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Feeding birds

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RIP Rita

Love and condolences to you and Ken xoxo
23/Apr/13 10:12 AM
Thinking of you both xoxo
29/Apr/13 9:38 PM
June, my condolences on the death of your MIL. Sounds like she had a good life. Now may she RIP. Enjoy your time with your son.
30/Apr/13 11:00 AM
June, thank you for anniversary wishes! (Belated just stretches out the occasion!)
(Hubby got me flowers, chocolate, dinner out and a trip to a botanical garden the next day to see tulips! Very nice hubby, don't you think?)
06/May/13 11:18 PM
June, thank you so very much for the birthday wishes, what a surprise and very much appreciated, and yes I am still celebrating, take care and be well.
07/May/13 2:56 AM
Thinking of Ken and you today xo
12/May/13 10:03 AM
Thank you, June!!! I still am trying to save up for that vacation! A dental exorbitant cost set me back but I'm slowly getting up there. A sudoku party in your backyard??? You really promise to invite all the birds!!! I am going to put you first on my agenda!
13/May/13 5:04 AM
for the birthday wishes! Getting greetings from all over Sudokuland is the icing on my cake!
(Enjoyed seeing your photo gallery!)
30/May/13 10:04 AM
for the b'day greeting! It's always such a treat to get the 2-day Sudoku celebration
21/Jul/13 1:02 AM
Thank you for the Birthday greeting.
I always enjoy hearing from Sudoku friends.
25/Jul/13 2:46 PM
Thinking of you xoxo
29/Jul/13 12:39 AM
Thanks, June!! We are planning to have a great trip.
31/Jul/13 11:40 AM
June I hope you have a wonderful trip.
ps.. to Laura
09/Aug/13 5:52 PM
Hi June!
I guess you're having a great time on your holiday!!
I've just been going through the archives of jigsaws from when I was away holidaying & found you message about Maureen's Birthday (16th June) & her daisies appearing 2 days later! Thank you! I shall tell Maureen you remembered!! She doesn't get much time for jigsaws with all her baby sitting of grandchildren these days!!
19/Aug/13 10:51 AM
A belated for Laura - I was going to say it on the day but was interrupted by a phone call & didn't get back!!
19/Aug/13 10:53 AM
This is copy & paste message about the Sudoku Easy Jigsaw Problems:
They went wild after one of Gath's changes. If you go back in the beginning (15th May 2005) & check the photos in the archives you'll find that the only jigsaw is the torso in the black jumper with the white coffee cup, you'll More...
27/Aug/13 8:30 AM
June - thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I, too, am looking forward to meeting you next year. It's only about five months off! Got to get back to the planning board!!! ♥
18/Sep/13 1:59 AM
June, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your holiday happy snaps, thank you for sharing. What was the balloon ride like? Have you ever ballooned before? It is something I have often thought of doing, the tours over the Yarra Valley start not far from us. One day maybe...
30/Sep/13 10:06 AM
Fabulous photos, June!
01/Oct/13 8:24 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes, June. It was a quiet day because hubby was working. We'll 'officially' celebrate when we get more time.
02/Oct/13 2:10 AM
Wishing you a very happy Golden Wedding Anniversary, June & Mr. June! Now, THAT's something to celebrate! As they say, 'Time flies when you are having fun!' Best wishes to you both!
19/Oct/13 3:20 AM
Well, you two went for the Gold and reached it June. Congratulations! Keep going, strong and steady! My best to both of you.
19/Oct/13 4:41 AM
June, Anne joins me in sending our warmest congratulations on your Golden Wedding Anniversary. That's quite an achievement for a young couple. May you have many more.
19/Oct/13 5:28 AM
With every best wish to you both on your Golden Wedding Anniversary, June.
May you have many, many more to follow.
19/Oct/13 7:54 PM
June, I loved seeing your recent holiday photos, they are amazing. Like you, I love visiting different ancient places with history. Much nicer than lazing around on a beach.
19/Oct/13 8:18 PM
Hi June, glad the fire has been drowned! Hope it doesn't rear it's ugly head again!
09/Nov/13 9:41 AM
Happy Birthday, June. Hope it's a lovely day for you.
02/Dec/13 9:33 AM
Thank you, June, for your kindness.
10/Dec/13 3:11 AM
Thank you June, I had a wonderful day .
12/Dec/13 6:35 AM

Wishing you a wonderful day with family and friends
23/Dec/13 6:23 AM
June, Merry Christmas to you and all those you care for, and have a peaceful and prosperous 2014!
24/Dec/13 7:06 AM
June, thank you for the birthday wishes. I enjoyed the e-card you sent as well. Happy new year!!
30/Dec/13 3:16 PM
Thanks for the birthday wished June, it's been a fairly quiet, but tiring, day so I think it's time for bed!
05/Jan/14 11:10 PM
Have a wonderful birthday June! Enjoy your special day to the fullest! Cheers!
15/Jan/14 12:53 AM
Happy Birthday and many more, June. I love the picture of 'Feeding the birds'............

15/Jan/14 1:43 AM
Happy Birthday June, may it be all you could wish for.
15/Jan/14 1:44 AM
, June! Have a wonderful day ... and another healthy and safe trip around the sun!
15/Jan/14 2:23 AM
June, have a wonderful day celebrating.
15/Jan/14 4:47 AM
Happy birthday, June. Hope you find a comfortable celebration spot out of the heat and then fill that spot with lots of party people to help you enjoy your special day.
15/Jan/14 5:20 AM
June! I hope you have a wonderful day.
15/Jan/14 6:42 AM
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