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Cool Hia all Cool welcome 

to my page

Take a load off,

As I'm a dutchie will leave a plate of Poffertjes for your enjoyment,



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Lizzy and Gizzy - A most Happy Holiday to you and yours. Sending love and holiday hugs. More...
24/Dec/10 1:41 AM
Hey Liz. I see Gizzie is the star of the Easy Sudoku today. Well done!
10/Aug/11 11:02 PM
Dear Liz! Hope you and Gizzie have a fabulous day! XXXOOO
12/Sep/11 12:24 AM
to you.
to you.
Dizzy Lizzy
to you.

Hope you have a great day with a big and lots of presents.

12/Sep/11 1:14 AM
Hi Dizzy Lizzy! Have a busy tizzy of a day and don't let your hair get frizzy!
12/Sep/11 3:08 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Lizzy!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
12/Sep/11 5:12 AM
Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe
12/Sep/11 9:07 AM
Many happy returns for today Lizzy. Hope this year is filled with joy.
12/Sep/11 9:23 AM
Liz, I hope you are enjoying your special day.
12/Sep/11 4:40 PM
I really hope you are having a wonderful day celebrating your special day.

12/Sep/11 4:49 PM
Puppy DAG!
12/Sep/11 5:01 PM
Hi Liz.
Lots of Birthday wishes coming your way.
I hope you had a fabulous day.
12/Sep/11 6:32 PM

I hope your day was all you expected Dizzie.
12/Sep/11 7:26 PM
Wishing you and your family a beautiful holiday and blessings the year long
Big, big hugs to you and Gizmo.
24/Dec/11 2:25 AM
Sweet Lizzie! Hope your day is fabulous! XXXOOO
12/Sep/12 12:37 AM
Hope you have a good day
12/Sep/12 2:52 AM
Liz, wishing you a very happy birthday, hope your day is spent doing the things that you love and enjoying time with good friends and family, have a great day!
12/Sep/12 3:06 AM
Enjoy your day!
12/Sep/12 3:16 AM
Happy Birthday to a fellow Dutchie. I haven't had Poffertjes for over 20 years. My mom used to make them every year on New Years Eve. MMMMM, I can almost taste them!
12/Sep/12 4:11 AM
Liz, I hope you enjoy one of the best birthdays ever! Happy Birthday.
12/Sep/12 4:59 AM
Dear Lizzie, wishing you a wonderful year.
12/Sep/12 5:55 AM
dear Lizzie, many happy returns of the day
12/Sep/12 8:41 AM
Liz, have a wonderful birthday! Cheers!
12/Sep/12 9:36 AM
27/Sep/12 9:49 AM
Miss you and love you, Lizzie - Rest in heavenly peace.
27/Sep/12 10:39 AM
Another flower gone.
27/Sep/12 11:48 AM
I miss you already sweet friend xoxo
27/Sep/12 1:49 PM
27/Sep/12 11:04 PM
You are truly missed already, dearest Lizzy.
28/Sep/12 9:12 AM
RIP Lizzy. You will be truly missed.
30/Sep/12 11:21 AM
Today is the day that should not be happening Liz.
Fond farewell my friend xoxo
03/Oct/12 10:04 AM
Never far from my thoughts xoxo
09/Nov/12 10:22 PM
Happy Birthday my darling, purple iris will mark your day
Love you, miss you <3 :'(
12/Sep/13 12:30 AM
Miss you Liz. RIP.
12/Sep/13 8:21 AM

25/Sep/13 11:58 AM
26/Sep/13 9:06 AM
Hi, not sure if you still visit our little corner of the world, just in case you do I am sending Happy Birthday wishes your way, hope your day is wonderful!
12/Sep/14 5:58 AM
I so rarely check on birthdays, but I did today. You're missed by many, 'Dizzy Lizzy!'
12/Sep/17 11:25 AM
You are missed, my friend. May you have a good celebration in heaven.
12/Sep/18 12:31 PM
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