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Feeding birds

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I wish you happiness today and throughout the coming year.

I love the "Feeding birds" photo! What a lovely garden!
15/Jan/12 3:23 AM
And welcome to a new page!
15/Jan/12 3:24 AM
June, hope you have a wonderful day. It would be nice for you to have everything done for you today.
15/Jan/12 4:14 AM
June, I'm sure you know I wish you only the best on your birthday, plus of course the opportunity to wish you all the best on many future birthdays. Have a wonderful and enjoy yourself. Cheers!
15/Jan/12 4:15 AM
June, Anne joins me in wishing you a very Happy Birthday..
Much love from us both.
15/Jan/12 5:57 AM
Hi June! Hope you are having a very complete with a & lots of pressies & love from your family & friends. I'm sending hugs & best wishes from Florida. May the year ahead be a better one than last year was.
15/Jan/12 6:41 AM
June, I hope that this is a truly wonderful day and the beginning of a year to remember. May your year be filled with love, fun, friends and good family times.
15/Jan/12 7:57 AM

June, Wishing you the best.
15/Jan/12 9:18 AM
Many happy returns for today June. Hope this year is filled with joy and happiness.
15/Jan/12 9:37 AM
Happy Birthday June. I hope you have a lovely day
15/Jan/12 10:03 AM

May this birthday bring you joy & happiness.
15/Jan/12 2:30 PM
, June!
May you have an abundance of blessings in 2012 ♥
15/Jan/12 2:33 PM

Hope your day is all good.
15/Jan/12 3:02 PM
Happy Advancing in Age, June.

Sorry, did not look to the right, until we were on our way out the door this morning. Hope you had a wonderful day.
15/Jan/12 3:54 PM
June,wishing you health and happiness all year through.
15/Jan/12 7:35 PM
I hope that you are having a great celebration of your special day. Best Wishes for a great year.
15/Jan/12 9:40 PM
Hope its been a great day for you :)
15/Jan/12 11:31 PM
Happy belated Birthday June, hope you continue to feel happy all year long!
16/Jan/12 1:57 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes June, and hoping that your birthday was great too!
22/Jan/12 1:04 PM
Thank you June for my birthday wishes. Have had a lovely day . Sorry I missed yours last month, so Happy belated Birthday to you
10/Feb/12 4:22 PM
Thank you for your Birthday greetings!
12/Feb/12 4:26 AM
Hello June - thank you very much for your lovely birthday wishes. I've had a great day and finished off with dinner out with my sister.

Anne x
13/Feb/12 11:40 PM
Hi June. Thanks very much for my birthday wishes!!

I seem to have missed your birthday, I'm sorry!!

Here's a belated for you!!!

I'm hoping this year is going to be better than last year - shingles followed by neck problems followed by a broken coccyx - and we'll be able to get together for a coffee sometime!!
27/Feb/12 1:05 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes, June!
Are you traveling? If so, safe and happy trails to you!
02/Mar/12 6:43 AM
Hi June - thank you for the birthday wishes. :)
I had a lovely day with my family, plus got some very nice pressies and a delicious cake. Happy, happy! :D
04/Mar/12 10:24 AM
Hi June, and thank you so much for both the birthday greetings on my page and the E-card. You helped make my day a little extra special. Cheers!
26/Mar/12 6:40 AM
You may never know how much your thoughts mean to me, but I hope you can imagine.
26/Mar/12 10:44 PM
just sang the song again
02/Apr/12 5:40 AM
Thanks June for the Birthday wish! Jerry is taking off work tomorrow(Friday the 4th)so we can spend the day together It's supposed to rain, so we'll probably go to a movie. Hope all is well with you! Take care!
04/May/12 4:58 AM
Ooooh would I ever want to go to Australia! There are my wonderful friends to meet and so much to see! Hoo! But I have to get up the funds so that may take a while but I should make it soon! Thank you for my b'day greeting! Yesterday my family went out of their way to celebrate my day!! I More...
14/May/12 5:18 AM
Dear June, I know you must face this day with an achy heart. I remember Sharon and miss her, too. Please remember the other joys of your life today as they love you and will want to celebrate this day with you. Happy Mother's day my dear!
14/May/12 6:03 AM
Hi June,
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, I had a wonderful birthday, my oldest daughter graduated from college on my birthday, it was a great gift! Thank you for thinking of me, much appreciated.

Have a great day,
15/May/12 1:28 AM
Thankyou June for the Birthday wishes, and for the lovely Butterfly E card you sent.
I am looking forward to seeing you on the 16th June
16/May/12 4:46 PM
I am always away on my birthday weekend at the Indianapolis 500 car race, so I am a bit late in saying for the birthday greetings, June, but I always look forward to birthday 'visits' from my friends here!
01/Jun/12 12:29 AM
Hi June, sorry to take so long to reply to your note about the meeting with Rolanda..I hope it all went well..I tend to do the puzzles and get back to work pretty smartly (they always take much longer than the time I allow heh!)
27/Jun/12 6:31 AM
June, thank you very much for your birthday wishes and for the eCard. I found the notes on GWR particularly interesting. I hope that you and Ken are both well.
04/Jul/12 5:37 AM
Thank you so much for your Birthday greetings. It really makes the day extra special to share with my Sudoku family.
11/Jul/12 5:32 PM
for the Grrreat b'day wishes! It is such a joy having so many Sudokuland friends to celebrate with.
16/Jul/12 4:42 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes. It has been a lovely day. Went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. The special messages from all my friends on Sudoku made my day.
25/Jul/12 5:37 AM
Hi, You said that you had a LOOK at the puzzles before going back to bed.Did you DO them, or was the challenge to great ?
25/Jul/12 12:02 PM
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