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Cool Hia all Cool welcome 

to my page

Take a load off,

As I'm a dutchie will leave a plate of Poffertjes for your enjoyment,



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Hewwo Liz, Thank you very much for the birthday wishes last week and I'm sorry it has taken so long to get back to you
10/Jul/08 10:29 AM
Hello Liz from melbourne:

Thanks for your birthday wishes. I did indeed have a wonderful day with my sons and husband.
Your thoughtfulness is most appreciatd!!!!!
11/Jul/08 6:41 AM
OI, monster dag, piccies please! Ruby on SA5 is asking for them!!!
20/Jul/08 12:50 PM
Hi Liz, great to see you on Saturday. Thanks to you and Bean, I have been able to fix my computer problem. It wasn't in paint but you made think outside the square! The problem was that I had been cropping some old photos some time back and it seems I had exited the programme without turning More...
21/Jul/08 12:13 PM
Hi Liz

it was great to chat with you the other night. Hope we can do so more often. I told mum about the conversation, that both you and Michelle have roots in the Netherlands, and that we 3 just randomly found ourselves chatting together. She sometimes plays on the site, but has not More...
25/Jul/08 1:56 PM
14/Aug/08 9:38 PM
14/Aug/08 9:40 PM
Thanks Liz - will give them a try now!
19/Aug/08 5:42 PM
Hi Liz! Just made a quick stop and looked through your wonderful picture gallery...
"hi" to Sammie and Gizmo
Also, loved the yummy desserts!
24/Aug/08 12:33 AM
Hi Liz, thanks for the note. Have just started working in low care after 8 years in high care/dementia. Have worked in 3 facilities in southern subs. Always looking for new ideas, would be great to exchange. Would be great to catch up.
05/Sep/08 10:57 PM
Liz - I absolutely LOVED your story about Terry (Teresa)...what a special gift to have that kind of relationship with a critter from the wild. Bless you!
I had a great time visiting your gallery...now I'm REALLY hungry for dessert!
06/Sep/08 2:54 PM
Hi Liz, not able to make the chat and chew at southbank. My daughter has a calisthenics comp. at shepparton same time. Hopefully will catch up at the next one. In the mean time...boss is pushing me to do "parties" prev. DT has done all the usual (cocktail, hiawan(?), blah, blah) got any suggestions?
10/Sep/08 9:47 PM
Liz, me old mate, a very to you.
I have brought along enough to last (me) all day, a special and a bouquet of More...
12/Sep/08 10:22 AM
Here is hoping you have a wongerful Birthday Liz.
Eat, drink and be merry and get lots of nice pressies.
Looking forward to meeting you soon.
Have a great day. More...
12/Sep/08 10:26 AM
12/Sep/08 12:21 PM
Monter Dag, brought a couple of drinkies along to celebrate! Hope you have a great day and an even better year. Luv Ya!
12/Sep/08 12:39 PM
Liz!!! I heard you were hurt 'cause nobody sent you birthday wishes. Here's lots of presents to make up for it. More...
12/Sep/08 1:22 PM
hey Liz, Have a great one
12/Sep/08 1:30 PM
Hi Liz
I hope you have a great day!
12/Sep/08 1:43 PM
Liz, Hope you are having a wongerful day.
(You were not listed when I checked early this morning!)
12/Sep/08 2:32 PM
Liz, I hope you have a great day full of love and laughter. Wishing you much joy, many friends, good health and great happiness.
12/Sep/08 2:49 PM
Liz, hope you have a great day all the best, sophia
12/Sep/08 3:29 PM
Liz. I hope you're having a stupendous day! More...
12/Sep/08 4:40 PM
Liz! Hope you have had a wonderful day and have a fantastic evening!!!! Hugs!
12/Sep/08 6:37 PM
Liz - As its now 9.30pm & your birthdays almost over I hope you had a really great day. I can see above that you gots lots of pressies, but I'll leave you some more, so you can have a good day tomorrow too. More...
12/Sep/08 9:33 PM
Dear Liz! I thought I had screwed up missing your big day (I always check the b'day box...but I thought it was empty) - I'm so glad Gail let us know that it had not appeared earlier. Phew! Gath's fault and not mine
12/Sep/08 9:45 PM
Hope your day is full of More...
12/Sep/08 9:48 PM
Hi Liz, thanks for the ideas. We're having belly dancers next week!! But I love the FOTZ idea i didn't realise that they did in-house. Did you know you can get outreach resource boxes from the museum with some great themes - dance hall days, toys for yesteryear, recipes for remembering and a few More...
12/Sep/08 10:23 PM
Hey just noticed it's your birthday!!!! Have a great one. You're a Virgo and so am I. Enjoy your day.
12/Sep/08 10:28 PM



Hope you have a wongerful day and get to eat lots of
12/Sep/08 10:42 PM
well a birthday is a great reason to come visit your page. i love your family pics. the treats look great as well. nice to meet you and have a super day!!!
13/Sep/08 2:07 AM
Hi Liz, no i never got to the dt workshops, they hadn't started when i was working there. I would have liked to go to the 2 day convention but the cost is a problem. never mind. My birthday is the 23rd - it's the 50 and I'm having my very first fairy party. Looking forward to a real More...
14/Sep/08 12:23 AM
Hi Liz, your welcome, funny how a lot of people are out south eastern way, we live in skipton a tiny town 50kms out of ballarat, but originally we are from wantirna, ferntree gully lived all around that area for years, kids still out there and every so often we come down to visit.
14/Sep/08 3:19 PM
Hi Liz - believe Lyon is in France. Most interesting sculpture... cheerio
20/Sep/08 3:01 AM
Hi to you, Liz!

It's fun to visit people's pages - now I imply that you are a Virgo as you just had a birthday in September, right? Me, too, the 9th. Much to my amazement I reached Medicare age, and have been soooo delighted (read: horrified) with how our system screws everything up in More...
05/Oct/08 11:30 PM
Hey, it's me again! I forgot to say that I am intrigued by you being Dutch - I have a number of Dutch friends who I met in the Italian WorkCamp (we do restoration in Southern Italy as volunteers) where I ended up running classes for five years for a Virginia University (in fresco restoration and More...
05/Oct/08 11:41 PM
Liz for posting the picture of Viv's meet...it's wongerful!
I left a comment for you on the picture.
07/Oct/08 12:30 AM
Hi Liz,a fellow worker in aged care.Yes,I was so happy to get 100% in the audit.I run the Tena (continence)programme along with 12 others.I'm a personal carer.
So you are in Lifestyle...that is a challenging job.Too much paperwork since accreditation came in but I suppose many have More...
12/Oct/08 3:39 AM
Liz, thanks for the link to the Staircase to Heaven (or some sites are calling it "Staircase to the Moon") -- I love it! I finally found a few more photos, but the one you sent was the most gorgeous! I love the look of the moon on the water -- they call that a "moon grove," I More...
15/Oct/08 3:53 PM
Hi Liz
Wanted to send personal wishes for a good result from the test coming up.... positive thoughts and wishes coming your way!
16/Oct/08 10:10 AM
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