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hot day but I hear the rain outside - wonderful week for the 4th of July here near Chicago so really can't complain of summer heat -- should be nice this weekend and that is when the fine art fair More...
07/Jul/10 10:00 AM
Thank you, the truth is I am proud of all my children. Each in his or her own way have achieved more then I could hope for in one lifetime. Love, and respect for each other binds us together.
16/Jul/10 5:53 AM
Hello Phantom - you are doing a good job of the daily summary. Everyone seems to be enjoying your efforts.
17/Jul/10 11:14 PM
this is indeed an unparalleled delight
26/Jul/10 4:06 AM
The Phantom Has Arisen

Out of the depths of Sudukoland,
A shadowy figure did arrive,
Speaking words that were in demand,
Helping the site to survive.

Initial thoughts were "This is just a joke,"
But as the days continued on,
Suddenly many of the Suduko More...
26/Jul/10 7:43 AM
You have a gift for humor. Thanks for using it to make such unique and enjoyable summaries. I admire how you manage your humor without resorting to bad words or insults.
16/Aug/10 11:32 PM
I'm loving the summaries, keep it up. Missed you while your pooter was broken.
29/Aug/10 8:13 AM
Alright, GO THE CATS! That really hurt to say that.
16/Sep/10 11:06 PM
Wishing your wife a very Happy Birthday!
Enjoy the rest of your day and have a lovely evening, especially having the grandchildren as well.
25/Sep/10 5:43 PM
Oh Phantom... I wish to declare you a health hazard.
I nearly choked I was laughing so much about one of your comments.
WTG... keep up the good work!

I'm with you..go the cats!!
03/Oct/10 7:10 AM
Hello Phantom - Well, you haven't only got ten comments anymore!
Keep up the good work of your daily summaries.
10/Oct/10 2:38 PM
I'll add my kudos, too!
for the
16/Oct/10 6:48 AM
Hi Phantom - someone may have already sent you this and I couldn't paste it into a PM - Jane posted the following on Facebook overnight last night:
Heading back to the hospital where Jaime has been since Wednesday. It looks like his pneumonia will be with him for awhile - possibly 4 to 6 weeks - More...
18/Oct/10 12:15 AM
Hi Phantom! Just caught your summary for the first time - what fun!!!
Another mysterious personality in Sudokuland.
18/Oct/10 1:54 AM
Not sure I want to go back and see what you said about me ...but I'm sure glad I found your summaries. They are really clever and I can't imagine how I've missed them all this time. Signs of OLD AGE, I know! ...I'm not a drinker, so I don't have that excuse!
19/Oct/10 2:20 AM
Where are you??? We all miss your clever summaries
I hope everything's okay. If you are able, please stop by and let us know how you are.
21/Oct/10 12:46 AM
I'm so sorry that you have injured your finger, Phantom!
My son did something similar. He was trying to open a painted shut window and while banging on it, put his hand through the pane. The damage was done to two fingers on his left hand. They had to cut off his wedding ring, then More...
24/Oct/10 12:44 AM
Look after yourself.
24/Oct/10 10:57 PM
Get better soon, dear Phantom. We are all missing your summaries. But the jokes are good!
25/Oct/10 9:29 PM
OMG! Looks like you did a - J O B - Job on that hand. I can now see why keyboarding would be a serious challenge. Wishing you a speedy recovery to full mobility...
25/Oct/10 10:19 PM
Ouch.I hope you didn't lose any.A quick recovery to you.
25/Oct/10 10:50 PM
Wow! When you do something, you do it properly, Phantom!! Speedy recovery!
25/Oct/10 11:03 PM
We all are missing your summaries!
Hope healing comes quickly... but for YOUR sake, not ours!
25/Oct/10 11:33 PM
Hello Phantom, I have been away for a few days. I am glad to see you are back. May you heal quickly. I look forward to seeing your posts.
25/Oct/10 11:57 PM
Phantom, sorry about your hand, may it heal soon. Enjoy your nightly summaries.
26/Oct/10 2:02 AM
Wow! You did do a number on that hand with the router, didn't you? Hopefully, it left a nice rounded edge.
I wish you speedy healing!
27/Oct/10 2:38 AM
Phantom, How do you do? I sense disappointment that few responded to camp bananas (?). No individual camp taste should go unheralded! It is different, but thanks for sharing.....I'll try!
For at home banana snack, try this! one whole banana, one shallow bowl of salted sunflower seed More...
27/Oct/10 4:04 PM
Hey Phantom, great job on the hand. I'd have thought that at your your age you'd know better than to play with power tools. I hope Mrs Phantom has taken the router away from you.

Get Better Soon. We miss your summaries - but I'm loving the jokes.
28/Oct/10 1:46 PM
Gee Phantom - that's one way to get lots of comments on your page.
28/Oct/10 9:24 PM
Great to have you back, Phantom!
(And I thought the BANDAGE looked bad!)
29/Oct/10 3:39 AM
Looks like ya shoulda dropped it after it "bit" ya the first time. OR Don't grab a hold of somethin' ya can't turn loose...

Seriously, It's good to see the summaries back!

BTW --- Not a Bosun --- "Snipe"...
29/Oct/10 8:39 AM
Well, I guess I should....
29/Oct/10 8:40 AM

That's Beer, Coffee "back"
29/Oct/10 8:41 AM
Thanks for taking the time to visit my Photo Gallery and for your lovely comment in your summary about my sunset photo, Phantom.
11/Nov/10 10:28 PM
The hand is looking better... Ya gonna give the router another chance?
23/Nov/10 2:48 PM
Eggnog is available, commercially, in season. Which means from just before Thanksgiving to just after New Years. I don't think I've ever tried to make it...

My personal preference is to "spice it up" with Meyers "Planters Punch"
30/Nov/10 2:58 AM
Re: "piked out." I had a feeling that you would have an explanation. Thanks.
05/Dec/10 1:15 AM
Love your summaries, Phantom! I've particularly appreciated them over the past several weeks since I wasn't able to spend much time on the computer. You asked about the cookbook. Go to my page and click on the link. Of course, you won't get the updated version yet, but you'll find some More...
13/Dec/10 1:50 AM
Dear phantom.


Wishing You A Merry Christmas And A Very Happy New Year 2011.

16/Dec/10 3:53 PM

Have a well deserved rest

Thank you for your witty summaries. I have looked forward to them daily. I love starting the morning with a chuckle, or, sometimes an outright laugh!

Enjoy the time with your family and friends. to you!
23/Dec/10 2:51 AM
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