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Cool Hia all Cool welcome 

to my page

Take a load off,

As I'm a dutchie will leave a plate of Poffertjes for your enjoyment,



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Hi Liz, just popped in to turn the page for ya!
18/Oct/08 7:11 AM
Hi, Liz! Well, it looks like I have never visited here, so a VERY late Welcome! I'm also late reading SA6 comments - still in the 130's. I just read about your kidney situation. Prayers for excellent findings when you have the camera-thingy!
18/Oct/08 11:42 AM
Sounding and looking pretty good Liz....hehe...not like me.....
I will look forward toit.
20/Oct/08 1:00 PM
Broni is just so kind at times...isn't she!!!
20/Oct/08 1:01 PM
Hi Liz, I now vaguely remember placing the comment. I don't got to Palumpa that often though several of my collegues visit there regularly. though I do get to Peppi - next big community across. What's with all the lairy names --- it seems that seveal people have snuck a few descriptors into their nom de plume of late
22/Oct/08 8:58 PM
Gosh Liz, Have I never visited you before, or did you delete my posts? I have been on your page before as I've seen your photos. I feel so bad about this if I've never posted before this. Well, I guess this is a VERY belated page welcome (three double chocolate fudge beavertail More...
25/Oct/08 9:56 AM
Dizzy. It's awful when you feel blah I know. I hope you feel better soon. For you
25/Oct/08 10:50 PM
Hi Lizzy thx for the welcome.You are a Dutchie I come from Greece originaly. cheers
30/Oct/08 8:29 PM
I I don't know the Kind of music you like but do you know ANDRE RIEU ? the flying Dutcman.He is coming in Melbourne shortly.He is a very fine musician.
Have a nice day.Cheers
04/Nov/08 9:34 AM
Congratulations on winning first place in the SA6 Melbourne Cup Sweep (along with Susan)!!!!

You are officially (one of) the best nags on site!
04/Nov/08 3:35 PM
No I did not win.You did not let me Know if you Know abaout ANDRE RIEU and if you like or not his music.Ido and I think most Dutch people do.

04/Nov/08 8:01 PM
ANDRE is in town.It's sonice of him to come here.Iam realy happy to see him.
07/Nov/08 9:13 PM
f you today mate...
Hope the photo shoot goes really well and you don't come out looking like a silly
Look forward to seeing you on line tonight just to say hello and that you are ok.
10/Nov/08 10:10 AM
Sorry it took me so long to answer but my P.C went crazy.It would not listen to me.ANDRE RIEU is one of the very best musicians around and I would not have mist him for anything.Take care.
17/Nov/08 9:14 AM
Hi, Dizzy Lizzy! Thank you so much for the birthday greetings. As you know, birthdays here in Sudokuland last 2 days, but I really don't start celebrating until tomorrow. But it sure has been fun enjoying all of the birthday wishes today! Thanks for the kind greeting and warm thoughts. Have a great day, both today and tomorrow!
27/Nov/08 4:22 PM
Liz, you did a great job getting the photos up so quickly - well done! What a great day we had, and so nice to meet Rena and Amber.
29/Nov/08 10:38 PM
Lizzy - you did such a great job with your pictures...really gave me the feeling of being there.
Oh wait! I was there - hehehe...well, cyberly at least! Wonderful pictures, wonderful friends, and a wonderful time. (not to mention the wonderful hostess!)
30/Nov/08 1:46 AM
Hi Liz! Wow you did those photos so fast! I really should work out how to that some time. It was lovely to meet you all again - Rob and I both had a great time. :)
01/Dec/08 1:26 PM
I really hate those windy roads, but Rob grew up in the hills, so he isn't fazed at all. But he, poor darling, had just had some nasty dental work done, so was feeling a bit seedy as the painkillers wore off. :(
Anyway - look forward to seeing you all again whenever the next get-together happens! :)
01/Dec/08 1:36 PM
Liz, great pictures of your get together at Gail's. Thanks for the photos! I can't believe I haven't been here before. Sorry about that! I hope you have a wonderful day!
02/Dec/08 10:34 PM
Hi Liz, thank you for the birthday greetings, I have had a great day but no cake!!! I ate too much at Gail's on Saturday so decided that red wine with friends at lunch today was better for me!
04/Dec/08 8:00 PM
Me again Liz, forgot to say what great photos you posted from Chez Cockatoo - I needed the big one to see who was who....and I was there!
04/Dec/08 8:04 PM
And speaking of Saturday...
Liz, thank you just isn't enough.
To have you by my side (bossing me at the barby!) means so much to me.
My hips would like to thank you for the potato salad I snacked on, and the trifle I ate for breakfast the following three mornings!
Sorry about Sunday, More...
04/Dec/08 10:20 PM

♪♪Sinterklaas Kapoentje
gooi wat in mijn schoetje
gooi wat in mijn laarsje
dank u Sinterklaasje♪♪

♪♪ Sinterklaasje bonne bonne bonne
goi wat in miun lege, lege tonne,
goi wat in mijn Laarsje
Dan u Sinterklaasje♪♪♪
05/Dec/08 9:21 AM
Hi Liz, thanks for your welcome message. My husband and family are Dutch and I have to say my favourite is chocolate hail and Gestampte Muisjes, expecially on rusks. Yum!!!
07/Dec/08 7:53 PM
Hi Liz

I think you are on line now is it right?
09/Dec/08 8:06 PM
hi Liz
I have msn but can you give me some help I will propably be able to talk to you at google talk if you have a Gmail with google.My email is Harry.riadis@Gmail.com
see you
09/Dec/08 8:54 PM
Sweetie, thinking about you today.

In Lenny's memory

10/Dec/08 8:25 AM
Thinking of you... Being a Dutchie, I thought you'd like tulips.
10/Dec/08 3:37 PM
Hope today is better for you Lizzy. You are in my thoughts.
11/Dec/08 12:34 PM
Hi, Lizzy - just thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and hugs {{{{{Liz}}}}}
11/Dec/08 3:14 PM
G'day Liz! I'm slowly catching up on Sudoku after our long trip through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, & Cambodia. Thank you for your birthday greeting on Dec. 4. I had a very special day which began when we watched the sun rise at Angkor Wat in Cambodia - unforgettable! I have posted only one More...
14/Dec/08 12:52 PM
for the birthday wishes Liz! I had a fun, very full, day... I'm glad they only happen once a year though! Some left over just for you... enjoy.
15/Dec/08 12:41 PM

Wishing you all the very best for the Festive Season

20/Dec/08 7:53 AM
Hi Liz
I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.I must say that I send season's greetings earlier in your Email but bounced back.


20/Dec/08 9:25 AM
Liz, may the Christmas spirit bless you and your family and the New Year be filled with joy and prosperity! Merry Christmas!
20/Dec/08 11:47 PM
Sending thoughts and wishes for a very Merry Christmas from me and mine.
23/Dec/08 8:29 AM
Hi Liz! Hope you have a lovely Christmas - lots of fun, food and friends! And wishing you only good things for the coming year. :)
23/Dec/08 10:11 AM
Hi Liz, just stopping by to say have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for a happy and healthy 2009.
23/Dec/08 11:42 AM
23/Dec/08 11:52 AM
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