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Feeding birds

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Hi June, Got your message today thankyou.
I love the front photo with the two Kooka's on the
Colbrookedale setting and the cockys on the ground.
You said something about a 'Parent's page', what and where is that ?
25/Jul/12 10:34 PM
June, thank you for the birthday greeting. I had a wonderful baking weekend and birthday celebration with very creative grandchildren. Life is busy and happy, with the extra pleasure of sudoku puzzles and friends on the side. I hope all is well with you and your family on that side of the world!
17/Sep/12 2:53 PM
June, thanks for your congratulations & for telling me about your visits to Russia. It must have been nice to see Moscow & St. Petersburg at your own pace instead of being with a big group like we were. We spent four days in each of those cities & it still wasn't nearly enough time. You could More...
28/Sep/12 11:45 PM
Good morning June.
Have just been over on SA checking up on you
Booking accommodation and train for Sydney and was wondering if you were free at all on the Friday. Will come up on Thursday nights train if you are. It is probably too close to your departure for us to catch up after More...
09/Oct/12 8:34 AM
Hi June!
13/Nov/12 2:34 PM
Hello June! back from funerals (last week) & guests on the river this weekend & am catching up on the jigsaws etc. Just found a booboo of mine, hard jigsaw Sat'24th Nov!
It is most definitely a Welcome Swallow, Hirundinidae, Small insect-eating birds! I must have hit upload before I'd cut & More...
26/Nov/12 9:37 AM
Hi, June! Thanks so much for the birthday greetings! Things have been extremely busy here, so I'm late reading comments. Hope all is well with you and family, including MIL!
01/Dec/12 5:47 PM
Hi June ,no worries and thank you for your wishes . Still trying to sort out the Kindle, I must be getting old.lol
14/Dec/12 12:53 PM
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and nothing but the best for 2013. Merry Christmas!
24/Dec/12 3:53 AM
Merry Christmas
June & Family
25/Dec/12 10:02 PM
31/Dec/12 3:49 PM
June and Ken, all the best for 2013.
31/Dec/12 11:05 PM
June, wishing you and yours the best in the New Year.

01/Jan/13 3:45 PM
Hi June, thanks for the birthday wishes. I just wish the temperature was going to be a little more bearable (predicting 39), but I can't have everything I suppose!
05/Jan/13 9:01 AM
To you
To you
To you
Dear June
To you
15/Jan/13 12:10 AM
my dear friend! I hope you have a lovely day of celebration and the best of years to come.
15/Jan/13 12:28 AM
Hoping that your special day finds all well in your world....and it couldn't happen to a nicer person....Happy Birthday my friend and wishing all good things for you.
15/Jan/13 1:48 AM
June, have a wonderful day. Bill sends his best wishes too.
15/Jan/13 6:59 AM
to you. I hope you enjoy your whole day.
15/Jan/13 6:59 AM
Happy Birthday, June. Hope you are spoiled rotten by your family because you deserve it!!!!
15/Jan/13 7:05 AM
Happy Birthday, June! I hope you have a great day!
15/Jan/13 7:46 AM
June. Have a good one!
15/Jan/13 8:32 AM
Well June, what more can I say then have a wonderful birthday young lady. Have a suoer day and a super year ahead!
15/Jan/13 9:40 AM
Happy Birthday, lovely lady!
15/Jan/13 11:36 AM
to you!
to you!
dear June!!!
to you!
May your special day have a and lots of !!!
15/Jan/13 2:53 PM
June, I hope you're having, and continue to have, a wonderful day.
15/Jan/13 5:22 PM
June, I hope you have enjoyed your special day. May each year bring much happiness.
15/Jan/13 9:37 PM
June, sorry to miss your birthday. Sounds like you had a nice fun day.
16/Jan/13 3:18 PM
Hhi thank you for your message :-)
River will be 4 in three weeks time. His hearing is good now however we have concerns he may have autism. A recent assessment was inconclusive tho. We are getting lots of support for him through various authorities. He is due to srart school in sept and has More...
31/Jan/13 9:46 AM
Thanks June for your birthday wishes. Sorry I missed yours, so Happy Belated Birthday to you. Have had a lovely day - breakfast cooked for me & taken out to lunch by my family & lots of nice pressies. Great day &
10/Feb/13 3:32 PM
So sorry June, but I got a few emails this morning from Sudoku friends & when I went onto my page there was a birthday wish from you, so I thanked you for it, after you replied I looked again & found I was on last years page, OOps Sorry to be so pushy. Blame it on getting old, but for being nice about it
10/Feb/13 10:46 PM
Hi June!
Thank you very much for the birthday wishes!
14/Feb/13 10:17 AM
I seem to have some how missed yours!
So here's a belated for you! Sorry!
14/Feb/13 10:20 AM
Hello June - thank you for visiting my photo gallery and for your lovely comment on my photos. I probably put too many on there but when I submit them I don't know which to choose.
I hope all is well with you and your family.
17/Feb/13 10:28 PM
Hi June! Thanks for the good wishes ... another year older, but not much smarter! Looks like a beautiful day here - hope it's nice for you too. :)
03/Mar/13 9:36 AM
Hi June,
I am able to come on Sunday!!
05/Mar/13 8:13 PM
Hi June! Thanks for the comments on my photos while I've been away!
04/Apr/13 9:31 AM
Hello June, and thank you very much for your kind thoughts on my birthday!! I did have a wonderful day, lunch with family and friends at a local restuarant on the beach, and lots of phone calls and lovely messages!
12/Apr/13 12:06 PM
June, you and Ken are in my thoughts. I am wishing for peace and sweet release for his mother. xoxo
18/Apr/13 10:09 AM
Hi June. Thanks for visiting my page. There were 3 eagles soaring around today, but only one perched. Although there are only about 80 breeding pairs in Tasmania, there are still a number of deaths fron unnatural causes. They come around our place every few weeks, but never hang around for long. More...
18/Apr/13 7:47 PM
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