted. When I visit I alway bring a bottle of locally made elderberry wine and some sand plum preserves if available. Welcome to the party.
02/Jul/07 3:21 AM
Hi Weezie56. Any special significance for your name? Nice to see you come out of the closet and post on Canada Day. I'm leaving you my traditinal double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry as a welcome gift to your page, and since its Canada Day, hope you'll lift a glass with me. Cheers!
02/Jul/07 3:54 AM
Just following the path into your place and enjoy some wine and a just a bite of the pastry. Leaving Blue Moon beer for the weekend and hoping you are having a good weekend and upcoming 4th, Mary
02/Jul/07 4:48 AM
Great that you dropped in, Weezie! There's plenty more shrimp and it's a great day to get into the mimosas too. Arthur is a gem, and is currently curled up on the same rug you see in the photograph, content to watch me at work. Generally he's a very docile cat and doesn't play the prima donna More...
04/Jul/07 2:31 AM
Hi Weezie, Thanks for the visit. Glad that you share my flag preference...it is great, I agree. You were on my list to visit, sorry I hadn't made it here to welcomeyou first...but please know that the welcome is warmly meant. Your screen name has a lot of meaning for me, my deceased cousin(a More...
04/Jul/07 9:56 AM
Hi Mamacita2
Thanks for the presents and it's great to be a part of this Sudoku family.
The nickname 'weezie' -- well it started with someone I worked with who had another weezie in her life -- and I didn't like it at first. But as a Louise I do like it now. Part of the maturing process I More...
04/Jul/07 10:07 AM
WEEZIE, to get to the recipe pages, go to top of any sudoku page, in the center, you shall see HOME, Climp and blog, amoungst other clickable listings. click on Clips. On clips page scroll down to where you see heading CONVERSATIONS. under conversations, you will find recipes. Other good More...
27/Jul/07 3:40 AM
Hi, Weezie! I just popped over to your page from Easy to offer directions to the Recipe page, but it looks like MizTricia beet me to it. I'm glad you posted your question, because I didn't know you had a page. So, this is a very belated WELCOME to your page. I hope you feel free to post a bit more More...
27/Jul/07 10:52 AM
Gday Weezie, glad to meet you. Saw your comment on easy and because you asked about the recipe page, which is near and dear to me, I had to come and visit. I plan my menu on a two weekly basis, knowing exactly what I'm cooking that night and have everything I need on hand because I can't stand More...
27/Jul/07 8:36 PM
Hi weezie, saw your post on easy so I came to say Hi. Leaving you a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to munch on. Come visit when you hve the time.
18/Aug/07 5:16 AM
Hi, Weezie!
Our Red Sox didn't do so well today (Sun.) but our Pats should be great tomorrow night. Last year, I moved from MA to FL and now I live in a den of Yankee fans. Of course, that just makes me sport more Red Sox shirts, wave more Sox flags, etc.!
Glad to meet you on the site. I need company when supporting our fabulous teams.
01/Oct/07 10:32 AM
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25/Oct/07 7:33 AM
Weezie, just stopping by to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
22/Nov/07 11:43 AM
Wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! Hope your day reminds you of all of the wonderful things we have for which to be thankful!
23/Nov/07 4:19 AM
Just dropping in to say I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and New Year.

Mickey and family.
15/Dec/07 8:02 AM
Wishing you and your family, health, peace, love, and happiness throughout the New Year! ! Stella
01/Jan/08 1:48 AM
Stopped by to wish you good cheer
Brought a little bubblie here
May your toast be great
For two thousand eight
May you have a very

Hope your Christmas was blest.
No resolutions to obsess
It is not too late
For to celebrate
Our Lord Saviour’s Righteousness
01/Jan/08 4:07 AM
Gday weezie, haven't noticed you around much lately so I thought I'd pop in to check all was well with you and yours.
Take care and hope to see you soon,
30/Mar/08 5:50 PM
Hi Weezie! Thanks for the compliments you left on my page. Guess I haven't been paying very close attention since I see now that you have had your own page since LAST April!! Also noticed in your reply to mamacita above that your "real" name is Louise. That's a name I love since it More...
06/Apr/08 1:47 AM
Hello weezie56 - I just realized I have never been by to visit you. I live about an North of Detroit. We are in the country and we have had a lot of snow this year!!!! I am so looking forward to Spring. It is suppose to be 59 (F) here today and the sun is shining! Now that the snow has melted, More...
06/Apr/08 2:13 AM
Weezie, a very to you.
I have brought along a bottle of Aussie bubbly, a Choc Mud and a bouquet of roses to help with the celebrations.
Have a truly wongerful day.
07/Jul/08 12:02 AM
Here comes the cake!
I see Gail has left a Choc Mud, but I feel you can never have enough
Wishing you love laughter, and happiness today and always
07/Jul/08 1:16 AM
Hello Weezie56! to you! I hope you have a wonderful day!
07/Jul/08 1:45 AM
looks like I always come around the 4th of July - once to welcome and now to wish you a very merry Birthday, I hope you are enjoying your speical day, Wonderful weekend here for parties here. Mary More...
07/Jul/08 3:42 AM
Happy Birthday Weezie56.
07/Jul/08 8:23 AM
G'day Weezie,
I hope you have a fantastic day today your

07/Jul/08 9:29 AM
Weezie, hope your day is filled with family, friends and laughter and the coming year is even better.
07/Jul/08 12:49 PM
Hi Weezie...wonder why we have never met before? No better occasion than today....
07/Jul/08 1:36 PM
Oh, my goodness, you say it's your birthday Weezie? Here's hoping it's the best one yet!
07/Jul/08 5:12 PM
BIRTHDAY WISHES coming your way Weezie56.
Is this born in 1956 I wonder? I was.
Have a great day.
07/Jul/08 7:14 PM
Happy birthday Weezie. I hope you have fabulous plans to celebrate your day and that you are able to spend it with people you love doing those things that put a big smile on your face. Have a great day whatever you do!

Aimee :-)
07/Jul/08 11:56 PM
Hi Weezie,

I'm glad you enjoy my sometimes demented posts. You say that you don't post much. Why is that? If you're not comfortable with the sometimes critical group on "easy", why don't you join the more relaxed, friendlier More...
01/Oct/08 9:42 AM
Happy Birthday Weezie! Hope you have a very special day and blessings throughout the coming year.
07/Jul/09 12:06 AM
Hi Louise, have a very happy birthday today! Enjoy the cake!
07/Jul/09 1:06 AM
Hello there Weezie56! I am just popping in to wish you a very !!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!
07/Jul/09 2:36 AM
Happy birthday Louise! Do you still visit the site on occasion? Hope you have a special two-day Sudoku party. Cheers!
07/Jul/09 3:39 AM
Hope your are enjoying your special day - nice and warm today ! take care, Mary
07/Jul/09 5:33 AM
Louise, hope your day is spectacular
07/Jul/09 10:24 AM
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