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Hi all and thanks for looking.

Have a good day 

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Hi, NeilC! Welcome to the land of Sudoku, where you will meet some craziness and MANY of the nicest people in the world. Here is a vase of freshly cut lilacs and a big box of Frango Mints for you to enjoy as you get settled in.
11/May/07 12:58 AM

Julie, thanks very much. I am confused. I should be a compter Nerd but I look after Computer Systems for a living. I cannot type (at a fast rate), I can program in 8 different computer languages (maybe 14 if I think about it), but I love the challenge of the puzzles.
if you are a mother 'Have a great mothers day'
Regards Neil
14/May/07 12:17 AM
Gday NeilC, I'm an ex-Adelaidian living in the enemy's camp! Thought I'd pop in and offer you a plate of nibblies and a bottle of bubbly. Come over to my page to visit sometime, I'm usually home. If not, leave me a note and we'll catch up another time.
10/Jun/07 5:16 PM
Yoohoo! Anyone home.
Neil, pop into easy page sometime and say gday.
22/Oct/07 9:08 PM
Hope you don't think me a 'cereal' pest but I'm back again! This time to say great to see you and have a very

03/Jan/08 11:28 PM
back Neil.
One more post and I will have a CP on your page!
How's the weather in Adelaide today? We've had steady rain here since last night. Glorious.
20/Jan/08 5:25 PM
Hello Neil - a belated to our wongerful world of sudoku and a HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to you and your family.
Come and visit my page sometime and see my photos both in Flickr and My Gallery.
Here's a bottle of our local Wignall's Chardonnay for you to share with your visitors.
26/Jan/08 6:56 PM
My goodness, now I feel really bad. You became a member in May or thereabouts and I've only just paid a visit. I only saw your name today so thought you were a new member while I've been off the site lately.
26/Jan/08 6:58 PM
Hope all is well with you and you are finding a way to keep cool during your Heat Wave. Interestingly enough - it may be one of the few places on earth that is currently experiencing Global Warming.
14/Mar/08 12:58 PM
Have a great Easter mate.
If you're on the roads, please stay safe.
21/Mar/08 12:12 PM
Neil! I hope you have a wonderful day!

The picture of you and your daughter is adorable!
04/Apr/08 12:21 AM
Hope your day is filled with fun, laughter and happiness.
04/Apr/08 12:24 AM
to you, Neil!!! May your day be a special one!
04/Apr/08 12:42 AM
A very Neil - enjoy your day!
04/Apr/08 12:43 AM
Happy Birthday Neil
04/Apr/08 1:38 AM
Dear NEIL.
to NEIL .

to You .
04/Apr/08 2:27 AM
♪♫♪ ♪♫♪ to you Neil on your special day, Martha is making cupcakes on her show, so I swiped a plate just for you, Im near Chicago and it's a wonderful spring day here, I hope you are enjoying your special day, Mary
04/Apr/08 4:51 AM
You obviously keep a very low profile Neil, as here I am wishing you a happy birthday and a welcome to your own page almost a year after you got your own page! Duh! Hope you have a super birthday, filled with fun and frolicking. Cheers!
04/Apr/08 5:39 AM
I'm standing behind Greg here in the doorway.
It seems I've never been here before. So, a very, very belated to you Neil!
I've brought and More...
04/Apr/08 6:37 AM
Hi Neil! It seems that a big crowd has gathered to wish you a Please come surprise us with a comment on Easy someday. We'd love to get to know you better.
04/Apr/08 9:03 AM
Neil, wishing you a very . Enjoy your celebrations.
04/Apr/08 9:42 AM
WE ARE TWINS AND DIDN'T KNOW IT!!!! Happy Birthday my friend....

04/Apr/08 10:01 AM

to you
to you
dear Neil
to you

04/Apr/08 10:03 AM
Happy b'day to you, hope it's filled with love, laughter and BIG HUGS!! - Where in Adelaide are you? Cheers
04/Apr/08 10:50 AM
.. Neil ..

04/Apr/08 12:05 PM
Neil ...make it a super special day for yourself...filled with love, surprises and fun.
Come and visit my page anytime, the door is always open.
04/Apr/08 12:11 PM
Neil, hope you day is special and the coming year is even better for you
04/Apr/08 12:52 PM
Hi Neil..
Hope you have a wonderful day full of love, laughter and !!!
04/Apr/08 12:55 PM
To one and all, thanks for the Birthday Wishes. Worst is I have had to come home from work sick.
Shado, I live in Elizabeth Grove.
Cheers Neil

04/Apr/08 4:07 PM
Neil, a very to you. I am so pleased my power came back on just in time! Sorry to hear your not feeling up to scratch mate. That's no good at all.
I have brought along a bottle of bubbly and a Choc Mud ] to help you celebrate. Hope you feel up to them later.
Hope you're feeling better soon and then you can celebrate for real!
04/Apr/08 5:00 PM

Happy Birthday Neil.
04/Apr/08 8:30 PM
Gday Neil, just popping in to see how you are doing.
Hope all is well with you.
12/Sep/08 9:00 PM
Neil! Hope you have a fabulous day and blessings throughout the year!
04/Apr/09 12:16 AM
Neil, May this be your best birthday ever.

04/Apr/09 1:25 AM
Dear NeilC.
With all my best wishes to have a very happy Birthday.
04/Apr/09 4:35 AM
Happy Birthday Neil.Hope you arent affected by the Holden saga.
I lived at Reynella a long time ago.
Have a great day.
04/Apr/09 4:52 AM
Happy birthday Neil! Enjoy your special day and have a pint or two on me!
04/Apr/09 4:57 AM
Stopping by to bring wishes to you Neil!
Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your day!
04/Apr/09 5:26 AM
Neil! Hope you have a wonderful day!
04/Apr/09 7:05 AM
Happy birthday Neil. I hope you have a wonderful day.
04/Apr/09 7:18 AM
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