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Feeding birds

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June - I'm sure you are going to love visiting Machu Picchu in September. It was an amazing place to see and also to walk the Inca Trail.
22/Jan/15 3:44 PM
Thank you for the birthday wishes!
08/Feb/15 12:54 PM
Thank you for your birthday wishes, June. I had a busy but lovely day and had family over in the evening, which finished the day off nicely.
Yes, it was my photo on easy yesterday. If I remember rightly when I submitted it years ago, it was meant to go on 'tough' but I slipped up and it ended up on easy.
14/Feb/15 7:24 PM
for the lovely wishes, June! Just you remembering me is a real blessing! Our beautiful Laura is growing up so fast! Thanks for staying in touch!
17/Feb/15 3:22 AM
for the birthday wishes, June!
03/Mar/15 8:28 AM
Hi June
Put a post on easy but thought you might miss it. Kathy has explained your relationship with David Balfour but it is an absolutely amazing coincidence as Mrs S and I worked with David at NSW TAB in the 70's. We have an ex employees Facebook group and the keeper of the group emailed us to More...
12/Mar/15 7:13 PM
Hi June,
Thanks again for the Sudoku get-together you hosted last Sunday. Margaret and I appreciated the occasion. Great food and conversation, and the usual spectacle of seeing you feed a variety of birds in your garden. All of us present seemed to be ardent animal lovers, one even having snakes as pets!
Best Regards to Ken,Fred.
29/Mar/15 7:51 PM
June, yes I miss my old garden, except when it is time to mow or weed.
06/Jul/15 6:38 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes June. I'm so much looking forward to staying with you too. It's going to be fun.
24/Jul/15 8:52 PM
So glad to hear from you, June! Thanks for the friendly wishes. Hope you're well. I'm still writing away ... Sympathy for the Devil has been available for a few months now, and When Churchyards Yawn will come out later this fall. No rest for the wicked describes me perfectly. I'm definitely going to make an effort to visit the site more regularly--I've missed everyone!
31/Jul/15 5:33 AM
Hello June - I hope you have an absolutely wonderful trip to Peru and Machu Picchu. I'm sure you will. The Peruvian people are really lovely and friendly. There's so much to see and I'm sure you will enjoy it.
28/Aug/15 3:08 PM
Hello June - thank you for sharing your photos of Galapagos Islands. Looking forward to seeing some more of your South American photos.
18/Oct/15 12:25 PM
Loved your photos, too. We've been there, Thanks for the memories!

19/Oct/15 1:41 AM
Hi June, thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a big birthday so I have has an awesome couple of days! That's it for me now, no more birthdays....ever!!
06/Dec/15 9:22 AM
23/Dec/15 3:23 PM
Hi June, thanks for your birthday wishes! We are indeed getting our fair share of the rain; it hasn't stopped raining for two days and the vegie garden is absolutely loving it.
05/Jan/16 10:40 PM
, June! Good health and happiness to you! Judy
15/Jan/16 3:13 AM
Happy birthday my friend! Be happy, stay smiling and take care!
15/Jan/16 5:21 AM
Anne and I wish you a very Happy Birthday June.
15/Jan/16 5:47 AM
June. Have a really great day with your family and friends. Best wishes!
15/Jan/16 11:50 AM
Happy Birthday, June!
15/Jan/16 3:59 PM
Happy Birthday June, may your day be special.
15/Jan/16 5:10 PM
Hi June,
Thank you for the birthday wishes! I had a nice time with my family this weekend.
09/Feb/16 6:14 AM
Hello June - thank you for the birthday wishes. So far it's been a great day but I'll probably go out in the garden while it's a cooler day today and do some weeding. Can't sit around all day doing nothing!!! Dinner at my daughter's place tonight so looking forward to that.
13/Feb/16 2:28 PM
so much for the wishes, June! It is always nice to be remembered, and I look forward to your kind message each year! I stay physically active, but it just seems to ache a little more each year! Love and good wishes to you and those you love. Judy
18/Feb/16 3:42 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes, June. I love coming to your page and seeing that gorgeous photo of your garden! I just want to sit there.
04/Mar/16 3:19 AM
June, thank you for the birthday wishes! They helped make my day a little more special.
25/Mar/16 12:05 AM
A very belated thank you for my birthday wishes.
I didn't think to check my page until seeing Anne's comment on the Toucan photo and realising we have been more than 10 years on the site now!! I sometimes look at the pics on the Parent's page and think about all the children, and especially More...
11/Apr/16 11:36 PM
Thank you for the birthday wishes, June! It's always so amazing to me to get greetings from the other side of the world! I had a wonderful day! It's spring here - so after a trip to the greenhouse we planted our flower gardens and then relaxed at a restaurant that gives the birthday person a free meal!
28/May/16 12:28 AM
Good morning June - thank you for your good wishes for my holiday. I made sure I bought a new memory card for my 12 year old camera, so will hopefully get lots of photos.
Thank you also for the invitation. That would be lovely.
Kind regards,
08/Jul/16 9:32 AM
Just checking in with you, June. Your comment about not being able to concentrate much had me concerned. Is everything okay? Thinking of you fondly.
28/Sep/16 1:53 AM
June, to you and hubby, a very happy 53rd anniversary! What a wonderful journey you have taken together. May many more joyous adventures await. Blessings to you both!
19/Oct/16 4:38 AM
Congratulations June and Hubby on your 53rd Wedding Anniversary! Have a wonderful day and many more happy years together.
19/Oct/16 10:20 AM
June, I'm so very sorry to hear of your latest health issues. You have obviously been through so much already that you don't need this. My thoughts are with you and wish you good luck in the New Year with your further treatment.
16/Dec/16 12:09 PM
June & Ken
23/Dec/16 4:50 PM
June, I hope you have an enjoyable birthday with your family. Thinking of you.
15/Jan/17 11:09 AM
, June! Good wishes for the day ... and continuing prayers and love during these trying times for you.
15/Jan/17 12:18 PM
Gosh, I almost have missed your Birthday!! I hope you had a fabulous day filled with family, love and laughter! And that you felt able to enjoy it. Best wishes Ng
15/Jan/17 11:37 PM
It's still your birthday in my time zone, so Happy Birthday, June! May you celebrate again in better health.
16/Jan/17 1:45 PM
We have your lovely Sharon to thank for introducing you to Sudoku, June.
31/Jan/17 12:34 PM
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